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This Amazing Syrup Will Help You Remove Fat From Your Blood: All You Need To Do Is Drink A Small Glass Of This Syrup Every Morning

This syrup is very easy to make. All you need to do is cook the lemon and the parsley for about two to three hours and consume this syrup every morning on an empty stomach.

Many people all around the world are struggling with elevated blood lipids and cholesterol. All of this is due to fast living, but also because of a genetic predisposition. Normal cholesterol level is between 4.60 and 6.20 mmol / L. If you are having higher cholesterol level then this you should definitely try this drink, because this syrup has proved very effective in removing high cholesterol.

And here we present you the recipe for this amazing syrup


1 kg of lemons
5-6 laces of parsley
3 liters of water
1 bag of baking soda

First of all you need to wash the lemons with cold water. After you have washed the lemons, you need to soak them in warm water and pour a bag of baking soda over them. Now you need to let the stay like that for about an hour. Meanwhile chop the parsley into small pieces. You need to ch…

No More Back Pain With These 5 Natural Solutions

Sciatic pain is one of the most common and most excruciating causes for back pain in the world. When you experience sciatic pain, it’s scary to realize that you may be dealing with it to some extent for the rest of your life. Instead of relying on expensive and side effect-ridden conventional medications, try these natural remedies for sciatic pain.

Sciatic pain can occur as the result of many different conditions and events. A nerve gets pinched in the lower back, causing pain in the nerve roots of the lower back. However, as the pain from these nerve roots spreads, it rapidly hits the nerves of your legs, feet, and upper back.

Sciatic pain may occur in those that overwork their backs, as this may cause damage to a specific disc over time. At a certain point, the body can’t bear any more and a slipped or herniated disc occurs. Sciatic pain may also be caused by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle or genetics.

It’s obv…

Here is What Happens When you Drink Cold Water

You may already know that warm water opens up the pores and enables our skin to breathe, while cold water closes them and harms our skin.

Guess what?! Cold water for drinking does the same thing to our digestive tract!

This is what happens when we drink cold water:

-Digestion slows down and hydration is prevented.

-Instead of our bowel digesting food and absorbing nutrients to create energy, our body wastes energy to regulate temperature which can lead to loss of water.

-Drinking cold water after a meal creates surplus mucus in the organism which often times leads to malfunction of the immune system and this leads to cold or some diseases.

-If you eat food while you are drinking cold beverages or you drink them immediately after a meal, the temperature of the water hardens the fats from the food that you have just eaten, and in return, the body puts additional effort to digest the unwanted fat in your organism.

Some people claim that drinking cold water can be useful, since it burns more ca…

Do NOT throw away your used coffe grounds!!! Here is what you can do!!!

Most people love coffee.  The average person in the U.S. drinks about two cups of coffee per day—that’s 730 cups a year. Coffee is a major source of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals in your body that make you age faster. Scientists have discovered (here) that one serving of coffee a day will give you more antioxidants than a serving of blueberries.

If you brew your own coffee,  you get  a lot of  used coffee grounds. Here are a few  of reasons not to toss your coffee grounds and to use them in your household.
9 Surprising Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds1. Fridge Deodorizer
Keep them in the fridge or freezer instead of baking soda to eliminate odors.
2. Hide Furniture Scratches 3.  Antiaging coffee mask
●  2 tablespoons used organic coffee grounds ●  1/2 teaspoon celtic sea salt ●  1/2 teaspoon cinnamon ●  1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oilDirections
Mix all ingredients well together. Apply onto the face and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

4.  Hair dye.You can find…

10 Symptoms You May Have Parasites in your Body (and how to remove them)

Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, 3.5 billion people all around the world suffer from some type of parasitic infection? To simplify it, a parasite is any organism that lives and feeds off of another organism. It is also very important for you to know that parasites take and utilize your body’s nutrients. While doing this they are also hurting the entire organism.

They are able to thrive throughout the body and they take on a number of different forms. You should also know that mostly they live within the human intestines. Some of them eat your food and are making you hungry after every meal and therefore you are unable to gain weight. Others consume your red blood cells, which is pretty much dangerous because it leads to anemia.

