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New Study Revealed That This OIL Kills Cancer Cells Within MINUTES!

New Study Revealed That This OIL Kills Cancer Cells Within MINUTES!
Cancer is among the top leading causes of death in the US. The World Health Organization published a report in 2014 where it was stated that in 2012 alone there were more than 14 million new cases and more than 8 million cancer-related deaths.

There have been a number of studies and research suggesting that the best way to fight cancer is through our diet. Eating healthy and living healthy can make a world of difference when it comes to the prevention and treatment of serious conditions and diseases. Numerous facts support these claims, there is evidence that our western diet leaves us more vulnerable and susceptible to cancer and other diseases compared to other kinds of diets. What are we to do? How can we change the way we eat so that it benefits our overall health?

One change you must make is start consuming extra virgin olive oil.
A Rutgers nutritional scientist and two cancer biologists at New York City’s Hunter College have made an incredible discovery regarding EVOO and its effect on cancer cells. They revealed a compound in EVOO called oleocanthal which targets and kills cancer cells within minutes. They knew that this compound kills some cancer cells effectively but they weren’t sure how exactly and how many. The discoveries they made during the study were amazing and groundbreaking.

The oleocanthal, when applied to cancer cells, ruptures vesicles which store the cells’ waste, releasing enzymes which cause death to the cell. So what it really does is killing cancer cells with their own enzymes. The main researchers Paul Breslin, professor of nutritional sciences in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, and David Foster and Onica LeGendre of Hunter College conducted experiments to reveal how exactly this compound affects the cancer cells by applying olive oil on them. Within 30 minutes to 1 hour the cancer cells started dying. What’s more important, it didn’t harm the healthy cells in any way. It just paused their life cycles temporarily and the next day they continued their normal functions regularly. The difference between cancer and healthy cells is that these vesicles, known as lysosomes, which store the cell’s waste and which are being targeted by the oleocanthal, are larger in cancer cells than in healthy ones. And when these vesicles rupture it creates a mess causing the cancer cells to die. The data from the study clearly shows that cancer cells have more delicate lysosomal membranes unlike healthy cells and are prone to lysosomotropic agent-induced cell death. For that reason, “targeting lysosomal membrane stability represents a novel approach to induce cancer-specific cell death” says the lead author of the study Onica LeGendre.

This is a groundbreaking discovery which can completely change our stance regrading cancer and cancer therapy. The laboratory evidence and experiments are conclusive, it kills cancer cells in just 30-60 minutes, but further tests are needed to show that oleocanthal can kill cancer cells and shrink tumors in living subjects.

Until then, consume EVOO regularly, but make sure that it’s high quality and of verified origin, because there have been cases of misleading advertising with regards to EVOO in particular. Only genuine 100% extra virgin olive oil has all the health benefits you need.


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