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This Natural Okra Hair Conditioner Will Provide Health And Shine To Your Hair

This Natural Okra Hair Conditioner Will Provide Health And Shine To Your Hair
Every woman knows the importance of a bounty and shiny hair, as it is incredibly attractive and significantly improves the look.

However, the modern way of life is constantly exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins that are all around us, so the task to maintain the beauty of your hair is far from easy.
Namely, we constantly try and purchase different products which promise amazing results, but at the end, almost all of them fail to impress us, and are quite expensive and full of harmful substances.

Therefore, our unhealthy lifestyle and the polluted environment are the main causes of the loss of the quality and texture of our hair.

In these cases, we immediately turn to hair products such as conditioners, which are applied after washing in order to nourish it and make it appear healthier. Yet, over- the- counter products are a potential threat to our health, as they contain chemicals which are not beneficial for us.

Hence, the best way to save and improve the quality of your hair is to make your own natural conditioner. One such recipe includes okra, also called ladies’ fingers, as its main ingredients.

This medicinal plant is a miraculous help for your hair, as it is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins A and C and K, as well as Copper, Zinc, Potassium, Folate and Thiamine.

This miraculous plant can be used as gel, conditioner and also as a shampoo. Undoubtedly, after using it, your hair will be soft, smooth and shiny.

Due to its powerful components, okra can provide numerous benefits for your hair, including:

Moisturizes the scalp:

Okra will also help in the case of itchy and dry skin, and will also soften your hair.

Adds shine to your hair:

When used as a conditioner, okra will provide fantastic hair shine.

Makes your hair bounce

Okra can also make your hair bounce. So, simply get some okra and boil it in some water and use the prepared transparent mixture to restore the hair bounce.

Removes dandruff:

Okra improves the overall scalp condition, and it helps in the elimination and prevention of dandruff. It can be used on all types of hair, and it is equally effective in the case of straight and wavy hair.

This is how to prepare your own natural okra conditioner:

In a pot, pour 8oz. of distilled water. Then, cut 8 okras horizontally and add them in the water. Next, place the pot on the stove and let it simmer away on low heat. When the mixture becomes sticky, remove the pot off the heat, and in order to enrich the fragrance of the mix, add a few drops lavender or mint oil. Moreover, in order to combat dandruff and moisturize your hair, you should add some honey.

Next, leave the mixture to cool, strain it and put it in a suitable container. That’s all- your hair conditioner is ready!

Initially, was your hair as usually, and rinse it off in order to eliminate any shampoo traces. Then, apply the okra conditioner on your hair, from its root to the ends. For a few minutes, you should gently massage the scalp and then rinse the hair.


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