Read this article and learn the 10 symptoms that may indicate that you are having parasites in your body.

● Fatigue, exhaustion, depression, or feeling of apathy frequently;
● Parasites generally attack the lining of the intestines whi…

What Will Happen If We Stop Sleeping?

Sleep is a very important part of life. Everyone knows the unpleasant feeling when you simply cannot get enough sleep.

Do you know what will happen if we fully stop sleeping?

ASAP Science gives answer to this question:

Science knows too little about sleep and the creation of the dreaming process in evolution. Lying helpless while predators crawl all around you do not seem very practical.

There are several clear dependencies scientists discovered about sleep. Adults who sleep between 6 and 8 hours a night live longer. Too much sleep can have a negative impact on your health and leads to heart disease and diabetes. On the other hand, chronic sleeplessness is associated with cardiovascular disease, depression, obesity, and even brain damage.

What will happen if you stop sleeping from this moment on?

After the first sleepless night the mesolimbic system is stimulate and the amount dopamine in the brain sharply increases. It could lead to higher motivation, energy and positive mood and even inc…

This Is The Alarming Secret Costco Doesn’t Want You To Know About Their Eggs!

Eight years ago, Costco promised to buy all of their eggs exclusively from farms whose chickens are cage free. At retail locations around the country, consumers are presented with deceptive packaging that would lead them to believe the eggs are, indeed, cage free. On the carton, chickens are shown roaming free in the lush, green grass of an open field. A recent undercover visit by the Humane Society to one of Costco’s egg suppliers tells a different story.

Chickens are crammed into tiny cages, so tightly that there is not even enough space to spread their wings. Many die in the cages, the surviving chickens living and laying eggs on the corpses of their long-dead sisters, whose mummified remains are flattened into the cage floors. Those that are alive are not in much better condition; pink skin shows through where feathers should be, and those that remain are often badly damaged. The footage is so horrific it prompted Ryan Gosling to write an open letter to Craig Jelinek, CEO of Costc…

Improve Poor Circulation: Make a Natural Gel For Swollen Feet

If you have fluid retention or poor circulation then swollen feet becomes a common problem in daily life. Your feet swell because of various reasons including long standing, pregnancy, heat, sitting, disorders, and inflammation. It’s not easy for a problem to vanish away, you need to do something in order to get rid of your particular problem.

The gel we are going to discuss below will speed up the process of recovery and improve your bloodstream so that your feel are revitalized.


■ Aloe Vera Gel – 50 Gram
■ Lemon eucalyptus essential oil – 10 drops
■ Mint and camphor essential oil – 5 drops
■ Menthol crystal – 5 grams
■ Vegetable glycerin (Olive oil) – 1 Teaspoon


You need to mix glycerin/Olive oil with all the ingredients. Place that gel in a container, freeze it, and use when you need.

Because of high concentrated enzymes in ingredients, your pain will be reduced and feet will feel much better. Any inflammation or muscle pain that you had before will also be settled wi…

Amazing Drink That Will Relax Every Muscle In Your Body

If after excessive workout or movement you feel severe pain in the muscles, than probably you have not secured your body with the required hydration.  A simple drink that has only four ingredients can help you to achieve the goal.

Electrolytes like sodium, calcium and magnesium prevent irritation and muscle contraction. Banana and glass of milk may help if this repeats in any extreme exercise or movement.

Remove white sugar, pasta and white flour from your diet and drink a lot of water.

To prepare this awesome drink that will relax your muscles, you will need this:

■ 2-3 carrots
■ Half a fresh cucumber
■ 1 stalk of celery
■ 1 cup of cooked broccoli

Method of preparation:

It is very simple to prepare – just put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them well. You can consume this tasty drink every day.

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Remove the Cellulite With The Help of Vinegar

Women throughout the world use coatings with vinegar to get rid of cellulite, so it proved to be a great solution, now it’s time for you to try them out.

For these coatings you need only two ingredients that you probably already have at home.

