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Signals Our Body Sends To Tell We Are Not Healthy – Do Not Ignore Them!

Maybe these advices will be of great importance when it comes to telling if something is wrong with your body. The body always sends signals to tell if something is wrong with the organism and that is why you should not ignore them.

1. Moles
Most moles are harmless but those that appear due to sunbathing can sometimes be dangerous.

2. White hair before turning 40
Having more than 50% of white hair in an early phase of life, and there is no such case in the family, can mean you are dealing with diabetes.

3. Cracked lips
Cracked lips can be caused due to temperature changes and wind. However, if your lips crack often, it can mean it is due to fungal infection or a lack of vitamin B in the organism.

4. Swollen neck
If you notice your neck is swollen, do nto ignore it and visit a doctor immediately. The commonest reason for swollen neck is improper work of the thyroid gland, mostly in women between 20 and 50 years of age.

5. Eye whites
This part of the body should always be white, except in case of cold or lack of sleep. Yellowish eye whites can be a sign of jaundice or liver and/or bile related problems. If, by any chance, your eye whites are red, it means either you have high blood pressure or you are dealing with some viral disease.

6. Red palms
Red palms can be a sign of eczema, dermatitis or allergic reaction. Such changes in palms can be a sign of overloading or disease of the liver.

7. Eyebrow loss
Sudden eyebrow loss can be either a sign of problems related with the thyroid gland, hyperthyreose or hypothyreose.

8. Changes in nails
Nails can tell a lot about the condition your organism is in. Changes in nail indicate to numerous diseases. Thin and cracked nails can be inherited, thanks to genetics, but they can also indicate to lack of calcium in the organism. Improper work of the thyroid gland can also cause changes in your nails.