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Home Remedies For Vertigo

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is a disease, which occurs due to the patient having problems in the posterior semicircular canals of the inner ear-medically known as the vestibular labyrinth area of the ear. Patients suffering from vertigo will experience an abnormal sensation that causes them to feel as though their surrounding environment is continuously spinning, whirling or moving. As a result of this, the vertigo patient suffers from loss of balance or a sensation of nausea that may grow acute.

Common Causes of Vertigo

• Due to the free-floating calcium carbonate crystals in the posterior semicircular canals of the inner ear

• An infection in the ear for example syphilis

• Vision problems

Causes of Vertigo: Vision Problems

• Acute head injury

• Cardiac conditions

• Brain tumors

• Thyroid disease

• Anemia

Causes of Vertigo: Anemia

• Calcium disorders

• Motion sickness

• Insufficient blood supply to brain

• High blood pressure

Causes of Vertigo: High Blood Pressure

• High cholesterol

• Diabetes

Causes of Vertigo: Diabetes

• Dehydration

• Medication

• Strokes

• Surgery

Causes of Vertigo: Surgery

• General anesthesia

Home Remedies for Vertigo

Tip 1:

Soak in water 2 tbsp wheat grain, 1 tsp poppy seeds (khus-khus), 8 almonds, 8 watermelon seeds and make a paste. Heat 1 tsp ghee, fry 2 cloves in this, add to the paste, mix with milk and drink everyday for a week.

Home Remedies for Vertigo: Fiber Milk

Tip 2:

Soak 1 tsp of amla (gooseberry) powder in water along with 1 tsp coriander seeds. Leave overnight. Strain and add 1/2 tsp sugar and drink.

Home Remedies for Vertigo: Amla Powder

Tip 3:

Try to relax your body and make sure you have enough sleep because lack of sleep can aggravate vertigo and cause sudden dizziness and nausea.

Home Remedies for Vertigo: Sleep Well

Tip 4:

Have a healthy diet that contains vitamins and minerals and sprinkle some lemon peel in your salads.

Tip 5:

High intake of liquids such as juices and water keeps your body hydrated.

Home Remedies for Vertigo: Juices

Tip 6:

Avoid sudden jerks and movements that lead to imbalance while getting up from the bed.

Tip 7:

Take some ripe strawberries and mix them well with yogurt, have them to relieve problems that cause vertigo.

Home Remedies for Vertigo: Strawberries with Yogurt

Tip 8:

Take a piece of raw ginger and add to your tea or just chew a piece of ginger. It helps to control your blood pressure and reduces headache and nausea.

Home Remedies for Vertigo: Raw Ginger

Tip 9:

Almonds are one of the most nutritious nuts. Grind some almonds and mix it in a glass of warm milk and drink. It will make you feel energetic and healthy and reduce vertigo symptoms.

Tip 10:

Vertigo first begins with nausea and headache. As soon as the symptoms begin take a bit of salt, black pepper and lemon juice in a glass of warm water and drink to prevent a bout of vertigo.