■ Body lotion
■ Apple cider vinegar

For applying them you’ll need:

■ Towel
■ Plastic foil


Mix ¼ cup of body lotion with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Stir well until the ingredients are united.
Soak the towel in cold water, drain it, and then place it on the area where you plan to apply the coatings.

This will help the pores of the skin to open and thus allow deep treatment of the cellulite.
After a few minutes, apply the mixture on your skin, but do not rub it.
Wrap the section with plastic wrap and let it stand for 3-5 hours, depending on how much time you have available.

We suggest to do the treatment at night, because while having these coatings is not advisable to move.
Repeat the treatment 3 times a week, and after you are finished, …

Take Just One Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil In The Morning (And These Unbelievable Things Happen)

Not only are there tremendous benefits to using olive oil for health and beauty, it is very easy to incorporate olive oil into your meals. You can pour it over salads, cook with it, you can even take a spoonful; that’s really all you need to help prevent two all too common chronic illnesses: Alzheimer’s and cancer.

The hippocampus is the part of the brain that controls the forming, organizing and storing of memories. On the hippocampus there are synapses, which are structures that allow nerve cells to send signals to another cell. This is the first part of the brain that gets affected by Alzheimer’s disease, but according to a study by the journal Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, a compound in olive oil called oleocanthal can bind with and remove toxic proteins that clog the synapses on the hippocampus to prevent memory issues.

Studies have shown that there are compounds in olive oil that slow the growth of t…

Suffering From Diabetes??? Here Are 15 Reasons Why You Should Consume Sweet Potatoes!!!

They are rich in beta carotene producing vitamin A. We need this vitamin for the health of the eyes, bones and the overall immune system. There are different potato colors with numerous healthy benefits. But the most common one is the yellow- orange or white- cream flesh. The ones that have the most antioxidants are the purple ones. So if you see them somewhere buy them right away.

Here are the reasons why you should consume sweet potatoes:
Diabetics: The natural sugar that is contained in the sweet potatoes regulates and stabilizes the insulin resistance and the blood sugar levels.
Digestion: Because of their richness in the dietary fibers they help prevent colon cancer and relieve constipation.
Prevents Emphysema: Usually smokers suffer from lack of Vitamin A and suffer from emphysema ( damaging of the air sacs). Sweet potatoes help the regeneration of the respiratory system with the help of the carotenoids that they contain.
Immune System: Vitamin D is necessary for the thyroid …

Did Your Eggs Come From A Sick Chicken? Here’s How to Tell

There’s nothing better than a delicious, perfectly cooked egg. Whether you like your eggs fried, scrambled, poached, or boiled, a better egg always makes a better breakfast. Are the eggs you’re eating from healthy chickens, or have you been unknowingly eating unhealthy eggs your whole life?

First, it’s important to determine what a healthy chicken really is. A healthy chicken has access to a variety of foods and eats whatever it needs. This includes meat; chickens aren’t meant to be vegetarian. Chickens love bugs, snakes, rodents, whatever they can find and slow down long enough to eat! The nutrients enjoyed by a well-fed chicken are passed on to their eggs. To get these nutrients, a chicken must have access to free space to move and fresh air. A chicken locked in a tiny hatch for its entire life simply will not have the same quality of eggs as free-range chickens.

How can you tell what a good egg looks like? When you’re deciding…

Chemicals in popular women’s hair dyes cause cancer. Use Coffee Instead.

According to British scientist, most of the chemicals found in the popular hair dyes are connected to cancer. 87 of 100 patients that have used hair dye for a long time have breast cancer. The rates for ovarian cancer grow up by 70 percent for woman who color their hair 1 to 4 times in one year.

Natural techniques for hair dying don’t have long lasting results, but at least they can strengthen the hair and they doesn’t damage it. National Cancer Institute has found that there are over 5000 chemicals in the conventional hair dyes, and many of them are carcinogenic. Coffee possess beneficial properties and its completely natural product.
With natural coffee mixture you will get the shade and shine you wish for, and it will even help your hair to grow. One study, issued by the International Journal of Dermatology in January 2007, found that coffee really helps with hair growth.

