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Strengthen The Immune System With Anti-Viral Bomb

During autumn and winter the body is subjected to various types of viruses and colds. But there is a natural remedy that can successfully protect you from those.
Ingredients needed:
1 large lemon 200 grams of Honey 1 ginger
Method of preparation:
First peel the ginger. Then chop the lemon and ginger into small pieces and put them in a blender. Add the honey in and mix. Place the mixture in a glass jar and close the lid. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator.

Adults can consume one tablespoon per day and children one teaspoon per day. Also, you can put this medicine in tea and other hot drinks.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, it contains organic acids, increases immunity and is recommended for colds, while ginger stimulates the secretion of mucus and thereby cough is facilitated and sore throat pain is reduced or gone. Ginger has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-toxic properties. It is used to prevent the flu and colds.

Miracle In A Glass: Tasty Beverage Which Will Help You Lose Weight

Modern and fast lifestyle is often the reason why we reach for fatty, fried or sweet food which is extremely harmful for our overall health.
Besides entering unnecessary calories, unhealthy food violates the digestive system.
In case you want to lose some weight thus make your body a favor, make sure you add the following drink into your daily menu.

Ingredients needed:
1 tablespoon of chopped spinach 1 lemon 2 apples 2 smaller cucumbers 2 stems of celery

Method of preparation:
Peel the cucumbers and lemon and wash then chop the spinach. Put these three ingredients together in a blender together with the previously chopped apples and celery. Add several ice cubes and / or a little bit of water if you want to. Mix everything well and the drink is ready for drinking.
It is recommendable for you to consume this drink between meals, as a snack or as a substitute for dinner.

You will feel the results in a short period of time.

Throw The Medications In The Trash:Honey & Cinnamon Mixture Heals Better Than Any Other Medication

You are probably wondering why you should throw your medication in the trash and how can this mixture replace them?Here we present you 9 reasons why:
Heart Disease
Here is an amazing idea for your breakfast, instead of marmalade, apply honey on your bread and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Consume this mixture on a daily base and you will lower the risk of having some hear diseases.
High Cholesterol Level
Add 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 teaspoons of cinnamon in a large cup of tea. Drinkthis beverage and your cholesterol level will decrease for up to 10% in just 2 hours.
First of all you need to add 2 tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a cup of warm water. You need to drink this beverage twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. Regular consumption of this drink will help you treat chronic arthritis.
Mix a teaspoon of honey and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon. This mixture will help you treat colds.In order to get rid of the cold, the cough and …

Here Is How To Cleanse Blood Vessels From Cholesterol Overlay

In order to release toxins from the blood, increase the elasticity of blood vessels and clean blood vessels of cholesterol overlay, you need to cleanse your blood vessels. It is implemented in different ways – from consumption of natural products, to taking pills and laser blood cleaning.
It is important to know that cleansing of the blood vessels with drugs might cause quite contraindications. Their application is the last step, when other means are not helping. Therefore, cleaning the blood vessels from cholesterol deposits using the following tolls are safe and secure.
Garlic and lemon are considered excellent tools for cleaning the blood vessels, lowering cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels’ walls and reducing the risk of dangerous diseases such as atherosclerosis.
Tincture with lemon and garlic is used in Russian folk medicine. Also, this healing tincture prevents formation of cancerous cells, which has been confirmed many times by scientific researches. It has also been confirme…

Homemade Remedy For Curing Candida

This persistent fungus is a common inhabitant of the humans’ body, so here is a recipe that can be used by all of those who have this problem. In addition this remedy has a beneficial effect on the whole body.
Candida albicans is a fungus that is normally found in the human body.It can be found in the mouth, the digestive tract, the female genital organs, skin, etc. But its growth, due to many factors,can spin out of control. In that case it will appear an infection, and if this infection is untreated, it spreads throughout the body and evolves to the state when it becomes undetectable, thus it is distorting the overall health of an individual.

