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What Will Happen To Your Body When You Quit Eating Sugar?

If you plan or at least wish to cut sugar out of your diet, your body will respond in 5 ways:

You will have more energy
Usually, when you feel exhausted, you tend to reach for sugar-filled energy drinks and caffeine to compensate for the lack of energy. It is wrong since you will have more energy without using those traps.

Without sugar, those variations and oscillations of energy and mood will remain in the past, as well as the afternoon crashes.

You will lose weight
When we consume sugar, we crave for more sugar. We must face a fact-most sugar comes in high- fat and high- carb foods. These ingredients are processed and contain tons of unwanted substances.

When you quit sugar, your body will eliminate additional calories. That will make you feel full more often, and you will lose weight.

You will improve digestion
Apart from the consumption of large quantities of fiber on a daily basis, when you stop eating sugar, your digestive system will work perfectly.

You will stop wanting sugar
As you kn…

A Cure for The Thyroid, Good Blood Count and Rejuvenation: A Syrup Made of Young Green Walnuts In Honey

This powerful combination establishes physical and energetic balance, increases the hormonal activity, does an excellent work on the hormonal activity, also helps in all of the problems with the thyroid, helps restoring cells and neutralizes the effects of toxins.
The young green walnuts (Juglandis Immature fructus) have a lot of Vitamin C, iodine and many other vitamins and their syrup with honey is often given among people to patients and weak, ill children, but also to anemic persons.

Young green walnuts mixed with honey have a positive effect in case of anemia and also help in purification of the liver, stomach and blood.
They are excellent with thyroid problems, throat illnesses and the respiratory tract, especially bronchitis, they increase the immunity, help in problems connected to menopause, obesity and chronic respiratory illnesses.


- 40 young green walnuts in their crust
- 1 kg of quality honey


Wash the young walnuts, dry them and cut them in quarters. The…

PLASTIC – THE SILENT KILLER Check What Is Written At The Bottom Of The Plastic Packaging

(Check what is written on the bottom of each plastic package)

We are all aware that unhealthy food should be avoided. Most of us pay attention to what kind of water we drink and what kind of food we consume. Two liters water per day and healthy food have become a principle of most nutrition. We tend to avoid salty, fatty and sugary food and tend to consume plenty of fruits & vegetables and bottled water. However, most of us don’t know what hides in the plastic containers. The truth is that the aim of manufacturers of food and drink products is to have higher earnings with their products instead of provide us with healthy food and drinks. That is why you need to check what is written on the bottom of each plastic package which indicates just how dangerous plastic is.

Most of us are buying bottled water on daily basis. We carry plastic bottles of water with us while we travel, go to work and even give bottle of water to the children for kindergarten and school. Sadly, consuming water …

Her Life Is Hell: She Got Skin Cancer Due To Solarium! This Is Her Story!

Toni Vilobi (27) got skin cancer after tanning in a solarium. As a teenager she used the solarium five times a week.

“I had my solarium at home, same as many of my friends. Everyone was doing it. I did not think about the future or about skin cancer, “said the brave nurse from Alabama.

She was diagnosed with skin cancer when she was 21. Since then it had returned six times. She keeps going to the doctor, and almost every time she goes in, they find her a new tumor.

She photographed herself in a state when her cancer attacks the skin and hung the photograph on her Facebook profile. Because of that she became a Facebook hero.

“Wear sunscreen to protect from the sun and use self-tanning preparations. You have only one skin, and have to worry about it. Learn from the mistakes of others. Do not let the tan stop you from seeing how your children are growing up. This is now my biggest fear, “she said.
Toni was treated with special creams and doctors even remove her tumors with liquid nitrogen. T…

Drink These 6 Smoothies if You Want to Reduce Weight Like Crazy

Obesity is a serious health problem, even though not many people will admit it. Excess belly fat is an excellent indication that your organs are drowned in fat.

This can be the root cause of many chronic diseases, so the fat burning process is essential for obese people.

Foods loaded with proteins will strengthen your muscles, and since your heart and internal organs are muscles as well, add more proteins to your menu.

