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Try These 3 Non-Toxic Ways To Remove Mold From Your Home

Discover three clever tricks for killing mold and mildew. There are pros and cons of each, but all three work, and you most likely already have one of these in your cupboard.

The natural ingredients that can kill mold are: Tea tree oil (an essential oil found in most health food stores), grapefruit seed extract and vinegar.
Vinegar is by far the cheapest. Tea tree oil is expensive, but it is a broad spectrum fungicide and seems to kill all the mold families it contacts. The problem is that it has a very strong smell, but that dissipates in a few days. Grapefruit seed extract is also expensive, but has no smell.

Mold can be dangerous to your health, even if you aren't allergic. Many people react to mold by getting tired and even depressed. Try to stay on top of moisture and mold as soon as either arises. Dry out anything that is damp, such as basements (use a dehumidifier) and carpets. Fix leaks in plumbing and roofs. Wipe up spills. Make sure water doesn't escape from shower cur…

Your Eyebrows Say A Lot About Your Personality

According to Jean Haner, an expert in “face reading,” your eyebrows reveal more about you than you can actually imagine, including your confidence level, your logic, your motivation and your organizational skills.

Is it likely that your eyebrows give the answer to what kind of person you really are? Read on to discover what the shape of your eyebrows reveals about you.

1. Curved Eyebrows
People with curved eyebrows are considered perfectionists. Your friends probably see you as someone with strong visual perception, because you quickly notice physical details.

2. If Your Eyebrows Curve, You Likewise Have a Creative Side
Many people with angled eyebrows are very crafty and talented. They aren’t necessarily painters, but they do have the vision to make something out of nothing.

3. Naturally Straight Eyebrows
People with straight eyebrows are generally very reliable and down-to-earth. If you belong to this group, everyone, including your family, friends and colleagues can depend on you in times…

Warning Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency Most People Ignore and How to Cure It!

Vitamin D controls the calcium and phosphorus absorption, boosts the immune system and is very essential for strong bones, teeth and muscles. The risk of development of bacterial infections, viral infections, heart diseases and multiple sclerosis is lowered by this important vitamin.

Many people lack this vitamin but they do not know that. If you have some of these symptoms, check your vitamin D levels and discover if you are vitamin D deficient. Share:
Bones and muscles weakness As we mentioned above, vitamin D is important for the bones, teeth and muscles. If these body parts are weak, it may be a sign that you lack this vitamin.
Sadness and depression Women who lack vitamin D may feel sad or deprived.
Sensitivity to pain Chronic pain can be cause by low levels of vitamin D.
Gum disease A frequent symptom of vitamin D deficiency is bleeding, reddening and swelling of the gums.
High blood pressure High blood pressure can be caused by not enough intake of vitamin D. It is very important fo…

Amazing Trick to Whiten Dark Lips NATURALLY!

If you have really pigmented lips and you desire them to be lighter, we have the solution.

All you need is brown sugar, lemon and honey. You will use these ingredients to prepare a mixture which you will use as a scrub. Then, you need almond oil which will serve as a moisturizer.

These natural ingredients will make your lips more pink, supple and smoother.


– 1 teaspoon of honey
– 3 small teaspoons of brown sugar
– half a teaspoon lemon juice

How to prepare the scrub:

– Mix 1 teaspoon of honey (you can use either raw or regular honey) and 3 small teaspoons of brown sugar. Warm the mixture a little bit.
If you have regular honey, you do not need to warm it. Raw honey is solid and it needs to be warmed.

– Stir and mix the combination till is gets smooth and nicely joint. Add more honey if you feel like you need it.

– When the mixture gets thick and nice, add lemon juice. Cut the lemon in a half and give it only one squeeze, which is probably about half a teaspoon.

How to use it:

Apply t…

NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 15 Days Of Complete Darkness In November 2015

15 days of total darkness between November 15 and 29 await the Earth, according to NASA.
Astronomers from NASA have confirmed that the world will be in complete darkness from Sunday, November 15 to Monday, November 30. The darkness will occur from 3:00 AM on the 15th and will end at 4:45 PM on the 30th. The cause is an astronomical event between Venus and Jupiter. Charles Bolden, head of NASA appointed by the president of the USA, Barack Obama, has issued a massive 1000 page document explaining the event.