Changing your nutrition and a month or two strict diet with combination of other methods such as hydro colon therapy can solve the problem of Candida infection. Fungi feed on carbohydrates. The carbohydrates include sugars, starches and fibers. The fibers are indigestible, which means they do not enter the bloodstream and do not raise blood sugar…

These Are The Symptoms Of Fatty Liver And Here Is How To Heal It

One of the commonest liver diseases is steatosis, or better known as fatty liver. Increased amount of fat deposits may cause some big complications, as well as liver’s failure.
Liver’s steoasis – fatty liver
Liver cleanses blood, maintains blood’s glucose level, dissolves fats, creates enzymes and keep vitamins, minerals and glycogen. No other vital organ in our body could replace the liver and do its work.
Increased blood pressure, bloating, fatigue or high cholesterol levels are some indicators which tells us two things: liver’s overload and fats’ disturbed metabolism.
Minimal amount of fat deposits will not cause any complications. On the other hand, if fats create 5-10% of your liver’s weight, it means you are dealing with steoasis (fatty liver). This health condition might occur as a consequence of alcoholism. But, not always this disease is linked to alcohol.
Fatty liver symptoms
This disease is also called “silent disease” because its symptoms are almost unnoticeable, especially in t…

Blue Solar Water That Cures And Heals – Recipe

Blue Solar Water is easy to make, delicious to drink and is very powerful as a tool for cleaning and healing.
As we know, water carries vibrations, frequency energy, crystals, colors and words… Blue Solar Water provides the best there is: powerful sun energy, the source of all life and the fascinating properties of healing and the calming color blue. This water has become a staple.It was made popular by the book Zero Limits written by Dr. Hew Lena and above all through Ho’o pono pono, an ancient Hawaiian healing technique.

In addition to being extremely healthy, this water helps cleanse deep negative subconscious programs that automatically repeat over and over again. Blue solar water heals emotional wounds and blockages, brings them to the surface and helps us get a clean start, without the background noise of negative thoughts. This water meets positivity, peace and love. Children, cancer patients and especially those who are on chemotherapy can drink it. It’s even tastier than plain…

These 4 Magic Drinks Are Far Healthier Than Medicaments

This drink is made by mixing all of the ingredients and it is cooked for an hour. When the cooked mixture cools off, honey is added and it is put in a jar and one spoon before breakfast will be enough to cleanse your veins.
It is clear to everyone that medicaments harm as much as they benefit. Despite this, a lot of people use them although there is a healthier variant in the form of a potion which will magically affect your body and blood.

-2 dl lemon juice
-2 dl ginger juice
-2 dl white garlic juice
-2 dl apple vinegar
-600 ml of natural honey
Green cleanser of the liver
-20 ml Grass Snake plant, also called ringed snake or water snake
-2 celery stems
– Cucumber
-handful of green salad, kale and parsley

Blend the ingredients in a juicer or a blender; only add the celery and cucumbers before the end of the blending. You can drink this mixture whenever you have the time and all of the needed ingredients to prepare the tincture, and the liver will revitalize in a very short period.
Lowering t…

This is How I Got Rid of the Kidney Stone in just 6 Days!

This is a truly fantastic natural recipe sent by a reader, which will efficiently help you get rid of your kidney stone. Just make sure that the stone is not too big because it will do damage when it starts to come out.
With this incredible recipe not only will you get rid of your kidney stones, but also you will get rid of the remains of sand, therefore, clear the kidneys of sediment. This amazing recipe will help you get rid of your kidney stones in just six days.
One man shared his experience with this recipe on the social networks.
He said that he got rid of his kidney stones, which were slightly larger than a grain of wheat, in the following way. It is very simple all you need is:
• 100 ml of lemon juice • 100 ml of olive oil • 100 ml of beer
Pour all the ingredients into a bottle and drink 50 ml of this beverage every morning on an empty stomach. Before you drink this beverage you need to shake the bottle. Repeat this procedure for six days and you will get rid of your kidney stones. I…

This Natural Remedy Will Keep You Safe From Cancer And 101 Other Diseases!

What can be treated using this recipe?

This unique combination can heal the whole organism. It strengthens the immune system, cleanses the digestive tract from pathogenic micro flora, treats heart and blood vessel related diseases, cleanses the liver, kidneys and airways, reduces the risk of heart attack and improves your lifestyle if you have suffered some of these diseases. This combination will also improve your memory and brain’s work.

