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Improve The Look Of Your Nose Without Surgery! In Only 5 Minutes You Will Have A Completely New Nose That Looks Natural!

Improve The Look Of Your Nose Without Surgery! In Only 5 Minutes You Will Have A Completely New Nose That Looks Natural!
Correction of the nose is one of the most common aesthetic corrections, for both female and male subjects, and now there is a revolutionary improvement in this procedure invented by the cosmetic surgeon Simon Ourian, founder of the Epione Clinic  in Beverly Hills. For some time now, Simon has performed non-surgical correction of the nose, and the whole process is completed in only 5 minutes.

Joanna Della Ragione, a 27 year old girl from London, wanted to do correction of her nose. She decided that she wants plastic surgeon Simon to do the surgery. So she went to Beverly Hills. But there was no surgery, because this expert has patented this non-surgical technique for correction of the nose that its oven in only 5 minutes. The difference between this procedure and a classical aesthetic surgery, is that after this procedure additional recovery is not required.

“The surgeon Simon Ourian from Beverly Hills patented a technique for non-surgical correction of the nose that lasts only 5 minutes, and the best thing is that after the procedure additional recovery is not required.”

This surgeon corrects the irregularities on the nose by injecting fillers using very thin needles. Therefore with super precision he injects fillers exactly in the place where they are needed. The result of this technique is much easier to predict, and your new nose looks much more natural than after a conventional corrective surgery.

‘There may be a slight swelling that may last up to two days, but the needle is so small that it leaves no bruise, “says Simon. Joanna’s new nose will last from 2 to 4 years, and the procedure cost her 3,000 US dollars. She is amazed and delighted with the subtlety of the procedure and she is thankful to the doctor that made her new nose.

‘No one thought that this is not my natural nose. When I told them, they were astounded by the difference, “says Joanna.


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