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Natural Cures For The Different Thyroid Gland Problems

Natural Cures For The Different Thyroid Gland Problems

The thyroid is a hormone that is vital for the proper functioning of the human body. The hormones that it produces are known to have influence on the metabolic processes of the body in different ways. The disorders of the thyroid can range from an enlarged gland which is a form of goiter and it could even be a life threatening cancerous ailment. The common problems of the thyroid involve the abnormal production of the different thyroid hormones. If the hormones are produced in excess then the condition that is created is known as hyperthyroidism. If the hormone production is insufficient due to the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland it usually leads to hypothyroidism. The effects of both conditions are not pleasant and are uncomfortable. However, if the thyroid problems are diagnosed and treated well the problems are managed well.

Causes Of Thyroid Problems

The causes of thyroid problems can be several. The causes of hyperthyroidism are different from the factors that bring in hypothyroidism.

Graves disease is a condition that is auto immune by nature and it is known to be caused by the over activity of the thyroid gland
Toxic adenomas are known to occur when nodules develop inside the gland and they begin to secrete the thyroid hormones in excess. This upsets the chemical balance in the body. Goiters are formed due to the several nodules developed.
Inflammation of the thyroid may cause the glands to leak out excess amount of the hormones. That leads to hyperthyroidism which is temporary in nature.
There might be a malfunctioning of the pituitary gland due to which thyroid gland problems occur
There could be a cancerous growth in the thyroid gland for which such problems occur
Hypothyroidism on the other hand, is due to the underproduction of the thyroid hormones
There are autoimmune disorders which bring on such a thyroid gland condition
When the thyroid gland is removed as a treatment for the hyperthyroidism then one may suffer from hypothyroidism
Excess amounts of iodide such as found in sinus medicines or in dyes used in X-rays lead to exposure to too much iodine and that in turn leads to hypothyroidism.
Lithium is a drug that can also induce hypothyroidism

Symptoms Of Thyroid Problems

It is estimated that millions of people around the world suffer from thyroid problems but they are often unaware of the same. There are certain signs or symptoms that are telltale signs of suffering from a thyroid problem which needs to be brought under treatment and attention.

Joint or muscle pain is usually experienced in joint and muscles as well as the carpal tunnel syndrome might develop in the hands or arms
There might be a swelling in the neck which shows that the thyroid gland had enlarged visibly. That is a sign of goiter which is a symptom of an ailing thyroid gland
Hair loss is a common sign associated with thyroid problem
Skin is dry, scaly and thick in hypothyroidism while in the opposite case, the skin is thin and fragile.
Bowel movement problems are also associated with thyroid problems
Infertility problems are also associated with a malfunctioning thyroid
Home Remedies For Thyroid Problems
In most cases it is seen that the thyroid problems are due to an autoimmune condition that develops in the patient. Here the source of the imbalance has to be sought out and that has to be cured. If the medication that suppresses the symptoms are only resorted to, then the wrong approach is taken. The autoimmune condition can be addressed by making changes in the diet and lifestyle of the affected person.

1. Saying No To Sugar

Those who suffer from hypothyroidism usually face crippling state of fatigue as well as brain fog. In order to clear the mind they rely on substances like:
• Sugary foods is resorted to such as sweet meat and other treats
• Caffeinated drinks
These two kinds of food substances and beverages are known to be non nutritional. They can burn out the thyroid gland as well as destabilize the blood sugar levels.

2. Remove refined carbohydrates from the diet

Refined carbohydrates which are made of white flour are known to be sources of easy sugar. These elevate the blood sugar levels and destabilize the system.
• Whole grained carbohydrates need to be consumed
• Non starchy vegetables should be added to one’s diet

3. Increase protein intake

The thyroid hormones are transported by the protein to all the tissues. Hence, one should include protein in every meal:
• Nuts or nut butter should be consumed
• Grass fed lean meat, fish and eggs
• Legumes

4. Include healthy fats in your diet

It is said that fats as well as cholesterol act as precursor to hormonal pathways being created. One needs to ensure that sufficient fat as well as cholesterol are included in one’s diet
• Olive oil is an instance of natural and healthy fats
• Ghee
• flax seeds
• cheese

5. Ensure enough of nutrients

It is needed to up the intake of food items that are rich in minerals as well as micronutrients such as:
• vitamin D
• iron
• omega-3 fatty acids
• selenium
• zinc
• copper
• iodine

6. Importance of iodine supplements

It is said that insufficient iodine causes hypothyroidism but that is not always the case. Safe sources of iodine are:
• iodized salt
• seafood
• sea vegetables

Foods To Avoid With Thyroid Problems

Foods To Improve Thyroid Problems

7. Increase secondary sources of iodine in diet

Even if one is not suffering from iodine deficiency, it is good to increase intake of the following substances:
• eggs
• spinach
• garlic
• mushrooms
• lima beans and others

8. Remove gluten from diet

It is said that gluten has a molecular composition that makes it similar to the thyroid tissue. Hence, gluten can increase the autoimmune disorder:
• stop consuming gluten rich wheat based items
• read food labels to ensure that you buy items that are free of gluten

9. Eat goitrogens in moderation

Such foods are considered to interfere with the normal functioning of the thyroid. These include:
• cabbage
• cauliflower
• broccoli
• strawberries
• radishes and others
Even if these food items are consumed they can be in the cooked form when the goitrogenic compounds are broken down.

10. Opt for food rich in glutathione

It is known to be a powerful antioxidant which is known to strengthen the immune system
• food such as asparagus, squash, grapefruit are known to help the antioxidant to be produced in the body
• the goitrogens are known to help replenish the levels of glutathione

11. Avoid foods that aggravate inflammations

• address food that one is sensitive to
• if there are food that cause inflammation to surface then such food items are best avoided as they also increase the autoimmune response

12. Check up on probiotics

Probiotic will also help to ensure that the gut bacterial supply is healthy which in turn will keep the autoimmune response down:
• add on probiotic enriches drinks and food items
• yoghurt is a good example of such a food item which can be added to most meals

13. Reduce stress

• Stress is known to have a role to play in upping the autoimmune responses in the body.
• it is imperative that one practices several relaxation techniques which will help to reduce the stress levels and keep the thyroid functions as close to normal as possible

14. Use a thyroid collar

• Such a device will help to protect the gland from exposure to harmful rays such as the x-ray or the laser if you are getting any kind of treatment.
• It is best to use such a collar when going out

15. Increase intake of organic food substances

It is advisable that organic food substances are made a part of the diet:
• Such food items consist of the necessary nutrients in their natural forms
• There is absence of harmful chemicals and pesticides which can cause adverse reactions

16. Increase raw food in your diet

• Raw food will ensure that the nutrients do not get destroyed in the cooking process
• Raw fruits will deliver the necessary vitamins and minerals to the system without much loss

17. Use clay mask on face and neck

Such a mask will not only help to beautify your skin, it will help to keep the thyroid gland area clean:
• It will absorb all the toxins that might be lying on the skin
• It will close the pores and protect the neck area

18. Detoxify the system

Opt for a detoxifying cleansing or a diet from time to time:
• That will remove toxins from the system
• Speed up the performance of the thyroid and other glands and organs

Are you facing problems of the thyroid gland? Are you seeking solutions that do away with chemicals and drugs? Find ways to lead a life keeping thyroid problems at bay.