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If You Want To Stay Young, Beautiful and Healthy, Try These Ancient Elixirs!

Many alchemists and healers over the years have been searching for the elixir of immortality, eternity and beauty, and that is why some interesting and healing recipes occurred which are preserved to this day. Everyone wants to stay young as long as possible, and with these recipes it is not so impossible…

East elixir of youth
Mix 100 ml of lemon juice, 200 g of honey and 50 ml of olive oil and consume one tablespoon daily. Also, you can prepare it every morning if you prefer it fresh so mix one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of honey and half a teaspoon of olive oil. By using this potion you will look younger, with beautiful complex, clear eyes, beautiful skin, you will improve digestion and will probably never suffer from sclerosis.

Tibetan potable water
Put crystal in a jar, smoky and pink quartz, amethyst, agate and carnelian, pour them with boiling water and leave them soaked for 8-10 hours in the sun. Drink 2-3 cups every day, and the liquid can be used as a lotion, sk…

Whiten Your Teeth and Clean Plaque With Just One Ingredient

Improve your health and whiten your teeth with only one ingredient! You probably have it in your cupboard. If you have no idea what could it be, we will give you the answer.

It is unrefined and edible coconut oil. You do not have to like its taste, because you will not eat it.

Instead of doing so, take 2 teaspoons of the oil and swish it in your mouth for 5 minutes, same as you do when rinsing your mouth. Spit it out. You may feel unpleasant, but that is the main point.

This technique has been used in Ayurveda for centuries. This method can help you eliminate bad breath and treat gingivitis, eczema, acne and other ailments.

Coconut oil will “pull out” bacterie from your mouth and your body in general. Oil, honey and other similar remedies are used to soften skin in order to heal the sores.

Even though there is no scientific evidence supporting this theory, science has shown that oil can help in eliminating bacteria from the oral cavity. A study found that coconut oil removes bacteria, pla…

10 Signs You Have Candida Overgrowth (and What to Do About It)

You are probably questioning what actually Candida is? It is a fungus, a form of yeast, a small amount can live in your mouth and intestines. Candida’s job is to help with digestion and nutrient absorption, but if you have to much of this bacteria in your organism, it breaks down the wall of the intestine and penetrates the bloodstream, it can cause leaky gut because it releases toxic byproducts into the body. It can cause many health problems including digestive problems and depression.

How do you get Candida overgrowth?
Candida levels are kept in check by the health bacteria in your gut. But the number can rise if you consume antibiotics which kill the good acteria, or you have a diet which contain too much refined carbohydrates and sugar, consuming high amounts of alcohol, taking contraceptives or many other factors such as a high-stress lifestyle. Candida overgrowth can be caused even by a diet high in beneficial fermented foods like Kombucha, sauerkraut and pickles.

10 Common Candid…

Amazing potion: Prevents migraine within 3 minutes! – Recipe

Why to poison yourself using various painkillers and needlessly wasting money if you can make an effective drink for 5 minutes? Salt and lemon are a combination that is very effective against migraines.

People who suffer of migraine know how strong the pain is. Migraine can make life difficult, and sometimes even drugs do not help. However, there is a beverage that helps all people. It is a potion of traditional medicine that neutralizes the pain immediately (within minutes), but it is a little unusual taste.

The proposed way of treating migraines is very simple – all you need is:
■ Himalayan salt,
■ Juice of two lemons,
■ Some lemon peel.

First, you need to find high-quality salt. It is best to use Himalayan crystal salt as it is rich in minerals. This salt contains as many as 84 elements! It can prevent of headaches, migraines, it can increase the level of serotonin in the blood, strengthen the immune system and normalize alkaline balance in the body.

So what you need to do is …

Clean Your Lungs Back to Life in Only Three Days! A Must-Do for Smokers!

Apart from smokers, lung problems can also affect non-smokers and children. Although the number one target group are smokers, this recipe for cleaning your lungs of toxins, including nicotine and tar, is intended for everyone.
This method cleans your lungs in only three days!

It’s important to have in mind that two days before employing this method for lung cleaning, you should avoid dairy products as they may slow down the detox process.