How to use coffee to dye your hair ■ Make one really strong organic coffee (I prefer this one), if it’s possible es…

This Is What Happens If You Drink This Miracle Homemade Juice on an Empty Stomach!

Generally, lack of vitamins and minerals is the main cause for occurrence of diseases in human body. This healthy juice is highly recommended by people who have already tried and experienced its health benefits.


1 carrot
1 potato
1 apple


Cut the vegetables into pieces and put them in the juicer. Drink it immediately after it`s done. For better taste, you can add lemon.

It is recommended to consume it in the morning on an empty stomach, at least an hour before you eat anything.

For optimal results, drink the juice twice a day, once in the morning, and once before 17 pm.

This powerful homemade juice is great for the following diseases:

Prevents from cancer
Relieves constipation
Improves eyesight, helps with red, dry and tired eyes
Reduces menstrual pain
Eliminates bad breath caused by throat infection and digestion problems
Relieves muscle pain after workout
Prevents hypertension, heart attack and protects the lungs
Boosts the immune system

This juice is loaded with nutrients …

A Recipe For An Amazing Elixir Which Cleanses The Lungs From Nicotine

If you have been a smoker more than 5 years, than, surely, by now, you experience bronchitis which characterizes with a specific type of cough. It is for the best to leave the cigarettes once and for all, but if you are unable to do so, we recommend you to include this amazing elixir into your everyday diet.

White and black garlic
We already know that we can benefit a lot from white and black garlic. They have anti carcinogenic effects and they prevent malignancy.
This ancient eastern spice has been long known for its amazing healing effect. It is also important for postponing the secretion layers in smokers’ lungs.
This astonishing yellow spice is rich in vitamins and minerals and contains healing omega 3 fatty acids. It has antivirus, antibacterial and anti carcinogenic effects so it is very recommendable to include it in everyday nutrition.
Recipe for a mixture which cleanses the lungs of smokers

Ingredients needed:

• 400 grams of garlic

• 1 liter of water

• 400 grams of brown…

What Happens If You Eat A Little Mixed Sugar and Salt before Bedtime ?

We have heard a lot that consuming salt in large quantities is not good for our health, but salt can help reduce headache, raise energy levels, boost immunity, balance serotonin and electrolyte levels and more. Sugar and salt are not allowed in large amounts due to their potential harmful effects, but they also have a positive side as well.

American health expert, Matt stone explains about the special combination of sugar and salt and its effect on the human health. It seems that a mixture made from sugar and salt may reduce the stress that shows up in the night and wake you up in the middle of your sleep. Sugar and salt work as a “battery” for cells: the balance of the sodium provides proper cell respiration and the glucose directly supplies the mitochondria.

These two ingredients are able to manage stress – sugar sends signals to the body to shut down stress hormone production that affects your metabolism and keep you awake at night. And salt is also important in maintaining homeost…

5 Foot Exercises To Relieve Back, Hip, And Knee Pain In 20 Minutes or Less.

It all starts from the ground up. Your feet might not seem like significant contributors to your overall health. However, when it comes to the external aspects of your body, there is no harder working part then your feet. They keep you moving, and if you take proper care of them, your feet will prevent back, knee and hip pain.

What follow will explain 10 exercises that will strengthen your feet, help prevent pain, and improve your balance.
1. Toe Presses Like any body part, the feet need to have their muscles warmed up properly before engaging in exercise. Toe presses are a great low impact warm up for your feet, and, the movement can be quite relaxing. Stand tall and bend slightly in the knees. Next grip the floor with your toes and hold for a count of three. Release and perform a set of 10 reps three times a day.
2. Toe Walking You don’t have to be a ballerina for this foot exercise. Toe walking will help strengthen the muscles in your toes, as well as the ligaments and muscles surroundi…

Scientists Find Exciting and Natural Way to Treat Heart Failure

There’s a reason that “As serious as a heart attack!” is a common response to “Are you serious?” Heart attacks are extremely dangerous, and in some cases, fatal. The heart is not always effective at repairing itself, either. However, new research shows that the heart is stronger than we give it credit for when it comes to post-heart attack repair.

