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Do You Know what Happens if You Consume ONLY 5 PLUMS A DAY?

Sweet, juicy taste of plums is one of many reasons why you should include them in your daily diet. There are as many as 140 types of plums, all of which are rich in carbohydrates, have low fat levels and calories, they are rich in vitamins A, C and E, calcium, magnesium, fibers and potassium.

Scientists say, only 5 plums a day result in:

Protect your heartOne fresh plum contains about 113 mg of potassium, a mineral that helps control high blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke. If that’s not enough, reddish-blue pigment in certain types of plums, called anthocyanins may protect against cancer, by eliminating harmful free radicals from the body.

Improve digestionDried plums are perfect in helping the intestines to function properly. The supply of dried plums (you can keep in the fridge) can be prepared very simply: Soak the prunes in freshly boiled water, cool and freeze.

Reduce blood sugarAccording to the Dietitians from Canada, plums are ranked low by their glycemic index, which …

With This Trick you Will Never Have Problems With Your Facial Fair Again!

No matter how hard you try, the annoying whiskers will grow again and again. You should try this amazing natural solution for your facial hair.
Almost every woman is fighting against the facial hair, especially in the area around the mouth. The more you waxing them, the more they appear again. However, with the following mixture you can remove the facial hair forever.


● 2 tablespoons of honey
● 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
● 2 tablespoons of oatmeal

Mix all the ingredients well and apply the resulting paste on your face. Make sure you have cleansed the skin well before applying. Leave it to work for 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Repeat the same procedure at least 2-3 times in a week. If you are persistent enough you will remove the facial hair completely in just one month.

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This Homemade Remedy Affects The Whole Organism, And Is Prepared Very Simply

This natural product beneficially affects the whole organism, and is prepared very simply …
This remedy maintains the optimal health of the whole organism – it cleans the veins, protects the heart, enhances the resistance to infections, cleans the liver…

Needed ingredients:

■ 15 lemons
■ 400 g of wheat (take care not to be cooked)12 cloves garlic
■ 400 g of nuts
■ 1 kg of honey

Place the wheat (buy thermally unprocessed wheat) in a glass dish, pour it with water, cover it with gauze and leave to stand for 10-12 hours. Then, strain it through gauze and rinse well. After a day, sprouts will appear in the size of 1-2 mm.

In a machine for grinding meat, grind the garlic, walnuts and soaked wheat. Then grind 5 lemons (with rind) and add all other ground ingredients. Squeeze the juice of the remaining 10 lemons and add it to the mixture. Then add the honey. Stir well, put in a larger jar and store the mixture in the refrigerator. The product will be ready for consumption after three days.

Take 1-2…

Shocking:Look What Happens If You Drink Too Many Monster Energy Drinks! (Video)

Monster Energy drinks are full of numerous ingredients including caffeine (the primary ingredient), taurine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, nicotinamide and herbal derivatives, which promise to increase endurance, create lasting energy and improve concentration.

According to the medical journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, little is known about the safety of excessive acute and long-term consumption of these ingredients. On the other hand, there has been growing evidence which links consumption of Monster energy drinks to five deaths, all of which caused by cardiac arrhythmia following consumption of this energy drink. The company, however, denies all responsibility.

For one thing, people who drink energy drinks may be at a higher risk of caffeine toxicity compared with those who drink other caffeinated beverages such as coffee or soda. Since the drinks are marketed to young people, many drinkers are inexperienced in judging appropriate caffeine intake and are less tolerant to the effects. Ad…

19 Uses For Vaseline You Didn’t Know

You hear the name ‘Vaseline’ and may think it only has a few uses, but this will make you miss out on one of the cheapest beauty remedies out there! 
Below, you’ll find 19 unusual uses for Vaseline, and why this 140+ year-old product needs to become part of your daily routine. From keeping your cuticles and elbows from drying out, to preventing crazy streaks when you get a spray tan, this product will change your life. Use it to mask split ends in-between trims, and soothe your skin after shaving!

Keep reading to discover all 19 unusual uses for Vaseline. You won’t believe how this product will change your beauty routine.