 Bolden attended a conference with the resident to discuss the blackout event. According to him, we won’t experience any major changes except for a slight (5-6 c) increase in temperature. The polar cap will, however, be affected. The event is compared to what Alaskan people experience during the winter. The only real effect we will have is that everyone gets a true Black Friday, joked Bolden.

However, fifteen days of total darkness is a long way to go, and one can only wonder what wil…

These 5 Powerful Home Remedies Help You To Get Rid Of JOINT PAIN Just In Matter Of Days

Joints are nothing but the mere connection between the bones. They help us to move and any injury can result with joint pains.

There’s nothing uncommon in having joint pains. It has been an evil for a lot of us and can be really annoying if it keeps persisting. And it’s really a misconception that joint pain occurs due to aging because there are young people who suffer from joint pain too. According to experts, trauma, heavy lifting, fractures, arthritis, etc. can also trigger joint pain. While there are lots we can do to avoid joint pain, here’s a list of few home remedies that you can use to get rid of your joint pain.

These 5 Powerful Home Remedies Help You To Get Rid Of JOINT PAIN Just In Matter Of DaysFenugreek
Fenugreek is very powerful anti-oxidant and has amazing anti- inflammatory properties, has curing effects and it is very helpful with healing joint pain. Also if you suffer from arthritis you must try this remedy.

Take one teaspoon of finely ground fenugreek seeds

Super Trick: How to get rid of black mold in the bathroom

No matter how hard we try, somehow we cannot get rid of black mold in the bathroom. These ugly black spots mainly occur in the bathroom and represent an unpleasant aesthetic or hygienic problem that is harmless to health, especially if extended to other parts of the apartment. The bathroom is a real source of mold because it is moist, warm and without sufficient air. To prevent the creation of mold, we must first change the conditions: open the window slightly ajar door ajar or at least while showering, if possible.

If you do not have a window in the bathroom, after showering use a humidifier or air.

Everyday Care
Do not think that you will successfully defend of the mold if daily polished tiles in the bathroom. It’s hard work, but to be honest, hardly anyone has time to do it daily. However, some everyday habits can help:

-In daily shower is happening to leave a residue of shampoo, oils or creams for the body. Immediately remove them.

– Dry the wet towels out of the bathroom
– The curtain…

The Boy Died an Hour after Bathing. All Parents Should See This

When you spend a day at the swimming pool, it’s only normal that you would feel exhausted and sleepy, especially if you are a child who’s been extremely active throughout the day. This is exactly why Cassandra Jackson didn’t suspect anything when her son told her he needed some sleep when he got home after spending the day at the pool.

Johnny, 10, went to bed after the exhausting day and his mother didn’t suppose that anything was wrong with him. She went to check on her child afterwards and was surprised at what she saw.

The child had foam on his mouth and had difficulties breathing. After taking him to the ER immediately, the mother was told that what happened was ”Secondary Drowning“ and it was a condition that resulted from swallowed water that can occur within 72 hours.
Though rare, secondary drowning can be fatal if warning symptoms are ignored. Anytime someone (children and adults alike) inhales even a small gush of water (pool, lake or ocean) it can irritate the lungs and cause s…

Cancer Killer: Drink This Juice Every Day On An Empty Stomach

There is a way to overcome cancer with the help of nature.

We shall use every given opportunity that will help in the fight against cancer.

Everything that we are eating and consuming affects our health. This is why it is very important to know the difference between acidic and alkaline foods because it affects the body and its functioning.

Acidic environment in the body is like a magnet for some diseases, especially cancer. This means that cancer can develop and grow only in acidic environment. Alkaline food creates conditions for good health and pH balance.

One of the best way that you can protect yourselves from dangerous diseases is to try the alkaline diet. Alkaline diet can help you to successfully treat cancer in advanced phase.

We must know what we are eating because toxic foods increase the risk of cancer and disturb the balance in the body, thus causing the occurrence of numerous dangerous diseases. Acidic foods alter pH balance in the body and cause cancer, and cancer cells can…

Easy Way To Remove Pesticides From Your Fruits And Vegetables

It is known that it is important to eat a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables every day.

