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28 Surprising Uses of Coconut Oil for Personal Hygiene

uses of coconut oil
Personal hygiene products are normally laden with chemicals, some of which can trigger a number of skin conditions. If you knew the plethora of health benefits coconut oil provides, you would never go back to your favorite personal care products. There are 28 amazing uses of this health-boosting oil for personal hygiene, and these are not all inclusive. In fact, coconut oil has over 150 different uses in total.
For one thing, this oil is a powerful antioxidant with potent anti-inflammatory properties. It also improves your body’s nutrient absorption. All in all, it’s a strong antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-fungal agent.

On the plus side, coconut oil is easily available in drug stores or even healthy food stores.

Uses of Coconut Oil for Personal Hygiene


Owing to its amazing moisturizing properties, coconut oil is extremely beneficial for reducing scalp flaking and itching. It also effectively controls the secretion of oil from your scalp, which is the major cause of dandruff.

What you do is simply rub some coconut oil into your scalp before bedtime. Wash it off in the morning using a raw vegan hair care product in order to any chemical irritants that could again lead to dandruff.

Pore minimizer

Coconut oil minimizes pores by tightening them. It also prevents from entering the pores, thus preventing acne appearance. All in all, treating your skin with coconut oil will make it smoother and softer to the touch.

Cuticle cream

Apply some coconut oil on your cuticles to soften them and push them back more easily.

Anti-stretch mark cream

Coconut oil is extremely nourishing so it’s the perfect treatment of stretched and damaged skin. Simply rub it in on the affected areas 3-4 times a day.

Hair gel

Instead of hair gel, use coconut oil to style your hair easily.

After shave

Coconut oil soothes razor-burned skin. Simply apply some on the affected area right after shaving. Apart from healing irritated skin, it will also nourish hair follicles.
Hair conditioner & deep treatment
Use coconut oil for deep conditioning your hair. Your hair will become silky smooth and glossy after the treatment. Coconut oil is abundant in fatty acids which nourish the hair follicles and scalp.

Simply massage 2 teaspoons of the oil into your hair. Leave for an hour or overnight. Wash it off with an all-natural shampoo in the morning. In the end, condition your hair with apple cider vinegar. This will make your hair shiny and gorgeous.

Tattoo healing

Use coconut oil on tattoos, as this will prevent the colors from fading. When applied on a new tattoo, it’ll speed the healing time and prevent an infection.

Eyelash conditioner

As your eyelashes are also hair, they too need some conditioning every now and then. Just rub some coconut oil between your fingers and apply on the tips of your lashes before going to bed.


Use coconut oil instead of deodorants as these are often laden with aluminum. This will reduce your risk of cancer from deodorants. Coconut oil has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties so it effectively destroys fungi, yeast and bacteria. Simply rub a little coconut oil on your armpits.

Massage oil

Use coconut oil for massages. It can relieve aching muscles due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it smells great.


Exfoliate your skin by rubbing it with coconut oil. Then use a scrubby hand mitten/washcloth for removing the dead skin cells. This will also remove dirt and hydrate your skin. Coconut oil has strong antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits. Plus, it’s abundant in lauric acid, which is extremely beneficial for improving skin quality.

Hand cleaner

Coconut oil is an amazing hand cleaner owing to its antibacterial benefits. Simply massage it on your hands for 30 seconds then wipe it using a warm damp washcloth. In the end wipe it with a dry washcloth. This is extremely effective during dry and harsh winters when hands are more prone to cracking.

Preventing wrinkles

Coconut oil strengthens and tightens the skin and connective tissues thus providing you with younger and refreshed look. Use it as a facial moisturizer before going to bed. This treatment will also prevent the appearance of wrinkles as well as minimize the existing ones.


Hydrate your chapped lips with coconut oil. It has natural SPF, which makes it highly beneficial for protecting your lips against harmful sun radiation.

Varicose veins

Among other things, coconut oil has proved one of the most efficient natural treatments of varicose veins too. Simply massage the affected areas with some of it about 3-6 times a day until you start getting the desired results.


Use coconut oil to speed up the healing of burns. Apply it regularly until the burn heals. This will speed up the healing and reduce the risk of permanent scarring.

Nail strengthener

Rubbing some coconut oil on your nails can help strengthen them by protecting the keratin layers, which protect your fingernails from various external effects.

Vaseline substitute

Use coconut oil instead of petroleum-based Vaseline. It’s much safer and more effective

Body scrub

Use a mixture of 3 tbsps. coconut oil and 2 tbsps. sugar/sea salt to make a natural body scrub which you can use for both your face and body.

Eye cream

Put a dash of coconut oil around your eyes before going to bed to hydrate the skin. Your eyes will feel and look better upon waking up.


Mix baking soda with some coconut oil to make natural fluoride-free toothpaste.

Makeup remover

Use coconut oil to effectively remove makeup. Simply put some oil on a cotton pad and remove your makeup. In the end, wash your face with natural face soap.

Insect repellent

Use coconut oil to make your own insect repellant. This oil also increases the shelf life of the repellant. In any case, avoid using insect repellants that contain DEET as these can damage both your body and the environment.

Preventing split ends

Treat dry split ends using coconut oil. Apply some coconut oil on your hair tips. This will significantly reduce the split ends.


As mentioned before, coconut oil has natural SPF, which protects your skin from burning. Apply it on your skin 20 minutes before going outdoors so that your skin can fully absorb it.


Coconut oil is also an amazing lubricant, completely natural and safe.

Healing bruises

Coconut oil is extremely beneficial for treatment of bruises. It reduces the redness and swelling and speeds up the healing process.