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They Defeated Acne in 3 Days Only. What is Their Secret? (Video)

The twins, who managed to make a successful career on YouTube, reveal how they defeated unpleasant acne without doctor’s help and expensive treatments.

Nina and Randy Nelson were vegans for 22 years and avoided animal products, meat and dairy products – all products that are known to cause acne and oily skin.
They graduated from high school and had no acne until they turned 20.
The summer when they turned 20, they got painful, cystic acne. The next few months they have tried everything, from lotions, medications and antibiotics to visiting a dermatologist, but nothing helped.
They  lost their confidence completely.
After trying all the methods they knew about, there was just one last option – drug, powerful enough to cure acne for good, but it had negative side-effects such as hair loss, dry skin, and in the worst cases, depression.
They didn’t want to take that risk so they decide to try something else. They have changed their diet completely. They concluded that they should stop consuming food that contains fat, even food which contains healthy fats as avocados, peanut butter and soy milk.
In just 3 days they achieved the desired results.