During a heart attack, your heart does not get enough blood flow to keep functioning properly. This is often caused by a coronary artery blockage. Your coronary arteries may become blocked due to a diet high in fat, cholesterol, or other unhealthy substances.

When your heart loses blood flow, the rest of your body quickly loses access to the blood and oxygen it needs to keep working. A heart attack can cause extreme pain and have significant consequences for the rest of your body.

Previous research has shown that the heart just isn’t good at healing itself, according to BBC. When the h…

See What Will Happen If You Drink Tomato Juice Every Day

Tomatoes are mostly used in salads, stews or sauces, as well as juice. In fact, juice is the most nutritious form of this fruit. Tomato juice is great and contains many active ingredients, and if you drink it regularly, you will feel great and this juice can significantly improve your health. Here we will present you several key benefits due to which you should consume a glass of tomato juice every day.

Tomato juice is full of vitamins
Fresh tomato juice is a great and natural source of vitamins A and C. With regular consumption of tomato juice you will prevent the occurrence of some diseases associated with youreye sight, you will strengthen your immune system and maintain your overall health, especially the health of your teeth and bones.

Lowers the cholesterol
Due to irregular diet, more and more people all around the world have higher levels of cholesterol in their blood. Tomato juice is rich in nutritional fibers that increase the level of good cholesterol and lower levels of bad cho…

This will Happen if You Eat From this Ingredient Which is 100 Times Stronger Than Antibiotics, 2 Times a Week

Garlic compounds cause reactive oxygenic species in the cancer cells and they block further spreading of the tumor. It is enough to eat garlic two times per week if you want to decrease the risk from cancer for 40 percent. A lot of people have lost their lives during conventional cancer treatment, since the chemotherapy, besides the cancer cells, destroys the healthy cells as well by releasing a protein which supports the growth of the tumor and lowers the chances for healing. On the other hand, the sulfur compounds present in the garlic destroy only the cancer cells, not the healthy ones. Garlic is 100 times more effective than the popular antibiotics for fighting diseases.

Garlic (Allium sativum) is part of the plant family Alliaceae and has been used throughout the history for culinary and medicinal purposes. Its special properties source out from the sulfur which is present 1 percent in the dry remaining of the garlic. Although garlic is not a typical source of essential nutrients…

Remove All Toxins From Your Body in Only 48 Hours!

Choose a weekend, arrange a walk with your best friend and prepare a menu which will cleanse your organism from toxins. You feel tired and lack energy and even the best makeup is unable to cover the darker circles around your eyes, and what’s more, your skin is dry?

These are signs that your body has been “poisoned” with toxins. This condition of the organism makes you an ideal candidate for viruses and flus. Every time, is the right time to clean your body, strengthen it and recover energy.

Five organs participate in the removal of toxins: kidneys, liver, bowel, lungs and lymphatic system.

During the cleansing process you should eat low calorie food, meat, potato and sweets and drink liquids as much as you can. Dandelion, nettle and birch tea are recommended. Also, every day physical activity is crucial such as a walking, swimming or going to the gym.

It is recommendable that the program for detoxification is done two times per year, during ten days, but if you do not have the time, try…

Simple Natural Remedies Against Cancer

Occurrence and growth of cancerous cells appears as a result of weakened immune system, excess toxins, and as a lack of nutrients in the body. Namely, the results of scientific research show that there are over a hundred effective drugs against cancer. Below is a list of several simple, but very effective natural remedies against cancer.

Baking soda
The mixture of one tablespoon baking soda and juice made of organic lemon and 2.5 deciliters water that should be consumed several times a day, successfully reduces the acidity in the body, and it is known that cancer cells cannot grow in an alkaline environment.

“Sanguinaria Canadensis”
Or “Bloodroot” a multi plant which contains alkaloids called “Sanguinarin”. It is  a plant that destroys cancer cells and does not damage healthy human cells. It can be used orally or applied on the skin as a medicine against skin and external forms of cancer.

It is a healing mushroom which has been studied in laboratories for years. Scientists have shown …