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This Powerful Tea Is The Best Remedy For Swollen Legs

This Tea Is The Best Remedy For Swollen Legs
You must know how painful and frustrating it can be if you have swollen legs, hands or feet.
Swelling known as edema, or the retention of fluids in you body, can be caused by many different reasons such as:

■ Side effects of some medications
■ Eating too much processed foods and foods high in salt
■ Pregnancy
■ Poor circulation
■ A sedentary lifestyle—sitting or staying in one position for too long

Poor blood circulation, menstrual cycle, excess body weight, unhealthy diet and pregnancy are just some of the causes for swollen legs. Swelling can be quite normal for people who stand or sit for a longer periods of time, or for women during pregnancy, but chronic leg or ankle swelling is a serious issue. This peripheral edema, as its name says, must be taken into consideration as the most serious diseases such as kidney disease, heart failure or liver disease, so if you happen to have this problem, consult a physician. In order to get rid of this unpleasant and sometimes even painful health condition you need to do the primary thing which is lifting your legs while you lie down. Your legs should be 30 cm high, in height with your heart.

Besides this, drinking parsley tea is recommended as well. This tea will help you get rid of excess fluids in your organism.

Recommended by Hippocrates

The word parsley is actually derived from two Greek words: “petrose,” meaning rock, as it often pops through rocky terrain and stone walls; and “selenium,” the ancient name for celery. When put together, it literally means “rock celery.” There are two types of parsley: curly parsley and Italian parsley (flat leaves).

So, next time when you go to a restaurant and have a garnish in your food, don’t just pick it off the dish and leave it to the side, but eat it because it has a lot of positive effects on your body. Drinking Parsley Tea can help remove leg swelling because these herb contains a lot of nutrients. Also, one of the healing properties Parsley has is its Natural diuretic property in which, it will allow you to urinate frequently to be able to remove the fluids that have accumulated in your legs. Hippocrates recommended parsley as a general tonic for kidney stones and rheumatism as well as an antidote for poison. And according to “The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook,” parsley is a wonderful diuretic that helps the kidneys remove excess fluids from the body (edema).

 Parsley Is a Natural Diuretic

Parsley is a known natural diuretic. It helps the body get rid of excess water and salts by improving kidney function and taking more water from the blood.

Parsley is also rich in potassium and because most chemically produced diuretics actually lower potassium levels in the body, parsley also assures you do not experience this common side effect of these pharmaceutical drugs. A study published in 2002 in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, provided substantial evidence for the use of parsley as a powerful diuretic. The study was done on rats (humans and rats have the same basic physiology). Rats that were offered parsley seed extract to drink produced significantly more urine over a period of 24 hours compared to when they were drinking only water.
Scientists believe that this herb acts in a diuretic way by inhibiting the sodium and potassium ion pumps, influencing the process of osmosis and increasing the flow of urine.

Parsley is rich in potassium. A lot of the chemically produced diuretic drugs lower potassium levels in the body, which is their negative side effect. If you use the simple parsley, you avoid this adverse effect as body’s potassium supply is not depleted.

Parsley is also a powerful antioxidant and I’ve already mentioned.

Parsley Tea Recipe

Dr. John R. Christopher, an authority in the field of herbalism, suggests drinking at least two quarts of strong parsley tea per day. The dose can be increased to a cup of tea every hour.

When making your tea, use the fresh light-green leaves, along with roots and seeds. If you feel the need, you can increase the amount of parsley tea to a cup every half hour. If you make your own tea, he suggests that you should use fresh green leaves, together with the roots and seeds.


■ Chop the leaves and roots into small pieces (you can also pre-chop the parsley and store them in an airtight glass container in the fridge for up to a week.)
■ Place approximately ¼ cup of parsley into an infusion basket.
■ Pour over a cup of boiled water or submerge into a tea pot.
■ Let the mixture steep for 5 to 7 minutes.
■ Remove the basket or strain the tea.
■ Add honey, lemon or ginger for flavor if desired.
■ Always drink parsley tea warm for the best effects.

Optional: You can also squeeze a slice of lemon for a tangy taste.

You can now drink your home made parsley tea. It is recommended that you drink this tea three times a day to achieve greater therapeutic effects.
If you want to get rid of this uncomfortable and sometimes painful health condition, the first thing that you need to do is to lift the legs while you lie down. The legs should be 30 cm high in the height with the heart.


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