It does not take much effort to make these smoothies. All you have to do is choose your favorite, blend all the ingredients together and enjoy!

Pear – Banana Smoothie

1 banana
1 pear
1 cup berries
6 ounces plain nonfat Greek yogurt
1/4 cup hazelnuts, crushed
pinch of cinnamon
2 tablespoons ground flaxseed


Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy this delicious smoothie.

Cucumber – Apple Smoothie

1/4 cup hazelnuts, crushed
5 mint leaves
1 cucumber
1 apple
ginger (2 inches)
2 celery stalks
1 glass water
1 to 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice


He Beat Cancer: They Gave Him 18 Months Of Life, And He Was Completely Cured With This Recipe!

David Hibit, a 33- year- old man from Staffordshire, was diagnosed with cancer of the small intestine, and the assessments of the doctors were that he had only 18 more months to live. Conversely, he cured himself.

He is now looking forward to a happy life together with his family, being totally cured from the terrible disease.

David claims that he has completely cured himself by benefiting from the miraculously cannabis oil, which costs about 50 pounds per gram at local dealers.

He further on said that his friends were constantly trying to convince him to try the cannabis oil, but he refused. He wasn’t fond of that kind of drug- treatments. But when he finally realized that chemotherapy was just killing him, and he had nothing more to lose, he decided that he won’t reconcile with the fact that he was going to die.

After a few failures in the treatments, exhausting chemotherapy and radiotherapy, a surgery of the small intestine followed in March 2013, he believes that the only thing that h…

This Family Never Ate Organic. Watch What Happens To Their Bodies As Soon As They Make The Switch

This family consumed conventional food their entire life, because it was cheaper. But this changed when they took part in a study conducted by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL. The results were surprising and disgusting at the same time!

New studies discovered organic food to be irrefutably higher in cancer-preventing antioxidants. It is about time for everyone who values their health to switch to an organic diet. The correlation of the increased use of pesticides and the sky-rocketing disease rate in America can no longer be ignored.
The following step after you decide to eat organically is to grow your food by yourself, as much as possible. It’s never too late to start and you will find it quite easy, enjoyable and rewarding. This is real healthcare and your family’s health is worth it.

Next, find  a farmers’ market nearby, meet the farmer, eat as seasonally and locally as possible.  Become a health-conscious consumer and grow your own clean nutritious organic food.


The Cure For Cancer Was Found 65 Years Ago!

Increased intake of vitamin B17 reduces the development of cancer and there are huge chances that the cancer will be completely cured.

Rumours among patients diagnosed with cancer are getting louder, claiming that the increased intake of vitamin B17 can reduce cancer and provide huge chances for complete curing.

Doctor Ernst T. Krebs first presented vitamin B 17 as a cure for cancer at the beginning of 1950. The theory that vitamin B17 cures cancer is based on the fact that, according to Krebs, cancer is a disease caused by improper vitamin and mineral intake in the organism.

It is a fact that today modern people are more exposed to this disease compared to the primitive cultures in the past. As one of the possible explanations, doctor Krebst outlines the data that ancient tribes had totally different dietary habits.

For example, Hunza people consume 250 to 300 mg of vitamin B17 daily, unlike average Europeans or Americans who consume about 2 mg of this vitamin daily, through industrially…

Healed By Wheatgrass: 74-year Old Man Won The Fight Against Cancer

74-year old Danny MacDonald from Ireland, was diagnosed with stomach cancer and doctors predicted he had only 3 months left.

Since he had nothing to lose, Danny decided not to do chemotherapy and try living his life using alternative methods. After 4 years he feels vital thanks to the wheatgrass juice (young wheat stalks).

“I told the doctors I wasn’t prepared to undergo the course of treatments they had suggested,” Danny is quoted as saying by Sunday World. “I knew it would kill me. They were furious I had come to that conclusion.The consultant warned me I’d be dead in three months.I did not know what to expect but I was determined. In just 7 days I started feeling better and the itchy feeling disappeared. At that moment I stopped taking the pills doctors prescribed  me.”

A month later all the pain disappeared and I knew I was getting better” – explains MacDonald in the interview for “Sunday World”.