Ingredients needed:

• 1 kg/ 35 oz of organic honey
• 15 lemons
• 12 cloves of garlic
• 400 grams/14 oz of walnuts
• 400 grams/14 oz of wheat germ

Method of preparation:

Ground the wheat germ into coffee grinder. Ground the walnuts and garlic cloves together and after that, add 5 lemons together with their peel. Add the juice of 10 lemons into the mixture as well. Finally, add the honey into the mixture and give everything a good stir. Put the resulting mixture into sterilized glass jars which can be sealed properly. Store the jars into the fridge. You can st…

Uzbek Folk Remedy Against Gastritis: The Pain Will Stop Instantly!

Gastritis begins with pain in the upper part of the stomach followed by nausea and burping. These symptoms occur often and disappear quickly, but if they last for longer period of time, there is big possibility that gastritis occurred.
Open wounds are not gastritis’ characteristics, but inflamed and damaged lining.
Healing starts with quitting bad habits, such as smoking and bad diet. The key step is not to skip meals, especially breakfast.
Now healing can begin. There are many natural alternatives which you need to try.
Here is one simple, yet efficient recipe from Mohamed Hamray’s collection. He is President of the Academy of Traditional Medicine of Uzbekistan.
Ingredients needed:
Half a pumpkin 2 tablespoon of honey 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
Method of preparation:
Peel the pumpkin, chop it into small pieces and blend it. Remember to use fresh and raw pumpkin.
Add the honey and apple cider vinegar in half a liter of pumpkin juice.

This juice is great for your overall health, tasty, has…

Remedy Against Escherichia Coli And Other Serious Diseases

In this article we will present to you a remedy which is great against Escherichia coli and some other serious diseases. In addition read the following recipe.
Ingredients needed:
8.8 oz of lemon with peel 8.8 oz  of parsley root 7 oz  of honey 2 dl of olive oil
Method of preparation:
Wash the parsley root well and put in a blender. Do the same with the lemon and its zest. Mix the two ingredients and add the honey and olive oil. Transfer the mixture into a sterile glass container.
Way of consuming:
Take one tablespoon of the medicine early in the morning on an empty stomach and one tablespoon in the evening before dinner. Consume this medicine until you run out of it. If you feel like you still have some bacteria and still needs this medicine, repeat the whole process.

Share and help someone else. Let us stay healthy thanks to nature!

Unbelievably Recipe For Fighting Cancer And Weigh Loss

It has been proven that this natural remedy will treat cancer, hormonal problems, bad blood counts and weak immunity.
Ingredients needed:
400 grams / 14 oz of wheat germ 400 grams / 14 oz of walnuts 15 lemons 12 cloves of garlic 1 kg / 35 oz of honey
Method of preparation:
Put the wheat germ in a clean glass jar. Fill the glass with water and let it stand still for the next 12 hours. Cover the jar’s opening with gauze. Strain the mixture and wash the grains wheat germ well. After a day, sprouts (1 or 2 mm in height) should appear.
Put the wheat germs, garlic and walnuts in a blender and mix them well. Add 5 ground lemons (together with their peel) into the mixture. Squeeze the juice of the remaining 10 lemons and add it to the mixture as well. Finally, add the honey into the mixture. Transfer the mixture into glass jar(s) and keep them in the fridge. Before using this medicine, make sure it has been standing still for 3 days.
This medicine will heal your organism from diseases and health condit…

This Three-Ingredients Juice Prevents Cancer, Treats Kidney Problems And Other Diseases

Beetroot is very powerful ingredient because it has great anticancer properties, contains carotenoids and is good source of folic acid. This root-vegetable has an abundance of antioxidants which protect our organism of free radicals, premature aging and help in the fight against many different diseases. Anyway, if you combine beetroot with carrot and apple you will gain mixture filled with health. In fact, this recipe’s ingredients are one beetroot, two carrots and an apple.
The best way to prepare this recipe is to put the beetroot in a blender and mix it. Then put the resulting juice in a glass and let it stand still in the fridge for an hour. After that, add the carrot and apple juice in the beetroot juice. Drink this healthy beverage half an hour before breakfast.
It is important not to mix all ingredients at once. Beetroot should be prepared first because it needs to stay in the fridge for an hour in order for some harmful ingredients to be destroyed. If you do not do this, beetroo…