Before your first day of lung detoxification, drink a cup of your favorite herbal tea in the evening before going to bed.
Start Your Lung Detox

1. In the morning, before you eat breakfast, squeeze the juice of two lemons in 3dl water and drink it.
2. During the day, drink 3dl grapefruit or pineapple juice (in case you don’t like grapefruit juice). You can also use mineral water to improve the taste. These fruits are rich in antioxidants that help clean the lungs.
3. Between breakfast and lunch make 3dl carrot juice and drink it. Carrots affect blood alkaliz…

Here’s How I Learned to Fall Asleep in Just 1 Minute: An Effective Method For Insomnia

When anxiety and fatigue reach a critical point, then comes insomnia leaving behind you so many sleepless nights. A girl experienced this before her friend got married, so she asked for advice from a person who gives meditation classes. She advised her to lie in a supine position being comfortable and warm, then close the eyes, breathe deeply through the nose and inhale for 4 seconds. After that, hold the air for 7 seconds and begin to slowly drop the air through the mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat the whole procedure 4-7-8. While doing this, count the seconds for yourself and then follow the breathing procedure.

The exercises for breathing will reduce the heart rate and will calm your body. Even though it looks like a nonsense, it really works. When people are stressed out, worried, or anxious, the amount of adrenaline in the blood starts to rise, while breathing becomes shallow and fast. This method acts as a sedative. When the breath is being hold followed by slow exhalation the heart …

Man Found “Cures For All Diseases” And Has The Supreme Court Ruling To Prove It

This article is about a true healthcare reformer, who stood up against the American Medical Association in court. He provided a long list of diseases that he can cure. Some of them are the worst conditions people suffer from today, such as drug addiction, ADHD, bipolar disorder, Mesothelioma, depression, and acid reflux.

Nowadays, it is completely clear that the human body is capable of healing itself naturally. Dr.Sebi is the man who changed the vision all the way, widening and changing the path towards the cure of all disease. He immigrated from Honduras and became a famous herbalist, biochemist, healer, naturalist, and pathologist in America. He is a man who is fully dedicated to the work he does and he shows people care and kindness no matter what.

In 1988, he was accused of false advertisement and practice without a license. The Attorney General of New York in a Supreme Court sued him after placing ads in various newspapers, including the New York Post. In this newspaper he stated…

She Wrapped Dough Around Aluminum Foil: When You See What She Has Done, You Will Have to Try the Same!

Whenever you are hosting some event for your friends and family, you want to offer them something creative to eat. This is the perfect recipe for such occasions.

For the dough you will need 450 grams of flour, 1 spoon of sugar, 1 spoon of salt, 3 spoons of olive oil, 1 spoon of yeast, 2 spoons of powdered milk and a little bit of warm milk.

For the salad you need chicken, grated carrots, red onion, fried almonds, raisins and mayonnaise. Of course, you can combine the inside as you want, and the result is simply fantastic.
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3-Ingredient Home Remedy to Remove the Pain in Your Spine, Back and Legs

Do the long hours you spend working on your computer give you leg and back pain? There is no need to worry – we have the best natural solution for you. You will feel better in just a few days, and within two months your pain will be gone for good.

Try this natural remedy and forget about pain. The best thing about it is that you need some easy available ingredients:
Eat a portion of the following ingredients before bedtime for two months to relieve your leg and back pain:

● 1 dried fig ● 1 dried apricot ● 5 prunes
Dried fruits contain substances that regenerate tissues between vertebrae, making them stronger.

Try this folk remedy and say ‘goodbye’ to pain.
These fruits contain certain elements and substances, and their combination creates an amazing remedy that is efficient in relieving pain. Eat dried fruits for 2 months; this treatment is effective for both women and men.
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This Plant Is A Real Poison For Pimples – Results in Only 3 Days

If your choice for skin care is a natural product, then you have no reason to worry.

We Suggest Trying Lettuce
Not only is lettuce rich in vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3 and B6, it also contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, iron and copper. Take advantage its benefits and make remedy that will feed your face in these sunny days.
Lettuce cream relieves skin redness caused by the sun. In addition, it is also known as “poison” for pimples.

All you need to do is cook lettuce leaves over low heat for about an hour and a half.

Then, strain the leaves, throw them away, but keep the water.

Use the water as lotion (it lasts three days). Keep it in a dark and cool place.

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She Added Alcohol In Her Broken Powder – When You See Why, You’ll Do The Same (Video)

This has probably happened to you, at least once. Your loose powder broke, and left you frustrated. Many think that after breaking, the powder is unusable.It also costs a lot of money.

The popular blogger Sabrina will show you a simple and ingenious trick to fix your powder and make it usable again, and it will save you a lot of money as well.
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