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Very Effective Homemade Sugar-Salt Exfoliation Peeling Against Stretch Marks and Cellulite

Cosmetic products which among other things contain abrasive elements are known as peelings. Peeling is used for removing dead skin cells and dirt from the skin. After peeling the skin is soft as it stimulates the blood circulation and also rejuvenates the skin cells.

With this recipe you will not only regenerate your skin, but you will also defeat stretch marks and cellulite.

Sugar- salt peeling is extremely effective and you can prepare it at home with simple and cheap ingredients.

■ 250 grams of salt,
■ 250 grams of sugar and
■ 100-150 ml of palm oil.
If you don’t have palm oil you can use olive oil or other oil instead. If you can, use sea salt as it is rich in iodine and micro-elements which help in skin renewal.

Mix the salt, sugar and oil until you get a mixture thick as yogurt.

Then rub in the mixture with circular movements for 2-3 minutes. You should apply this treatment every night before going to bed.

When you finish, rinse the mixture with warm water and apply lotion or moisturizing cream on the affected area.

Positive results will appear after a month of regular usage. The cellulite and the stretch marks are less visible. Continue with the procedure because you can remove stretch marks and cellulite completely.