Miracle Salve - Natural Ointment that Cures Many Diseases

We bring you the recipe for this “miraculous ointment” from one popular Russian website of alternative medicine. This ointment is very easy to prepare and also is very effective. This “miraculous ointment” is able to cure many diseases.
People use this salve to cure bronchitis, otitis media, pharyngitis, swelling, bruises, open wounds, cracks on the hands and feet, sore ovaries, trophic ulcers, female diseases. This ointment has been used successfully for burns.
Depending on the disease this ointment needs to be rub on the affected place or to be put as a trim. It can even be used for internal use. In that case you need to take half a teaspoon three times a day before meals. Have no worries this ointment is absolutely harmless.
Necessary ingredients:
• 1 egg • 400 ml of vegetable oil • piece of beeswax – about 60 grams (about the size of a two matchboxes)
Firs of all cook the egg. You will take only need the yolk. Peel the boiled egg and mash the yolk a little bit.Take one sauce pan and fill…

A Famous Tibetan Exercise for the Treatment of the Thyroid Gland

This is the famous Tibetan exercise for the treatment of the thyroid gland. This exercise provides an increased blood flow to the gland. Consequently, your thyroid gland will be purified.

Swallow your saliva three times or drink three sips of water.

Exhale. As you exhale, bend your head forward and as hard as you can, cleave your chin to your chest.Hold your chin a few seconds without breathing. When you start to breathe in, lift your chin up and throw your head. Tighten your neck as much as you can.

Lift your under lip over your upper lip. As you’re doing this, breathe. Hold your head in this position for a few seconds. As you’re exhaling, bring your head down and cleave your chin to your chest.

While your chin is on your chest, slowly turn your head to the left, and then to the right, never taking your chin off your chest. This is an excellent massage for the thyroid gland.

Repeat the points. As you rise your head, you inhale, as you lower your head, you exhale. Repeat this process 10 ti…

How To Lose Weight With Only Half a Lemon Per Day

Your body demands intake of healthy food and regular exercises so that you can lose weight in a healthy and safe way. However, proper digestion is needed for the weight loss so that the food calories can be processed and the useful substances from the food arrive in your body. Therefore, if your digestion system does not work properly, most of the efforts to lose weight will be significantly slower.

Lemon juice has a high level of lemon acid which stimulates the digestive system and helps in lowering the negative influence that sweet food has on your organism. Here is how you can properly use the lemon against surplus kilograms:

 First step:

Cut the lemon in half and squeeze one half in a glass from 2, 5 deciliters. Add water in a room temperature which means that your body does not need an additional effort to warm up the juice and it can start with the digestion process. If the water is colder, the digestion process will need more time to begin. This is something that you might not hav…

A Chinese Doctor Claims that this Natural Way to Remove Bile and Liver Stones is Really Effective

Lai Chiu Nan – a Chinese doctor, recommends a natural method to remove bile and liver stones- which are very dangerous since not only are they painful, but can lead to hepatitis and even cancer. Furthermore, the doctor claims that the cancer is never the first disease that appears since bile stones lead to a number of other health problems long before the cancer appears. A certain connection has been made since some people with cancer had previous problems with bile stones.
The feeling of flatulence after a heavy meal is a symptom of bile stones.You feel as if you can’t digest the food. Moreover, you can feel pain in the liver.Dr. Lai offers a method which helps remove bile stones in a natural way. A treatment great for those suffering from a weak liver, since the liver and bile are closely connected. But, you must take into consideration that this method isn’t successful for everyone. People with bigger stones, must consult a doctor.

1. The first five days, drink four glasses of apple …

Healthy Liver With just One Morning Sip of This Drink

Besides its contribution in the process regeneration of the blood, the liver helps in strengthening and stimulating the process of digestion in the organism. In addition, this organ also eliminates toxins and any kind or impurities and cleanses blood.

The best thing to do, if you want to maintain liver’s proper work and health, is to cleanse it from toxins every single day. In order to do this, you need to consume a mixture made of one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of olive oil every morning on an empty stomach. After you have done this you can have your breakfast.

You will notice positive changes after 30 days or so. If you practice this procedure on a daily basis you will gain numerous health benefits, here are some of them: you will improve you overall appearance, your skin will become shinier and fresher, you can forget about the dark circles around your eyes because they will disappear, you will certainly look younger than before.

You will also improve your digestion…