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Five Ways To Clean Your Jewelry At Home! Make Your Jewelry Shine Like New Again !

Five Ways To Clean Your Jewelry At Home! Make Your Jewelry Shine Like New Again !

Every woman likes to spice up her outfit every once in a while with some fancy jewelry. However, it’s not that often that we wear bling, so usually it’s stored somewhere out of sight, collecting dirt and rust. When we do want to put something on we get disappointed when we see that it’s in no condition to be worn. That’s why it’s recommended to clean infrequently worn jewelry from time to time. You might think that you’ll have to take it to a professional cleaner and spend hundreds of dollars just to clean something that will most likely end up in the drawer again but you’re wrong. You can just as professionally clean your fancy jewelry at home with some simple ingredients you already own. You just need a toothbrush, a bowl and some basic kitchen ingredients.
We’ll share a couple of methods and you can choose which one fits you the best. You can also try them all and see which one works best for you.

Method 1: For this method you just need one seltzer tablet. Take a small bowl, pour some water in and put the seltzer tablet. Add the jewelry you need to clean and leave it in the solution for a few minutes. Your jewelry will sparkle like new in no time. I’ve tried this method and I must say I’m satisfied with the results. The necklace I cleaned needed light cleaning but it turned up like new.

Method 2: This is the method my grandmother recommends and she says it’s very effective. You just need some liquid dish soap and a toothbrush. Dilute the dish soap with some water and rub the mixture onto the jewelry with the brush. If the jewelry is extra dirty you can soak it a bit in the mixture and then rub. Just don’t use dishwasher soap it’s too strong. Rinse it and enjoy your rejuvenated bling.

Method 3: This may be the most famous method and it involves baking soda. Make a thick paste from the baking soda by adding some warm water. With your fingers or a toothbrush rub he mixture on the jewelry and rinse. Air dry the jewelry or use a lint free cloth to remove the moisture. I tried this method on a piece of sterling silver bracelet which I hadn’t worn since forever and it worked excellent. If your jewelry is extra dirty you might need to go through the process once more.

Method 4: Did you think that a cleaning list can be complete without vinegar? Of course it’s not possible. Just pour some vinegar in a bowl and dip the jewelry in, leaving it to soak for 15 minutes. Use a toothbrush if you need some deep cleaning but usually a good soak gets the job done.

Method 5: This is a bit more elaborate process which requires some preparation but only if you compare it with the previous methods. All in all it’s pretty simple too. You’ll need some aluminum foil, baking soda, salt and dishwashing liquid. Heat up some water in your microwave. Take a piece of foil and line the bottom of a bowl with it. Pour in the cup of heated water add a tablespoon of salt, baking soda and dishwashing soap. Soak the jewelry in the solution for up to 10 minutes max, rinse, dry and enjoy your sparkly jewelry once again.
SO what do you think, are these methods tempting to give them a shot? Maybe you have some other method of restoring the bling to your bling which works wonders? Share it with us in the comments below or share how your cleaning went with the methods above, we’re eager to know!