One of the most important things when you buying fresh products is whether or not to buy organic. What many people don’t know is that much of the produce we eat is treated with chemicals including pesticides.

In the U.S. Department of Agriculture looked at produce samples and found that 65% of the samples tested positive for pesticides.

One organization, The Environmental Working Group, strives to provide accurate information about the chemicals in foods and health and beauty products to ensure that consumers have accurate information to make informed choices. The EWG petitions regularly against chemicals that may have negative effects on our health and environment

Every year the EWG updates its list of the most and least chemically treated fruits and vegetables and provides this information to consumers. In 2015, the top highly chemically treated produce (referred to as ‘The Dirty Dozen+’) incl…

4 Silent Signs You May Have Clogged Arteries and How to Unclog Them Naturally

More than 700 000 people experience heart attack every year in the United States. This condition can be detected early, which will lead to lifestyle changes and medical therapies that can help in delay of the heart attack.

Here are some of the clues to underlying heart disease:
1. Erectile dysfunction could be a sign of clogged arteries
When achieving an erection is difficult for men, it can be a symptom of clogged arteries in the pelvis, which occurs before a heart attack. On average, there are 3-5 years between the start of the erectile dysfunction and the discovery of Coronary heart disease. This means there is much time to detect and prevent heart issues.

2. Baldness as an indication of clogged arteries
A new study in which participated almost 37,000 men, showed that severe baldness at the crown of the head significantly shows presence of silent Coronary heart disease at any age.

3. Ear crease might be a symptom of clogged arteries
This is a strange symptom, but it has been mentioned in …

Ginger Tea: Dissolves Kidney Stones, Cleanses Liver And Kills Cancer Cells - Recipe!

Ginger’s main ability is to reduce inflammation, improve digestion and boost immunity, ginger is rightfully thought of as the most powerful food of the XXI century. It’s rich in many essential oils that give it flavor and aroma like gingerol, shogaol and zingerone.
They are powerful anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents that relieve pain and help with cardiovascular diseases, asthma, etc.
Ginger tea benefits

– Ginger is an extremely efficient remedy in the fight against sore muscles, cold, flu and headache, but can also relieve pain.

– It eliminates the virus that causes influenza, colds and cold sores.

– A cup of ginger tea reduces the risk of stroke.

– Because of its warming properties, ginger improves circulation, oxygen, vitamins and minerals delivery.

– The antioxidants in ginger fight infections and boost the immune system.
Ginger tea recipe


– Organic honey

– Coconut milk

– ¼ teaspoon of ground turmeric

– ¼ teaspoon of ground ginger

– A cup of w…

Drink This Amazing Drink For 5 Days And Lose 3 kg! Remove The Fat Around Your Stomach!

This is probably the simplest way to lose 3 kg. If you want to shape your waist without diets try it as soon as possible!

● 60 gr parsley
● 1 lemon
● 230 ml water

Drink It For 5 Days And Lose 3 kg


Slice the parsley and pour the squeezed lemon juice over it. Put it in a glass and pour water in it.

Drink this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink for 5 days straight, then take a 10 day break.

The mix will accelerate fat melting and calories burning while providing the body with needed vitamins and minerals.

Parsley can improve the digestion and help the body expel excess fluids. It also eliminates bloating.

Remedy That Regulates Blood Fat, Treats Infections And Colds And Cures Clogged Arteries!

This 3-ingredient remedy is one of the oldest German all-natural home remedies. It is based on three very powerful ingredients, also referred to as super-foods. Those are the ginger, garlic, and lemon. If we take into consideration these three ingredients, it already becomes clear that this drink provides numerous health benefits for the overall health.

