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No More Hair Loss – Use Onion Juice and You Will Notice the Results After Only 1 Week

onions for hair loss
It seems that it is true that the onion juice can be used to prevent hair loss.
Many shampoos and hair tonics contain onion juice, because it helps in preventing the hair loss, and now all of this has been scientifically proven. It is believed that it acts by stimulating the growth of new hair. However the most important thing is that the onion juice stimulates the circulation and it acts as an antiseptic.

Women first begin to lose the hair on the top of their heads. Therefore they must lose between 20 and 30 percent of their hair, so that the problem can be visible. Unlike the women, the men first begin to lose hair on the front of their heads, which is immediately notable. On the other hand the relegation of female hair is a very long process, which could take up to several years.

First of all you need to blend or grind the onion.Now using a gauze you need to strain the juice. Using this onion juice you need to lubricate your scalp, and leave it like that for about an hour to work and then rinse it with a shampoo. You probably know that onions have a strong and unpleasant odor, so you can mix the onion juice with rosewater. Use this product twice a week, depending on the condition of your scalp.