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She Went To The Doctor With Stomach Pain, But When He Saw 12,000 Of THESE In Her He Screamed

Minati Mondal, a India-native from Kolkata had been experiencing acid reflux and excruciating stomach pain for two months before she finally decided to visit the nearby hospital. After discovering what is inside her the doctors were stunned.

51-year-old Mondal had a body full of gallstones, initially it was believed that she had as much as 5000 gallstones, but an hour later, after they removed them from her body the number reached astonishing 12 000 stones.

Imagine getting rid of 12 000 stones, a huge burden must have fallen off her. At one point they were interfering with numerous digestive functions, but now they are finally out of her system.

Dr.Makhan Lala Saha, the surgeon who performed the laparoscopic intervention said that he was stunned at the sight of so many gallstones. He added that he never in his life believed a gall bladder can contain that many stones.

In order to count all the stones removed from the gall bladder, a number of assistants had to help him. Long 4 hours later the final number was 12 000 stones, and they ranged from 2 to 5mm.

Even though Dr.Saha is a renowned surgeon, who had executed a number of complicated surgeries before he pointed out that this one might be a record-breaker. He also regards this intervention as a personal achievement.

Dr.Sasa mentioned that he had a similar operation two months ago, but the number didn’t even come close to this one. In that surgery, the girl had 1,110 removed from her gall bladder, and despite the stunning number he discovered that in 1983 in Britain, 3,110 stones were removed from the gall bladder of a German patient.  But considering that this number is three times higher than the record holding one, he believes it can replace it.

Can you imagine a reason why this unfortunate woman waited so long to see the doctor? Share your opinions in the comments below.


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