Even though anyone can benefit from this drink, the ones who suffer from clogged arteries will obtain most benefits, improvements and positive effects. Moreover, this natural remedy can boost immunity, fight off infections and colds, improve the function of the liver, regulate your blood fat, and prevent fatigue. Finally, the 3-ingredient remedy prevents cardiovascular diseases and damages caused by free radicals.
Learn How Each Ingredient Contributes to This Potent Drink:

The ginger has strong anti-inflammatory properties which make it able to treat colds, remove stored fat in the blood, and relieve sore throat and aches and pains…

Use Apple Cedar Vinegar To Treat Arthritis And Joint Pain - Amazing Homemade Recipes

Arthritis causes especially severe pain which affects various parts of the body. Joint pain is a common medical condition and it can vary from mild to severe. This pain caused by joint pain can be reduced with time and rest, but at times, it can be simply unbearable.
You may have tried numerous painkillers, but still suffer from the same pain. Therefore, you need to turn to other natural and quite effective and safe treatments to soothe the pain. These natural remedies contain Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a crucial ingredient.

ACV is amazing against joint pain but it is also used for cleaning the body from toxins as it is a powerful antioxidant. It offers a number of health benefits and its regular use is highly advisable.

Prevent arthritis by drinking apple cider vinegar
Mix 1-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 8 ounces of water or juice (for best results, use cherry juice). Consume this mixture 3 times a day, before meals.

Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar
Mix 2 tablespoons of ap…

7 Common Nail Conditions Related to Grave Diseases Which Shouldn’t Be Ignored!

According to Lisa Petty, a nutritionist and author of the book “ Living Beauty” (Fitzhenry and Whiteside), nails suffer the most if the body is not treated well. The nails are basically the door to our body, so if you have a nail problem, it can indicate a problem in the body.

Fingernails and toenails protect the nail beds, which are the especially sensitive skin at the end of the fingers and toes. The nail is formed by nail grids which are a collection of nerves, veins and lymph vessels. Although the shape of the nails can vary due to genetics, nails are in general not very fragile, translucent and smooth. However, the condition of nails is not only a beauty issue, but it can indicate the health condition of the entire body. If your nails do not get supplements, they can become hard, stained or ugly.

In case your nails are brittle, yellow, or your fingernails or toenails are ridged, you may have a nutritional deficiency or health issues like anemia or thyroid disease. Fortunately, nai…

One Piece of Turmeric in the Morning on Empty Stomach…This is What Happen After That! Amazing Results

Herbal medicines extracted from various plants have been used since ancient times to treat many medical conditions. Some of them are still known as powerful remedies and have even been scientifically proven to have beneficial effect on human health. Turmeric is one of these amazing plants which has been used by eastern medicine even 4000 years ago. Turmeric belongs to ginger family and it is derived from the rhizome of the plant. It was used as a spice, but also in religious ceremonies. Nowadays, turmeric is starting to receive greater attention in western medicine too, and has become an important component of various medicines. There is a huge amount of scientific evidence of the properties of turmeric, giving that there are over 3000 publications investigating its effects on human health.

Active Substances in Turmeric
Turmeric consists of over 100 organic compounds. The substances contained in turmeric that have been found biologically active include: turmerone, curcumin demethoxycurc…

Amazing Recipe for Shiny and Healthy Hair

Every woman dreams of shiny and healthy hair. This amazing recipe includes only one ingredient, and if you have a vegetable garden, you most likely already have it. It’s red onion that’s used for this natural hair and scalp treatment. For one thing, red onions are abundant in sulfur, which stimulates collagen production and is very important for hair growth. The first results can be seen after a month of regular use of the treatment.


1. Grate 2-4 onions and squeeze their juice.
2. Apply the juice on your hair massaging gently.
3. Leave it to act for 15 minutes. If you have the time, you can even leave it for half an hour.
4. After that, wash your hair as normal.
5. Do this twice a month. It’s an extremely health beneficial treatment that will improve your hair quality in less than a month. And, you needn’t worry about the smell as it disappears.

This Is The Best Way To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure is an ailment where in the body supplies blood to your arteries and veins at a speed higher than normal. Apart from medicines there are natural remedies available that can control the high blood pressure and in some cases even cure the same.

The best remedy to do this is by consuming beetroot. Beetroot have nitrates which are very handy in fighting hypertension. People diagnosed with high blood pressure should aim to have at least one beetroot a day in any form. It can be boiled and eaten, or sliced to make a salad or even juiced.

