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Make Your HAIR Grow Like “Crazy” With This Amazing Home-Made Recipe!

Make Your HAIR Grow Like “Crazy” With This Amazing Home-Made Recipe!
It looks like it takes everlastingly when we try to grow our hair long. Luckily we will provide you with an amazing recipe which is very effective and will help your hair grow like crazy.

1 tbsp. of mustard powder;
2-3 tbsp. of slightly warm water;
3 tbsp. Of olive oil;
1 egg.

How to prepare it: mix 1 tbsp. of mustard powder with a bit of slightly warm water (2-3 tbsp.) and make a paste in which you will have to add 3 tbsp. of olive oil and 1 egg. Mix them together until you get a smooth paste. Apply it on the roots of dry and unwashed hair, concentrating only on the scalp.

Additional tips: if you want to boost shine and feed your hair, the apply olive oil (or coconut, linen, sweet almond oil) to the length of your hair for nourishing and adding gloss. Put a shower cup or a towel after this as the mustard has a strong heating effect, invigorating the blood circulation in your scalp and subsequently accelerating hair development. It will additionally help in improving thickness and shine of the hair. Let it stay for 3-5 minutes and wash it off. If it burns too much, wash it instantly. There won’t be too much visible results the first time you apply it, but after a week there will be some changes. The treatment is very intense, thus repeat it for 5-7 weeks.

CAUTION: make sure that you are not allergic to the mask’s ingredients, thus avoid doing the treatment if your scalp skin is delicate, if you have a skin disease, or if you have injuries. Make sure not to get any mustard in your eyes because it is very strong and aggravating ingredient.

After you apply the mask, wash and condition your hair as usual, letting it dry naturally. You will notice how your hair thickens and how the growth is accelerated.


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