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Most probably you didn’t try this: Losing weight in Chinese style!

 Losing weight
There isn’t one diet effective for all people. According to Chinese medicine if you just reduce the calorie consummation you will not have the wanted results for a long time. It will only worsen the situation in your exhausted body. The ancient medicine says that the fact that you are overweight is only a symptom of the internal health-energy problem, and it is not a cause. You should focus on the cause if you want to resolve it, not only on the symptom.

It doesn’t meant that people in China are immune to overweight. According to some statistics in China in 2002 there were 70 million people with overweight, and it is a result of the fashion for everything that comes from West, also including the western food. The problem with overweight is not just the fact that we eat too much, but that we are eating wrong food at wrong manner, with emotion like that and our way of life.

Tired, slow and constantly hungry
There are lot of situations of determination for the reason of the overweight in the folk Chinese medicine, yet the most known is insufficiency or imbalance of energy in the temper. Interpreted in least complex language, it would imply that poor absorption does not permit the body to proficiently absorb and transport food. In this way, not paying attention to the amount of the food or how much we eat, after eating you are drained, slow and hungry after a while, because our body is not getting nutrients from food. This makes weight loss very slow and difficult. Thus forces you to eat again and there you are in an endless circle.

Symptoms of an imbalance of the spleen
You can determine what is happening to your body according to the food you like to eat. The desire for a lot of fat, too sweet or cold drinks and food too much processed, talks about imbalance in the body and can further harm the digestion. Eating late at night especially harms the digestive system.
The standard indications of imbalanced spleen are bloating, extreme need for desserts, pickiness and screening for food intolerance and food allergy, hanging skin (spleens’ meridian gives energy to the skin). Sweet taste is straightforwardly identified with the spleen and stomach. At the point when the body looks for sweet, it is an indication of not getting enough energy from food, but with eating sweet, the issue just deteriorates. What we want is typically the worst for us.

Healthy Chinese sweets
I had the opportunity to try Chinese health desserts and rapidly it became clear to me how much are the regular candies and chocolates far away from good and healthy. They were like coin tiles, made of squeezed organic products sweet-salty-chili taste. The other candy was made of salted plums. After that chocolate has all of a sudden lost its appeal. When we eat too sweet, it makes mucus and moisture in our body, and the mucus is spared in the lungs, which can prompt asthma. At the point when mucus starts to collect in the lungs, the body tries to determine looking spicy and oily sustenance. This further prompts an imbalance in the kidneys and reproductive organs, making you significantly more tired, blurred mind and overwhelming body. Thus, the body tries to expel making you too sensitive, restless and angry.

Concerns and over-thinking
Given that spleen energy meridian stimulates our subjective procedures, profound concern and over-intuition frequently run as one with this imbalance and further reinforce. At the point when individuals activity, aside from losing extra calories, they likewise clear their brain, and because of that they extra clean the energy of the spleen which thus can better process and distribute energy from food. The spleen creates energy called Qi, which empowers the generation of blood. Maybe it sounds really strange because it is hard to conceive something you don’t see measuring ultrasound, shading Doppler, or X-ray, however you can try to live as indicated by the standards of the Far Eastern medicine and be persuaded. To eliminate the issue of overweight and some related issues, it is important to fortify the force of the spleen.

What can and what not
Drink a little bit of hot drinks during the day. An excessive amount of liquid (more than two liters a day) that you drink so you would not be hungry will just further harm the digestive system. Stay away from raw foods as much as you can. It is true that raw foods are better, yet for your situation raw and cold foods, for example salads, can remove the already missing energy from the gastrointestinal tract. You will slow down weight reduction and you will be bloated and tired.

Eat more cooked and easily digestible meals
Decrease the admission of coffee. It builds mucus and moister in the body and, in spite of the fact that it is recommended for weight reduction, a better decision are some dark teas that will bring the vitality of wood thus support the flame in the body.

You should to keep away from fried and oily food, desserts, and snacks. All that food upgrades moisture in the body, and weakening the digestive vitality.

Eat devoted food. Turn off the TV, remove the newspaper, book and a mobile phone and eat intentionally. Pray and thank before a supper or just in a minute close your eyes and let the mind appeased. Step by step you will hear your body better and know when to stop without taking a look at the scale.

A few simple tips that you should apply always:
Never drink cold drinks and sub-cooled. Leave them on a room temperature or above.

Eat your largest supper somewhere around 7 and 11 am, the point at which the digestion is most intense. Practice each day, for about 30 minutes to energize the blocked energy of the spleen thus encourage weight reduction.

Get enough sleep and rests, before 23:00 pm as your body would not make false signs of hunger the following day.

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