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Did People Actually Drink Coffee From a Saucer?

Nowadays, coffee has become a subculture. We all start the day with a cup of our favorite coffee, in a personalized mug, mixed with ice, alcohol, tea, creams, or a dessert.
A bit later, we meet our friends for a cup of coffee, and then look forward to the coffee break at work. In the evening, many of us enjoy a lighter variant of this amazing drink in front of the TV or while reading a book.
To put it simply, we adore coffee and cannot get enough of it. It seems that there is never a bad time for a cup of coffee!
However, did you know that people in the past enjoyed this beverage by sipping it from the saucer? Namely, in the not so distant past, all coffee cups were part of a two-piece set that consisted of a cup and a saucer.
Saucers were invented much earlier, but they became popular during the colonial America period.
Coffee was boiled and served extremely hot, so in order not to burn their mouth, the person being served the saucer and coffee cup would separate the two and pour small am…

Psychology Test: The First Thing You See Can Reveal What’s Troubling You Right Now

Regardless of if you realize it or not, our subconscious mind captures exactly who we are, it can’t be fooled or compromised. Your eyes see an overall image, but your mind prioritizes what matches your feelings and what’s bothering you the most at this particular moment.

We at Bright Side like different personality tests, but keep in mind that this one is just a fun test, so please, don’t take it too seriously. Unless we got it just right.

1. The panthers
If you spotted the panthers first, the biggest reason for your stress is your personal relationship. You feel that you are losing the connection with your loved one and sometimes you are not even sure where your relationship is going. Bring back the memories of how you felt when you just started your relationship, and maybe all you need to do is just talk about what’s bothering you. Communication is often the key to solving personal issues.
2. The lions
If you saw the lions first, you struggle to deal with all the responsibiliti…

Which 15 Dog Breeds Are Most Loyal to Their Owners

Unlike with other animals, dogs aren’t just “nice” to us because we give them shelter and food. We share a special connection with them and that is why they are so loyal. An experiment by ScienceDirect about a canine behavior discovered that the part of the brain, associated with enjoyment and positive emotions, lit up when the dogs could smell their owner’s scent. That’s the same part that is connected to love in humans!

Top 15 dog breeds that show unconditional loyalty!
1. Akita
Akitas, as described by the AKC, are profoundly loyal and fully devoted to their families. They are a Japanese breed, and you can expect affection, respect, and entertainment from them!
It comes to no one’s surprise that the most famous and faithful dog in the world — Hachiko — is an Akita.

2. Golden Retriever
Goldens are the most popular breed recognized by the American Kennel Club, and for good reason. They are friendly, intelligent, sweet, and also “fiercely loyal” to their owners.

3. German Shepherd

Which Word Did You See First? This Fact Can Reveal Much About Your Psychology

All you need to do is take a quick look at the following image. The first word that your eyes find describes who you are and also what worries you at the present moment.
Lion — You’re the person who inspires others to move forward. Although you have moments of deep sadness, everyone knows you as an optimist in your heart. Your greatest weakness is in sometimes overestimating your abilities.

Fruit — You love people and are always ready to help. This aspect of your character can sometimes be a source of trouble for you, since it encourages others to sometimes take advantage of your kind heart. At present, your life feels harmonious.

Coffee — You enjoy fantasies. The chances are you’re the kind of person who loves to draw, paint, or engage in a similar form of creativity. However, you lack self-confidence and look to others to support you. You’re inclined to depression and often find yourself in a bad mood.

Rainbow — You love everything to be in its place, and you don’t feel comfortable with…

9 Reasons to Start Eating Peanut Butter

Weight loss, breast cancer prevention, reducing insomnia, and way more — peanut butter is a natural treasure that can promote many positive changes in the body! It is full of useful vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and elements that your body just craves. All you need to do is just enjoy it in moderation and you will see the results soon enough.
1. It helps to reduce the chances of breast cancer.
Natural proteins and natural fats in peanuts can significantly reduce the risk of breast diseases like cancer. This was supported by a study that was done by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the U.S. National Institute of Health. Eating this product daily has a positive effect on your body, and your breasts in particular. So, you are not allergic to it, be sure to add it to your menu.
2. It boosts weight loss. It turns out that peanut butter has been unfairly removed from many diet plans, as they consider it too fatty. Instead, peanut butter is a great source of protein, fiber,…