It is an excellent counterfoil and is also not very expensive to procure a beetroot. Immediately after digestion the nitrates in beetroot get converted into nitric oxide and this can lower your blood pressure in a few hours. It also improves the ability of the blood vessels to expand and contract by about 20%.

When you consume beetroots, the nitrates are absorbed into your blood and secreted into your saliva. The bacteria on the back of you…

You Should Not IGNORE These 10 Early Signs of Diabetes!

Diabetes is a medical condition that has large proportions in the United States. More than 25 million people have diabetes and one third of them do not even know they are diabetic. Another 79 million are likely to get diabetes if they do not change their lifestyle. So here are 10 early warning signs of diabetes. You Should Not IGNORE These 10 Early Signs of Diabetes !

Increased Thirst & Urination
The kidneys try to filter the increased glucose in the blood, but they can not keep up because there is too much glucose in the blood. Your body tries to expel the glucose together with other fluids , because of this we feel dehydrated and drink more fluids. As a result frequent urination can be expected.

Increased Hunger
In order to pull glucose into your cells, your body needs to utilize insulin. If you’re insulin resistant, or you just have a lack of insulin, your body can’t store the glucose in your cells. And the cells need this glucose for energy. As a result, your body doesn’t have the…

11 Amazing Healing Powers of Onion that You Didn’t Know About (Cures Insomnia, Prevents Cancer and More)

Onion is an ancient vegetable, which has been part of the traditional cuisines all over the globe. Onions’ medicinal properties are well known too, and the science is discovering how its chemical compounds help your health.

Read some of the following ways in which onions promote human’s health:

1. Stabilizes blood sugar
Onions contains sulfur compounds which are proved to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol level. The mineral chromium, which is included in onion, is necessary for regulating blood sugar. The fiber, potassium, and other phytonutrients sustain the production of insulin too, the substance the body creates to regulate glucose present in the blood.

2. Prevents cancer
The sulfur compounds we already mentioned are able to stop the growth of cancerous cell. Different studies conducted in Italy and Switzerland found that onions and garlic were especially effective against oral, esophageal, colon, rectal, laryngeal, breast, ovary, renal, and prostate cancers.

3. Dark spots on the skin

Heart Attack: The World’s Deadliest Killer! Hidden Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore!

As per the American Heart Association at every 34 seconds, someone in the US has a heart attack. Many of them survive it, go back to work and enjoy an ordinary life. In any case, the way that heart attacks are one of the regular reasons for sudden deaths consistently cannot be taken lightly. Otherwise called myocardial infarction or acute myocardial infarction (AMI), a heart attack happens when blood stops streaming appropriately to the heart and the heart muscles get to be harmed because of not getting enough oxygen. There are numerous warning indications of a heart attack that can help avoid a major disaster.

Warning signs
Sudden chest pain
Some people may experience sudden mid-section pain or uneasiness that generally happens in the center or left half of the mid-section. Such agony and inconvenience lasts more than a couple of minutes or goes away and returns. One may even feel like there is some pressure, squeezing and fullness in the mid-section. Frequently individuals believe that…

1 Cup a Day Melts 1cm of Stomach Fat Away!

This is an amazing weight-loss recipe which can reduce an inch of excess belly fat a day. It not only burns abdominal fat and eliminates excess water from the body, but it is also extremely beneficial for your brain function, memory, hearing and eyesight.

It is especially effective when combined with cardio exercises and regular training.

125g horseradish
4 lemons
2cm fresh ginger
3 tablespoons of honey
2 tablespoons of cinnamon

1. Using a food processor, blend the horseradish and ginger well.
2. Squeeze the lemons and add the juice to the horseradish and ginger.
3. Mix for another 3 minutes.
4. Add the cinnamon and honey and mix until you get syrup.
5. Store the mixture in a glass jar.
6. Take 1 teaspoon twice a day, before meals or training.
7. Consume the syrup for 3 weeks.

Why is horseradish good for the health?
Horseradish eliminates the bacteria causing dysentery, salmonella, tuberculosis and many parasites in the human body. It improves the digestive function in your b…