1. Soften dry or cracked elbows suffering from winter’s lack of moisture.
2. Struggle with your nail polish bottles? Put a little Vaseline under the cap and make your next mani/pedi a breeze!
3. Never get lipstick on your teeth again! Put a little Vaseline on your teeth and keep them pearly white.  This is a technique often used by beauty contestants.
4. To prevent streak…

This Healing Combination Will Cure Cancer And Many Other Diseases

Dr. Budwig is a well-known German biochemistDr. Budwig, a well-known biochemist from Germany, found that a combination of cold pressed linseed oil and fresh cheese can successfully cure cancer and other diseases caused by fatty degeneration.

So it is not about one single ingredient, but the key is the combination …

The essence of the action of this drug is to re-establish the normal aerobic process in cancerous cells (and in all other cells), respectively,  the flaming of the sugar to be in the presence of oxygen.

Cancer cells can remain undifferentiated (unspecialized for some function in the tissue) and their cell division can be out of bounds, only if left anaerobic (flaming of sugars in the absence of oxygen).

This diet fundamentally changes the way of the breathing of cancerous cells.

In this way undifferentiated cancer cells are forced to differentiate, which results in their programmed extinguishing – apoptosis. This is the simplest explanation of the functioning principle of this…

Twelve Types Of Pain And The Foods To Cure Them

People use medicinal painkillers like Tylenol and ibuprofen on almost a daily basis to alleviate different kinds of aches and pains. Instead of using one pharmaceutical drug as a blanket cure for every type of pain, try targeting specific symptoms with specific foods. Stock your arsenal against aches and pains with these natural remedies, and find out for yourself if they work better then medication.

1. LEG CRAMPSAre you plagued by leg cramps that hit you at night, or after an intensive workout? Sometimes these leg pains can seemingly come out of nowhere. But don’t worry; there is a way to get rid of it. Drinking tomato juice is a great way to cure this type of pain, as most leg cramps are caused by a deficiency of potassium, and tomato juice is extremely high in it.
2. SORE THROATSFor sore throats, drinking peppermint tea is the best remedy. The warm drink soothes your throat with its anti-microbial properties, which helps to kill the bacteria c…


In this article you will read about Jim’s story, a 62-year-old from Tennessee, whose alarm was turned on when his cholesterol was measured in at a worrying 288 mg/dL(it should be around 200). His doctor recommended that he should reduce the level of the cholesterol as soon as possible.

The statins aren’t good news at all. Many people have experienced muscle agony and shortcoming and obstruction of production of coenzyme Q10. That is why we shouldn’t use these medications-especially when there are natural, safer and more effective treatments. There is a treatment that has been proved as very effective for the patients at the Whitaker Wellness Institute. They improved their cholesterol levels by using flaxseed.

Flaxseed Health BenefitsFlaxseed is very effective in reducing cholesterol levels. It is also helpful for preventing heart attacks and strokes.
Flaxseed is a great source of dissolvable fibers which are very important for controlling the cholesterol levels. The fibers bind with the…

How to Brew Your Own Ale for Pain: Reduce Chronic Inflammation, Migraines and Pain

The main ingredient in our recipe, which will reduce inflammation, migraines and pain, is ginger. This amazing Indian herb has a variety of benefits and therefore is used as an addition in every diet.

Ginger will help you with the following health problems:Digestive problems
Ginger is known for its phenolic compound which relieves any digestive problems and irritations, reduces the bloating, increases the production of saliva and bile and also eases the movement of the food and fluids through the GI tract. It is also a remedy that fights constipation and balances your whole digestive system.

Any nausea or vomiting problems will be instantly relieved if you drink our Ginger Ale Recipe. It is especially recommended for pregnant women who might experience morning sickness, or patients undergoing a cancer treatment.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, so it inhibits and stops the formation of inflammatory compounds. According to a study, published in the j…

3 Ingredients That Cure Clogged Arteries,Fat In The Blood And Infections

If you are trying to find some solution that will deal with many problems in your body like infection, cold or even cardiovascular ailment, and keep your health in good condition, you should prepare a mixture of the following three powerful ingredients. This mixture will solve your health problems very effectively. You should know that by combining some super-foods together, you will get the extra benefits that the combination will provide you, compared to consuming them alone.

