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The Jewel of German Folk Medicine: One Cup Cleans the Arteries and Prevents the Most Serious Diseases!

The Jewel of German Folk Medicine: One Cup Cleans the Arteries and Prevents the Most Serious Diseases!

The Jewel of German Folk Medicine: One Cup Cleans the Arteries and Prevents the Most Serious Diseases!

We present you a natural drink, originating from old Germany, which consists of lemon, garlic, ginger, and water.
Its numerous advantages are resulting from the combination of these three super healthy foods that can have very positive health effects on our body.

Health Benefits:

● Regulation of increased blood lipid levels
● Prevention and treatment of clogged arteries.
● Prevention and treatment of infections and colds.
● Natural strengthening the immune system.
● Natural Liver Cleanse.
● Preventing fatigue.
● Prevention of free radicals in the body that cause the most serious diseases and many other conditions associated with diseases of the heart and blood system


● 4 lemon peel (you have to try to find organically grown lemons)
● 4 large whole head of garlic
● 1 small ginger root (about 3-4 cm)
● 2 liters of clean water


● Wash the lemons and cut them into pieces.
● Peel the garlic and process it with lemon and ginger in a blender.
● Add the blended mixture in a metal pot.
● Add 2 liters of water and warm up all together until the mixture boils.
● Immediately turn off the heat before the mixture boils and let everything cool.
● Strain through a medium strainer and fill into glass bottles.

Drink one glass every day, at least 2 hours before meals or on an empty stomach.
The course of treatment lasts for 3 weeks, with a daily intake of one glass, then be on a break fo one week. After the break you can again continue with the consumption of the same cycle.

 If your taste does not match, you can add a little honey by preference. After 3 weeks of use should experience a significant regeneration of the body.

The potion is, apart from the already mentioned benefits, particularly useful in the prevention of calcification in the body, which causes stones in organs and clogging of blood vessels.

The combination of lemon, water, and cooking will neutralize the smell of garlic, so you do not have to worry about bad breath. Before each consuming shake the bottle with the domestic remedy, in order to mix the lemon and garlic on the bottom with the juice.

Those who have tried it say that the drink is excellent for older people, to give them energy and strength and also rejuvenates them, because after a few weeks improves their circulation.


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