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If You Have These Symptoms See Your Gynecologist Immediately!!!

If You Have These Symptoms See Your Gynecologist Immediately!!!
We usually chose to ignore many of the signals our body is sending to let us know something is wrong, and we just make matters worse. We try to convince ourselves that everything is ok, that whatever we’re experiencing is just a passing problem and it’ll sort itself out eventually. That’s when we set off on a dangerous path, because early detection and treatment is of utmost importance is almost all diseases and conditions know to modern medicine. And ovarian cancer is no different.

Ovarian cancer is the most deadly cancer in women and it’s the seventh most common type of cancer in the US.  There are over 22.000 new cases in the US this year, 15.000 of them are expected to have fatal consequences.  The most devastating statistic about ovarian cancer is that the vast majority of cases are discovered at stage 3 or later, when the cancer has already spread to the pelvis and/or lymph nodes, when it’s too late. This happens mostly because there are few symptoms that indicate something is wrong and they are usually mild and vague, not especially indicative of any condition, let alone cancer. Moreover, there are not good screening tests for ovarian cancer, despite extensive research. Imaging and blood test shouldn’t be used as screening because they are inaccurate and can force many women to go under unnecessary surgeries. The fact is that when ovarian cancer is discovered at an early stage, like many other cancers, it has a high 5-year survival rate; most women who discover it at stage 1 are still alive after 5 years. But the 5 year survival rate of ovarian cancer in general is just below 45%, because it’s most often discovered too late. These numbers are astonishing and should inspire you to take better care of yourself. Studies show that the average ovarian cancer patient has to see up to three doctors to get a final diagnosis, usually the persistence is the key factor that could save your life.

That is why you shouldn’t wait around hoping it will go away. If you notice some new symptoms go see your doctor or gynecologist right away and get a complete exam, better safe than sorry right? We’ve analyzed the symptoms most ovarian cancer patients experience in the early stage and we’ve compiled a list of warning signs you must look out for because they can indicate ovarian cancer. These are the most common early symptoms but they can also indicate some other condition. That’s why it’s best to go under a thorough and complete checkup, to eliminate or confirm all possibilities. The symptoms alone are not so symptomatic, their persistence is indicative of cancer. If they last longer than two weeks don’t wait any longer, visit your doctor. What’s more important, you don’t necessarily have to have all these symptoms, just one of them could be the key element which will save your life.

These are the 10 most important early symptoms and signs of Ovarian Cancer:

■ Bloating in the abdominal part, swelling, fullness (even though many women have bloated stomach during their cycle, if the bloating persist for more than two weeks it’s a warning sign)
■ Pain and discomfort in the pelvic area
■ Urinary Urgency and Frequency (change in bladder habits)
■ Feeling full quickly and losing appetite
■ Digestive difficulties and persistent gases
■ Constipation
■ Feeling fatigued often
■ Not being able to fit in your clothes around the abdominal area
■ Feeling pain during sexual intercourse
■ Lower Back Pain

We’ve shared with you the 10 most common indicators of ovarian cancer you should look out for. However, just because you have these symptoms it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you have cancer, but you must consult a medical expert in order to be able to rule it out. Be proactive and deal with your problems in time, before it’s too late.