Danny started with 28 g juice per day and kept taking higher doses. Also he has gained b…

Woman Drinks 3 Liters Of Water Every Day, And The Final Results Were Shocking

Sarah Smith, a 42 year old British and a mother of two, experienced constant headaches and indigestion. After the recommendation of her doctor, she decided to do an experiment, to drink 3 liters of water every day, in a period of 28 days. The results were amazing!

She admits that at the beginning she looked as if she was 52, meaning 10 years older than she actually is. The dark circles around her eyes made her look exhausted, and she also had deep wrinkles, red spots and glow-less skin. She practically looked dead, explains Sarah.

Even her lips were wrinkled, which is a classic sign of poor hydration. Every process in your body depends on water. It flushes toxins from the vital organs, transfers nutrients to cells, eliminates waste material…

Insufficient water intake weakens the organism. This gave her the will to start drinking 3 liters of water daily for 28 days, and the result was incredible!

“I felt much better after the first week.”

After the second week she noticed that the headache …

Improve Your Body Figure For The Upcoming Summer: Drinks To Enjoy And Lose Weight

These drinks are primarily intended for those who live with a fast pace, because each of them can be a substitute for a full meal. Although it will keep you full, they also have great nutrition, but low calorific value, which makes them perfect in the fight against excess weight.

Moreover, these drinks are extremely tasty, and will not pose any problem for you to drink them every day.

1. A bit different coffee
The drink for getting rid of excess weight has become globally popular when businessman Dave Asprey, several years ago, shared it with the rest of the world. He also called it the”Bulletproof” coffee, because with its help, he managed to lose almost 40 kilograms.

Nutritionists say that what makes this drink so special is the powerful coconut oil which regulates digestion and cholesterol. However, the presence of coffee is the reason why you should not take it more than once a day.

For this drink you need: 1 teaspoon instant coffee, ½ teaspoon cocoa or a few drops of aroma of vanilla,…

See What Happens When You Drink Water On an Empty Stomach

People in Japan usually drink water right after they wake up. Numerous studies have confirmed the advantage of this habit. This morning routine has healing effect and provides positive results regarding different serious diseases.

There is evidence proving that drinking water on an empty stomach can be amazingly helpful in treating numerous diseases, including: headache, pain in any part of the body, cardiovascular disorders and diseases, tachycardia, epilepsy, increased blood fat levels, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney and urinary tract diseases, vomitting, gastritis, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, diabetes, constipation, eye and vision problems, uterine diseases, menstrual disorders, diseases and conditions effecting the ear, nose, and throat.

Treatment Methods

• When you wake up in the morning, before brushing your teeth, drink 640 ml of water (4x160ml)
• Brush your teeth, but do not eat nor drink anything in the next 45 minutes
• After 45 minutes you can have your regular …

Reduce Your Waistline Overnight, Literally, With This So-Called “Bomb”

Thanks to this recipe, many women decreased 1 cm from the scope of the waist in one day. This drink eliminates excess fat and water from the body and at the same time improves brain function, hearing, vision and memory, and also will refresh you!

Ingredients needed:

– 1 teaspoon of honey

– 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar

– 1 cup of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

Method of preparation:

Put the abovementioned ingredients in a blender and mix them well or put them in a bowl and give them a good stir until you get homogeneous mixture.

Way of consuming:

Consume this beverage before every main meal i.e. before lunch or dinner on a daily basis for a whole week. After that make a 7-day break and, in needed, repeat the treatment.

In case you do not like grapefruit juice, you can use orange juice as a substitute.

This Amazing Oriental Tea Can Cure More Than 50 Health Conditions And Detox The Body

We suggest that you prepare this ancient folk super-tea recipe that cures more than 50 health conditions, and it contains oriental spices such as: turmeric, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom…

In India turmeric is used since ancient times to eliminate the toxins from the body, and to treat nausea, vomiting, nematodes, and today there is scientific evidence proving its efficacy in preventing and treating cancer and dementia.

Cloves are amazing in treating infections, and ginger stimulates the blood circulation.