The following recipe is an old German recipe that will make your overall health better. You will need only three ingredients: garlic, lemon and ginger.
The garlic has powerful antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world. The allicin is the most important compound in the garlic, and its beneficial properties are mostly because of this ingredient. Garlic also includes: manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and fiber. The ginger is a great antioxidant.…

Cure Varicose Veins Without Surgery, In A Natural Way – RECIPE

Collect chestnut and bark of young branches, because they can cure varicose veins.
Horse chestnut contains:
The buds of horse chestnut are containing escaline, tannin and quercetin flowers, bark esculin and tannin. The fruits contain saponin (escin), starch, oil, protein, flavone, vitamins B1, C and K, sterol, quercetin, minerals.

Preparation and use:
Chestnut is commonly used as a remedy for varicose veins. It is often used to prepare sun lotion. Chestnut tea is very useful against malaria, anxiety, hemorrhoids, diarrhea and cough.

Lotion of horse chestnut for varicose veins
Take 20 fruit of the horse chestnut, cut it and pour 1 liter of brandy. Put them in a glass jar and close the lid. Leave it for 40 days. Use a wooden spoon and stir occasionally. When it pass 40 days, strain the liquid through cheesecloth and keep sealed in a clean bottle. Before each use you should shake the bottle because of sedimentation at the bottom. Apply to varicose veins, but don’t rub. Apply several times a da…

WATER IN THE KNEE FROM THE INJURY – Here’s How to Help Yourself!

Pain and water in the knee, formed after the injury, you will remove with this simple wrap:
Take a fresh egg yolk and mix it with a tablespoon of salt. Apply the mixture on the injured knee.

Over this put cellophane or nylon foil. Secure the wrap with an elastic bandage.

This wrap you must renew (to put new) on every two hours, with fresh egg yolk. During the day, it is necessary to place five wraps.

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This Drink Literally Do Wonders: Here’s What Will Happen if You Drink Honey and Cinnamon Before Sleeping ..!

Regular use of this mixture helps to lose weight and does not allow the fat to accumulate.
Probably everyone knows how honey is healthy, but for the benefit of cinnamon is little known. 

There are many useful properties of this spice – improves complexion, reduces cholesterol, increases blood flow, is perfect for the heart, stomach, intestine, and most importantly – it is best condiment to burn fat in the body.
Every morning before breakfast on an empty stomach and at night before going to sleep drink a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder. If you use this drink regularly, the weight is reduced even in the most obese people. Also, regular use of this mixture does not allow the fat to accumulate.
Preparation of drink from honey and cinnamonDrink for weight loss is preparing in the evening, before going to bed: 1. Boil 200 ml of water 2. In a cup put 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and pour boiled water, cover the half hour 3. When water with cinnamon little cool, add 1 teaspoon honey 4. Drink …

Dr. Araujo – An Easy Test That Will Show You The State Of Your Health And How Long You’ll Live

Sit. Get up. Repeat. This simple test measures your flexibility and the strength of your body. It can also show you how long you’ll live. The test was created by a Brazilian team of experts with Claudio Gil Araujo at the helm. The test was first used on athletes, but has since been used on all people to determine their state. The test has become quite popular.

Araujo noticed that many of his patients, especially older ones, had problems with ordinary movements such as bending over. Difficulty with performing these movements often means loss of flexibility. Older people often suffer from muscle strength loss, loss of balance and run the risk of falling. Araujo wanted to do more than just an ordinary warning that people should stay in shape, despite of their age. The tests that doctors usually use to determine the physical state of the patient are unreliable and subjective. As a result, Araujo made this test.

The test is very easy and doesn’t require any equipment or treadmills. All you …

THE MIRACLE OF THE RECIPE – Will Heal Pain In Your Back, Legs, Ankles

Health experts point out that a major impact on the incidence of back pain, legs and ankles have an improper posture, and the first tip is to adjust posture, this is not difficult.
If you suffer from associated back pain, joint pain, legs and neck, then this recipe is ideal for you.

