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Why Are People With Blood Type AB So Special?

Why Are People With Blood Type AB So Special?
All blood types are important and special but there are certain blood types which have more unique properties than others. It takes all blood types to save lives and it’s important to know how your blood type can help people in need.

People with blood type AB positive or negative are very special in our society. They are potential universal plasma donors and can save many lives. There is always special need for AB plasma and they have the unique gift to help people with all other blood types.

AB blood type is the rarest blood type in the US and the world as well. Just 3.4% of the people in the US have blood type AB+ and just 0.6% of the people have AB-, which is amazing. Aside from being the rarest blood type, plasma from AB donors is universal and can be compatible with all patients no matter their blood types. Plasma is very important in the treatment of clotting disorders, burn and shock victims, major surgeries, Rh incompatibility, cardiopulmonary issues, organ transplants, pediatric HIV, hepatitis, liver conditions, animal bites. These are all very urgent situations and a plasma donation from a universal plasma donor can save many lives.

AB plasma is essential in the treatment of many rare diseases like hemophilia, Von Willebrand Disease and Antithrombin III Deficiency. Just to illustrate how important plasma donations are, imagine that it needs as many as 1200 plasma donations to manufacture enough therapy required to treat one patient with hemophilia for a year.

People with AB blood type should consider donating blood regularly because regular and frequent donations can help hundreds of patient. It should be noted that anyone who is eligible to be a blood donor can donate plasma, so if you are over 17 years old, don’t weigh more than 110 pounds and are overall healthy you can donate plasma. Donations can be done every 28 days.

Another interesting characteristic about people with AB blood type is that they are universal recipients. They can receive blood and even organs from all blood types. How is it possible that the rarest blood type can be universal as well? The answer is antigens! Blood type compatibility depends on antigens in the blood, different blood types have different antigens present and AB blood type has the antigens from both A and B blood type and can receive both without any complications.

If you are an AB blood type, check to see if you can make a blood donation it can save someone’s life.