• ½ tsp ginger
• ½ tsp cinnamon
• ½ tsp cloves
• 1/6 tsp turmeric
• a pinch of cardamom
• 1 ½ cup of water
• 1/2 coconut milk
• honey, optional


• Mix all the spices together and add a cup and a half of boiled water.
• If you can not find ground spices and you use seeds instead, you should boil the tea and cook it on a low heat for 5 minutes.
• Stir well.
• Add the warm coconut milk.
• Do not strain the tea and drink it during the whole day, and you can drink as much as y…

Dr.Anderson: Mix These 3 Ingredients And You Will Get Powerful Cure That Can Save Your Life

There is no other natural ingredient in the world that is more efficient in reducing inflammations than turmeric. Carolyn Anderson, an American doctor, suggested a quite simple recipe you can use to prevent cancer. It is more than a combination of three easily available ingredients.

Doctor Anderson explains that this findings were based on the two-thousand-year-old tradition of using these ingredients in East India, and these were confirmed with the latest medical studies and tests in the Western World.

Anderson also ensured that by using these three ingredients every day, you can reduce the chances of getting cancer to a minimum.


• Add 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil to a 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric.
• Add a large pinch of freshly ground black pepper.
• Mix these three ingredients in a cup.

You can take this mixture on its own, or you can add it to different dishes, soups, and salads. However, you must be careful not to overcook these ingredients if you use them while cooking, and be sure to…

This is What Happens To Your Body When You Skip Meals

Skipping a meal has become a trend, whether it is due to a special diet regimen or lack of time. If you often skip your meals for any reason, you have to know what can this habit of yours do to your body.

1. Hormone Imbalance
Every time you skip a meal, the cortisol level increases and causes anxiety. The insulin also increases and decreases instantly, resulting in an unstable blood sugar level.

2. Digestion Problems
Your body is used to work during the whole day, so when you skip a meal the digestive system is unable to do its function. Proper metabolic and digestive function require 3 meals and 2 snacks.

3. The Body Stores Fat
By skipping the meals you confuse the body. It thinks you are starving, so every time you skip a meal, instead of burning the fat, the body stores it to provide ‘fuel’ for the following period.

3. Exhausted Organism
Skipping the meals slows your metabolism and makes you feel exhausted. Regular meals will help you boost the metabolism and burn more calories.

5. Altered …

It Is Worth A Try: Refreshing Drink To Help You Both Cleanse The Organism And Lose Some Weight

As the summer season approaches, we are all eager to lose as much excess weight as possible. Those who take care of their health would gladly get rid of toxins collected during the long winter.

In this article we are about to present a recipe for “detox water” which helps to flush out toxins and to easier lose weight.

Ingredients needed:

– 1,8 liters of water

– 6 pieces of grapefruit (circle slices)

– 1 cucumber chopped in circles as well

– 1 chopped mandarin

– Several mint leaves

Method of preparation:

Mix all abovementioned ingredients and let them stand still for about two hours. Drink the detox water throughout the day. If some of the beverage remains, you can use it to make refreshing ice cubes. Just put the beverage in ice cube mold and put the mold in the freezer. These ice cubes will improve lemonade’s taste as well as orange juice, ice tea etc.

Water helps the body discharge toxins.

Grapefruit accelerates the metabolism.

Cucumber soothes hunger.

Mandarin helps the body top use glucose as…

Home Remedies for Diabetes

The most important amount of energy our body receives from the glucose. Its normal level in the blood is 3.9 to 6.1 mmol / L (milli moles per liter).

Occasionally, there are oscillations in the blood sugar- glucose levels, which result in various physical and mental changes in the organism. If chronic, they lead to diseases, of which the diabetes is the most common.

Numerous homemade remedies offer you herbal methods to treat this disease effectively. The following are some handy recipes that can help keep that sugar level down.

