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1 Ingredient Remedies To Lighten Dark Knuckles, Elbows And Finger Joints!

1 Ingredient Remedies To Lighten Dark Knuckles, Elbows And Finger Joints!
Many of us have one common problem that is the dark knuckles, elbows or dark finger joints. They are formed due to many factors. They are the area that is exposed to vigorous friction, because of the extreme use that we put it through. Be it during writing or sitting on a chair the knuckles, elbows and finger joints are always utilized the most. The main reason behind this is the melanin that forms in the body which causes hyper pigmentation. The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause melanin formation. The dead cells that accumulate on the skin cause darkening of knuckles.

Here are some home remedies to get rid of dark knuckles, elbows and dark finger joints:

A good scrub: A good exfoliation process is very important to get rid of these as the main reason behind them are an accumulation of dead skin as previously mentioned, therefore a good scrub will help you to remove all the unnecessary pile up of dead skin.

Sugar and lemon juice

Mix sugar and lemon juice and apply this on your fingers and scrub it in circular movement for about five to ten minutes. You should do this regularly for a few days in order to achieve the desired result. You can likewise try cutting a lemon into half and rubbing it over the skin for some time before having a bath. This also ensures whitening the skin.

Bleach the skin naturally:  A blend do 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice can be applied, and rubbed on the dark knuckles, elbows and finger joints. The lemon and honey combination works well as a bleach and helps in lightening the skin.

Almond oil: Almond oil is really good for the skin. The oil can be massaged on the skin and left for ten minutes. If done regularly this will help in reducing the pigmentation and make the skin lighter.

Vitamin E and milk cream: This is another great mixture. Get Vitamin E capsules. Take one teaspoon of milk, cream and break one capsule into the cream. Apply this mixture on the rough areas of the skin. Rub well for about ten minutes. You should do this every day to get better results.

Pumice stone: Pumice stone is very utilized in a manicure-pedicure kit and it is mainly to scrub away the dead skin from the knuckles. You can use a pumice stone daily while taking a bath to rub the areas. Take some shampoo into a container and combine it with generous amount of water. Apply the shampoo water on the areas, take the pumice stone and rub it over the skin. After that, rinse the skin with water.


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