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Check it Yourself! A Simple Test That Shows How Much You’ll Live

This test was designed by Gil Araua, a Brazilian doctor. The purpose of this small trick is to assess the strength and flexibility of the sportsmen whose body`s condition is very important. Afterwards it has been concluded that this simple test can actually show much a person can live, based on the results showing his/her physical condition.

The research concerning this test`s results was published in European Journal of Cardiology Magazine a year ago. Both supporters and opponents of the test`s validity reacted very strongly to this.
By now, you are probably wondering how do you do this test? The answer is the following:  Wear some comfortable shoes, stand up straight and be stable. Push your body down and sit, without bending on something. Then, you need to stand up without using help from your legs, knees, hands or elbows.

You get 10 points for sitting down on the floor and getting up. This is the maximum of points and each part carries 5 points, respectively. You will get the maximum points if you manage to sit down and get up without wobbling or losing balance. Any uncontrolled move and lose of balance takes half a point. You lose 1 point each time you use your elbow, hand or knee.
Doctor Arua goal was to prove has patients that if they want to live a long and healthy life they need to keep their bodies in good shape, strength and flexibility. Patients with 8 points or less, have twice the chance to die in the next 6 years in comparison to the ones with 9 or 10 points. The ones with 3 or less points are even 5 times more threatened in comparison to the ones with 8, 9 or 10 points.

Patients from 51 to 80 years have participated in this test. People younger than 50 years are recommended to do the test, even though it doesn’t count. People whose results are lower than 8 points or they have struggle to do the test, should consult their doctor. It is a high time to ask themselves about their body and overall health. If you are overweight, you need to start with some exercise and diet plan in order to reduce both weight and risks of varioud diseases. If you want to keep your body in shape and live longer and healthier life, this is a must.