Soup for lowering of the blood sugar level

2 cups of water
1 small chopped carrot
1 unpeeled onion, cut into four pieces
500g of beans
1/2 cup of peanuts
2 bay leaves
4 cloves of chopped garlic
1/2 cup fenugreek sprouts or 1/2 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds
A pinch of ground cloves
A pinch of ground cinnamon
A pinch of turmeric


Cook the water and the onions in a large pot, over medium heat, until it boils. Add the carrots, garlic, peanuts, beans, fenugre…

The Miracle Master Cleanse Diet – Believe it Or Not You Will Lose 10 Pounds in 14 Days

The  master cleanse “lemonade” diet, also referred to as “The Great Cleaner” lasts for 10-14 days. In just two weeks, you can lose up to 10 pounds of excess weight. The basic principle of the “lemonade” diet includes detoxification and fast weight loss.

Follow these steps to make the lemonade: Add 2 liters/ 8.5 cups of previously boiled water, some lemon juice (use 3 lemons), 14 tablespoons of maple syrup and half a teaspoon of hot red pepper to a large container. Stir well.

Drink this magic lemonade during the whole day, taking small sips every time you feel hungry.

Lemon juice, as one of the main ingredients, will help your body get rid of the fat and toxins, maple syrup will provide the necessary calories, vitamins and nutrients, and the hot pepper will boost your metabolism.

Nutritionists suggest that you drink other liquids as well, including salt water (mix 6.5 oz/ 2dl of lukewarm water and add just a little salt using the tip of your knife) and green tea, that will ease the elimina…

These are 10 Good Reasons Why You Should Grow Mint in Your Home

The first associations with this herb are the words green, refreshing and aromatic. However, when you read about this herb you will also find out several other appropriate words to describe this amazing plant.
Mint is rich in antioxidants, folic acid, vitamin A, B6, C, E, K and riboflavin.

Improves digestion
For optimal results, drink mint tea.
Irritated bowel syndrome
This herb is efficient in treating the symptoms of this condition, according to researchers.
Asthma and respiratory problems
People with asthma can add mint in their inhalations and also drink mint tea. In order to ease breathing immediately, add 4 to 5 leaves of mint in hot water and inhale.
Lowers blood pressure
Potassium- one of the ingredients of the mint helps in lowering blood pressure and improves the heart rate.
Oral health
It helps with bad breath by destroying bacteria which also cause the cavity. For that reason, mint is added in mouthwashes, toothpastes and sprays for breath refreshing.

Pain reliever
Mint leaves…

Detoxify Your Body With Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is fast becoming a panacea for all good things. Apple cider vinegar can aid in weight loss, because it helps control blood sugar levels and suppress appetite. It also increases alkalinity in the body by elevating pH levels. Apple cider vinegar is anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. You can make your own apple cider vinegar very easily. All you need is time. Apple cider vinegar is sort of a wonder food. It has so many practical uses such as digestive aid, a skin care product, and a hair conditioner, a salad dressing, or a cleaning agent.

Detoxify Your Body With Homemade Apple Cider VinegarIngredients • Cores and peels from 6-8 organic apples; • 2 tbs. raw honey (where to find); • Filtered water to cover.

Preparation • In a large glass bowl, place the cores and peels. • Cover the scraps with water until the peels are submerged and stir in the honey. • Cover the mixture with a cloth, and let it sit out until the liquid darkens. • After letting it sit for 2…

Hot Dog Cancer Risks

When I was a child, we simply adored hot dog. It was an incredible simple snack that we could simply pop into the microwave after getting home from school.

When our mother was working at night, our father would usually prepare our favorite – hot dogs with Mac and Cheese. Goodness man, those were times worth remembering, ha-ha!

And there were also those incredible picnics like on the fourth of July when father would heat up the barbecue. The Fourth of July is the greatest hot dog occasion of the year, with Americans bringing down an approximated 155 million wieners.

In spite of the fact that Americans consume hot dogs throughout the entire year, we consume an approximated seven billion between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Yes, so what’s the problem?

As reported by an L.A. Times article:

“Children who eat more than 12 hot dogs per month have nine times the normal risk of developing childhood leukemia, a USC epidemiologist has reported in a cancer research journal. Two other reports in the same…

Drink This Every Evening and Lose Weight Extremely Fast

What can you do to get rid of extra pounds?
Well, let’ssee: You can visit a beauty salon, you can do sports, you can cut down on your meals… or you can find a healthy way to lose weight extremely fast.