Buy 150 g edible gelatin, can be found in any store.

In the evening, combine two full tablespoons of gelatin (5 g), with a quarter cup of cold water, and leave over the night out of the refrigerator.

Gelatin will turn to jelly.

In the morning, drink a mixture by adding and mix it with something that suits you best (eg, juice, milk, yogurt, tea). Gelatine helps with joint pain, back pain, joint pain, legs and neck, and after a week of treatment, the condition will improve considerably.

The treatment should last for a month, and after half a year to repeat again. This will restore natural “lubricating” of the joints. You may have doubts while reading the text, but it is much better to try with these “primitive” …

This Really Succeeds: Quitting of Smoking With The Help Of Baking Soda!

One interesting trick or recipe that has helped many, so that the cigarettes caused disgust so much that they because that very quickly quit with smoking!
Take one tablespoon of baking soda and pour it into a glass of water.
Stir, so that the soda completely dissolved.
This cocktail drink 2 times a day first week, and if you don’t quit smoking in the first week – second week drink this cocktail one a day.

Or you can just rinse your mouth every time you feel the need to smoke.
You can take this solution with you in a bottle and use it whenever you feel the need to smoke.
More radical means is to soak cigarette with this solution.

Very soon you will lose the desire to smoke!
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Are You Chronically Tired: This Powerful Recipe Is Just For You!

In order to avoid a buildup of toxins in your blood you should perform “blood cleaning” regularly. Retention of toxins in the blood causes us to be chronically tired, suffer from bloating and have circulatory problems.

These problems can be removed by using a simple drink prepared in your kitchen. All you need is garlic and red wine. This elixir purifies the blood, removes excess fat and salt from the body and speeds up the metabolism.
– 12 cloves of Garlic
– ½ Liter of Red Wine

After cleaning the garlic cloves, cut them into quarters and place them in a jar. Add half a liter of red wine and close the jar tight.
Keep it on the sunny / bright place about two weeks. Give the jar a good shake each day,, so that the ingredients are mixed well.
After two weeks, strain the contents of the jar and put it in a glass bottle.
Take one teaspoon three times a day for a month.

This is a powerful drink for cleaning and strengthening the blood, so after applying it for that 1…

How to Get Rid Naturally of Corns and Calluses

Common problems in the population are corns and calluses on their feet, here are a few recipes for their treatment.
As prevention is to avoid the uncomfortable and narrow shoes, if blisters and swellings are develop on your legs try to remove them in time.

Marigold balm for corns it is easily shown to be very effective. Apply it 2-3 times a day to the place where they are created.
Warm baths with garlic are also effective, and is known that to the callus on the foot is put chopped clove of garlic, wrapped and leave overnight.
Put on the swab lemon juice, wrap it and repeat the next few days while calluses on your feet fall off.
Take half of prune, press hard and connect to the corn. Every night you should be change the prune until corn past.
You can also take the grated raw potato, leave it overnight. After several days upset disappear.

The combination of 2 tablespoons finely powdered garlic and 2 tablespoons of vinegar are proved to be very good. Put a compress on the affected area and repe…

A Cure Against Ulcer, Gastritis and Colon Inflammation

This recipe is very effective and in it very simple to make.
Having issues because of stomach acids and poor digestion, you ought to likely try out the remedy explained below.
Besides being simple and easy to be made this recipe lessens the troubled digestive tract, it is rich in vitamin C, which is awesome for the immunity system, and in addition to other things it will likewise help your digestion system.

Squeeze 100-150 ml of cabbage juice, every morning!

This juice should be consumed on an empty stomach in the next 2 hours and nothing else.
The healing lasts 40 days and when it’s done, the outcomes and impacts are awesome and you can continue with the treatment if necessary.

It is easier to prepare the drink with a juicer, but if it happens you to don’t have it simply shred the cabbage finely or ground it and add a bit of salt. Let it stay for some time and after strain it through twofold cloth to get the juice out. Other than the benefits above, cabbage juice might likewise hav…

After this you will never throw the water in which you cooked the rice

If you have not heard of this ancient medicine, now is the time to find out that of all health and cosmetic benefits that he having. So, use the most of the water in which you cooked the rice.

