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Heal Ulcers, Skin, Stomach and Liver With Only One Thing

We all love and eat potatoes. They are delicious, nutritious and rich in carbohydrates. People on low-carbs diets shy away from potatoes and believe they are unhealthy, but the truth is they have a mile long list of health benefits. Especially raw potatoes or the juice of raw potatoes is extremely healthy.
Potatoes – Health Benefits
Potatoes are rich in a number of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, thiamin and niacin and high levels of vitamin C, which makes them a perfect addition to your diet plan. We can use them for a number of illnesses as a topical treatment or we can ingest them.

In order to make potato juice you’ll need to use the blender. For half a cup of potato juice you’ll need 2 medium sized potatoes (you can leave the skin but wash it well). This juice can be used in a smoothie along with other ingredients or you can use it topically. If you drink it in a smoothie mix it with other fruits and veggies because its taste isn’t so delicious.

Nutrients in potato juice
Potassium – half a cup of potato juice has about 27% of the recommended daily dose of potassium for adults.

Vitamin C – half a cup of potato juice has about 50% and more of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C for adults

Thiamine – half a cup of potato juice gives you about 20% of the recommended daily dose of thiamin (for men) and 22% for women.

Niacin – half a cup of potato juice gives you about 20% of the recommended daily dose of thiamin (for men) and 22,5% for women.

Home Remedies Using Raw Potato
There are a number of home remedies which include potato juice; some are traditional folk remedies while others are scientifically proven. We’ll share a couple of great natural remedies you may want to try:

Digestive health and stomach problems
From heartburn to indigestion, people have been using potato juice for digestive problems for centuries. In 2006 researchers from the German Freiburg University conducted a study which was published in the Phytomedicine Journal in which 2/3 of the test subjects with digestive problems stated their condition improved significantly after using potato juice as treatment.

In 2013 the Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies revealed that potato juice is highly effective in the treatment of gastritis (stomach inflammation) and stomach ulcers. It also helps detox the intestines and reduces the gastrointestinal acids.

Stomach (peptic) ulcers
Potato juice has been used for the treatment and prevention of stomach ulcers. This treatment, although a folk remedy, has scientifically been proven.

Dr. Ian Roberts and a team of scientists from the University in Manchester discovered a new molecule in the potato juice which repels the bacteria responsible for stomach ulcers. This proves that potato juice can prevent and even cure stomach ulcers.

Cancer-killing properties
It hasn’t been proven that potatoes can cure all types of cancer but the Food and Function Journal published a study in 2013 with promising discoveries. The study, which was conducted by China’s Northeast Agricultural University, revealed that a substance in potato juice called patatin can stop the multiplication of cancer cells in mice with melanoma.

Moreover, published that potato juice has a similar effect on human colon and liver cancer cells, which effect has been validated in vitro.
Lipid panel improvement and antioxidant qualities
In case you are suffering from high levels of bad cholesterol and triglyceride potato juice can help you get your lipid panel numbers in line.

This property is probably due to the antioxidant quality potatoes have. A team of Polish researchers from the Poznan University of Life Sciences conducted a study in 2012 which proved the antioxidant properties of potatoes. They also proved that their properties increase when potato juice is extracted.

The Journal of Medicinal Plant Studies revealed in 2013 than just 1-2 tsp. of potato juice before every meal can improve your arthritis.

There is one more remedy for arthritis, but for this you’ll need clean potato peelings. Boil them in water for 3-5 minutes and strain the liquid. Cool it off and drink one cup 3-4 times a day to relieve your arthritis pains and inflammation.  For people who suffer from arthritis it’s recommended that they combine this remedy with potato juice for better results. They also need to check and make sure they are not suffering from the common vitamin deficiency which causes arthritis pain.

In case you haven’t heard about scurvy, it’s a disease which happens due to vitamin C deficiency. Swollen bleeding gums and difficulties with wounds healing are the main symptoms of this disease. If you regularly drink potato juice, its high levels of vitamin C can help you prevent scurvy.

Skin care
You’ve probably haven’t imagined that potatoes can be excellent for skin care, especially on the face. Take a raw potato and grate it finely. Rub the gratins on your face and rinse it. Potatoes have many beneficial nutrients which get absorbed in the skin and make it glow and look healthy.

Burns, sores, cuts, cracks
Potatoes are excellent for treating minor skin injuries. Grate one small potato and mix it with some olive oil or honey. Apply the mix to your injury and put a bandage over it. Leave it on for about two hours. It can also treat sunburns. Take a thin slice of potato and put it over the burned area for a few minutes. It moisturizes the skin and eases the pain.

You’ve probably heard that potatoes can be very beneficial when it comes to headaches. Just slice a few thin potato slices and place them over the forehead.

If you’re suffering from chronic headaches drink ¼ cup of hot potato juice three times a day, before your meals.

Awaken tired eyes
If you have that tired look on your face and eyes all you need is two potato slices. Put them on your eyelids and leave them on for a few minutes. You’ll look much better immediately.

Improve liver function
For a healthier liver you should try tea from potato skins. Boil the potato skin form one large potato in a cup of water for 5 minutes. Wait for the tea to cool off and strain it. Drink this tea every day to keep your gallbladder and liver healthy.

Relief from swelling and itching
Insect bites, dermatitis and swollen tender skin can be treated with potatoes. Apply thin potato slice to the affected area to reduce swelling and relieve itching. Leave it on until it reaches your body’s temperature and replace it with a new one if you feel the need.
Potatoes – A few precautions
Potatoes are highly beneficial and healthy but everything needs to be consumed in moderation, so this goes for potato juice as well. High doses of potato juice can be toxic so try to drink half a cup a day maximum.

Moreover, never use greenish potatoes under the skin for potato juice because they contain high levels of solanine, a chemical which can obstruct nerve activity and cause diarrhea, cramping and severe nausea.