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ALERT: If You See THIS Bug, Do NOT Let It Get Near You… Actually, Run The Other Way

The CDC has just issued an alert about the bug called triatomine, commonly known as the “kissing” bug. This bug can kill you.

Though this bug seems harmless, it actually carries the so-called Trypanosoma cruzi parasite. A parasite which, when introduced to the human body, can be deadly. This parasite produces the Changas disease. A disease which has infected as many as 8 million people all over the world.

The “kissing” bug looks like this.
This disease is most common in Latin America. It causes heart problems which lead to death. The physical symptoms begin after about two months after being infected. The symptoms include: fever, headache, enlarged lymph glands, muscle pain, and difficulty breathing. They’re similar to the flu’s symptoms, which makes this disease so difficult to identify.

More symptoms include skin lesions or a purplish swelling on the eyelids of one eye.

The Changas disease comes in two phases. The first shows fewer symptoms than the latter, which leaves the infected person to likely think they have the flu.

Of the people entering the second phase, 10 percent suffer digestive problems, while 30 percent suffer cardiac problems.

Though the Changas disease has no vaccination, it is curable. The treatment is nearly 100 percent effective, if the disease is diagnosed in time.

The WHO recommends spraying your house with insecticide and having good personal hygiene when around food.

The so-called “kissing” bug has a higher chance of spreading the disease if the host rubs the bite. This is because the bug typically defecates into the bite, thus spreading the deadly parasite.

The only area of the United States not at risk are the northern regions, including New England and New York State.