More energy, healthier skin and shiny hair are just some of the benefits that will provide you with this old Chinese recipe, which is becoming increasingly popular in modern Western civilization.

A healthy body and beautiful skin will be achieved with only two low-cost ingredients, such as rice and water.

Health benefits:

– Gives energy.
– Successfully prevent gastroenteritis.
– Excellent prevention of cancer.
– Regulates high blood pressure.
– Regulates body temperature.
– It prevents and cures constipation.

Beauty benefits:

– Washing the face with water in which rice is cooked, the skin makes softer.

– Excellent replacement for tonic.

– It helps in reducing pores on your face.

– Rinsing your skin with  ‘riina water “, the hair will get a glow and will remain healthy.

Although you might have read …

The First Symptoms of Cancer Appear on the Hands

One of the first symptoms of probable cancer occurs in the hands, claim British experts in medicine.
If signs are seen on time, the disease could successfully be defeated.
Doctors claim that the hands of people with malignant diseases are harsh and they often have swelling and weight gain.

The differences can be seen, but are not remarkable.
“It is necessary to understand these signs seriously, because exactly they point to some changes in our body”, experts advise.

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Juice that you should start your day: Deletes wrinkles, cellulite and weight

A simple recipe for a refreshing drink that is perfect for breakfast, snack or dinner, and is made from  groceries which are in favor of good skin, body weight and reduce of cellulite.

The ingredients are:
Yogurt – perfect affects on fats in the body and regulate digestion.
Forest Fruits – powerful antioxidants, full with vitamin C that stimulates collagen production, which protect the skin and immunity.
Ginger – strengthens circulation, tightens and rejuvenates the skin, relieves spasms and removes the pain in muscles.
Banana – contains large amounts of potassium, which regulates water retention in the body, which otherwise is the cause of cellulite.

In a blender, place 2dl cold yogurt and if you want to add some ice cubes.
Add the mix of forest fruits and 1 banana, and mix all together and serve in a glass.
Because of the strong flavor of ginger you must not exaggerate. Is enough to add a one fresh piece to the size of a bean in the shake.
Optionally, you can put a little honey, …

Did you know that colon cancer can be detected with the help of yogurt?!

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came up with another simple method of detecting colon cancer, which includes just a yogurt and urine test.
Professor Sangita Bhatti was able to develop molecules that act as biomarkers in the detection of colon cancer cells. If these molecules are drinking with yogurt, and they find their way to the cancer cells, where enzymes break down to small particles and ejected from the body in urine.
All is then needed is to take a small piece of paper and pick up these particles.

Earlier methods for detection of colorectal cancer included the intake of these molecules by injection, and new method has removed the invasive part by modifying the bacteria in yogurt.
The tests were conducted over laboratory mice, while in clinical trials in human patients this method proved extremely easy and cheap in detecting this malignant disease.

According to the American Association for the Fight Against Cancer (ACS), only 40 percent of people with colon can…

Shampoo That Prevents Hair Loss And Gives The Hair Glow, Volume And Elasticity

Hair is regarded as a symbol of beauty. However, long term usage of chemicals agents, heat treating, and inadequate care leave the hair dry, reseeding, and damaged. These factors, along with stress and changes in the organism, lead to hair loss.

We have just the thing to prevent hair loss. A shampoo that’s easy to make and is 100% efficient. You’ll notice first results after only a few days, and your hair will be stronger, fluttery and won’t fall off. After a month or two, you’ll start to notice new strands of hair which give more volume.

1 liter nettle shampoo;
100 ml pantenol;
30 ml nettle drops;
30 ml aqueous solution;
50 ml castor oil;
2 vitamin B capsules.

In 750 ml of nettle shampoo mix the pantenol, nettle drops, the aqueous solution and castor oil. And your shampoo is ready.

How Does It Work?
Believe it or not, this shampoo is a vitamin bomb for your hair, and skin.
Nettle: Speeds peripheral circulation and the blood flow on the scalp. It speeds metabolic processes…