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Dr. Araujo – An Easy Test That Will Show You The State Of Your Health And How Long You’ll Live

Easy Test That Will Show You The State Of Your Health And How Long You’ll Live
Sit. Get up. Repeat. This simple test measures your flexibility and the strength of your body. It can also show you how long you’ll live. The test was created by a Brazilian team of experts with Claudio Gil Araujo at the helm. The test was first used on athletes, but has since been used on all people to determine their state. The test has become quite popular.

Araujo noticed that many of his patients, especially older ones, had problems with ordinary movements such as bending over. Difficulty with performing these movements often means loss of flexibility. Older people often suffer from muscle strength loss, loss of balance and run the risk of falling. Araujo wanted to do more than just an ordinary warning that people should stay in shape, despite of their age. The tests that doctors usually use to determine the physical state of the patient are unreliable and subjective. As a result, Araujo made this test.

The test is very easy and doesn’t require any equipment or treadmills. All you need is free space and will.
According to a study published in the European Journal of Cardiology, Araujo and his team tested around 2000 people, between the ages of 51 and 80. People with less than 8 points on the test had a higher chance dying in the next six years, than people with a higher score.

People who scored 3 points or less, had a 5 times higher chance of dying within the next 6 years.

Every point on the test, lowers the possibility of dying in the short future for about 20%. Araujo hopes that these results will help people to start walking and exercising more often.

How To Do The Test?
1. Wear baggy, comfortable clothes. You’ll need to be barefoot.
2. Without leaning on anything or touching anything, get your body in a sitting position, as shown on the picture.
3. Try getting up the same way, without the help of your hands.
If you can’t get up the same way, try helping yourself with your hands, to avoid falling down.

The Results
Sitting down and getting up equals 5 points.
If you sit without the use of your hands, you get 5 points. Same goes for getting up. Ten points mean you’re in great shape and that you don’t have any health problems. Though, only young people tend to get 10 points. If you use your hands while sitting down or getting up, you deduct points. Every use of the hands equals minus 1 point. Getting 8 or higher means your body is in great shape, but getting 3 or less, means your body is terribly out of shape. Every point between 3 and 8, determines your likelihood of death by 20%.

What’s important about this test is that it can show you that you need to change something. Try walking more often and doing exercises, appropriate for your age. It doesn’t mean you have to go the gym, but try walking more, light running, riding a bicycle, etc.

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