The healthiest way to lose those extra pounds and stop worrying about the way you look is this one:

This is the perfect juice for you!

Why juice is great for people who cannot follow complicated diets?
The National Cancer Institute recently began a campaign with one simple goal – to make people EAT MORE VEGETABLES AND FRUITS. Specifically, the recommendation was to eat three servings of vegetables and five servings of fruit a day, and their reasoning was simple:

A diet high in vegetables and fruits is able to prevent or cure a wide range of ailments!

Here we have several tips that will quickly persuade you to go “juice-addicted”:
1. It’s an easy way to get more fruits and veggies into your diet, especially if you are not big into vegetables and fruits. A diet rich in raw and organic foods will …

What Your Heart Line Says About Your Love Life and Relationship With Others

Do you know that you can find the line of the heart’s at your fingertips? The line of your heart is an important indicator of your feelings and everything that revolves around love.

Look at the picture in order to know where is the line of your heart, because it is responsible for the fact if you are going to be loved and love someone. It begins below the index finger or middle finger and extends to the edge of the palm side of the little finger.

A) If your heart line begins below the middle finger you were born to be a leader – an ambitious, independent, intelligent person, and have expressed qualities of judgment and decision making. You are less sensitive and cold to others.

B) If your heart line begins between the middle finger and index finger then you areconsiderate and kind to others. In addition, you are also hesitant and cautious when others are concerned, but you are a person of trust. You have the common sense when deciding.

C) If your heart line begins below the index finger …

This Liquid ‘Bomb’ Will Literally Shrink Your Waistline Overnight!

We have already written a lot about the portions which positively affect weight loss or enhance it. One great recipe is spreading through the social networks and according to the testimonies of those who tried it – it really works!
A glass of this drink will refresh you, and at the same time encourage fat loss. All you need are three ingredients, and key among them is the grapefruit.


• Cup of fresh grapefruit juice
• 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
• 1 teaspoon of honey


Put the ingredients in a blender or a bowl in which you mix the ingredients well. It is important that the ingredients are well connected. Drink the juice before each main meal or before lunch or dinner seven days in a row.

Then make a break of seven days, and then, if necessary, repeat the process for another week. If for some reason you do not like or do not like the taste of grapefruit, replace it with orange.

Lemon And Baking Soda Combination Saves Lives

It is believed that the combination of lemon and baking soda has 1000 times more stronger effect than chemotherapy!

Why was this fact kept as a secret?
Being totally aware of the powerful properties lemon provides is completely opposite to the interest some world organisations have. For that reason, we recommend you share this article and help a friend who needs it!

Numerous studies have proven the anti-cancer properties of lemon. Lemon also provides other benefits, including its strong power in treating cyst and tumors.

Lemons have the power to cure cancer, since it has been tested on all cancer types. Adding baking soda makes it even more powerful, because baking soda brings pH to normal level.

Lemon also has potent antimicrobial effect in treating bacterial and fungal infections. It is effective in the fight against internal parasites and it regulates blood pressure. Lemon is beneficial for the nervous system as well – it is a powerful antidepressant, reducing stress and calming nerve c…

Simple Home Remedy For Back Pain And Varicose Veins!

This simple and efficient remedy is the solution for your pain in the back, neck, legs and varicose veins.
Ingredients needed:
– 350 grams of garlic
– 1 liter of high quality olive oil
Method of preparation:
First, clean and chop the garlic. Put it in a glass jar and pour the olive oil over it. Close the jar and store it for 14 days in a dark place at room temperature. Do not forget to shake the jar every day.
After 14 days strain the contents of the jar through droppers and drain it twice. Every night you should apply the resulting liquid on the sore spot, and then wrap the affected area with plastic foil in order to keep it warm. Leave it throughout the night.

Repeat this procedure every night for two months.
You will notice the first results after 7 days.
Garlic increases blood flow through the affected joints and thus improves the function.
Varicose veins
Gently massage the resulting garlic oil on the affected area. Wrap that part with a bandage or a soft cloth and go to sleep. Wash the plac…