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Put An End To Sugar Addiction, Cleanse The Organism From Parasites And Normalize Your Weight

You feel sugar cravings often? Sadly, most of the people (not just children), suffer from sugar addiction. Have you ever wondered why? There are two main reasons for this type of addiction. One of the reasons is parasites in the organism, and the other one is stress.
Put An End To Sugar Addiction, Cleanse The Organism From Parasites And Normalize Your Weight
When one eats a lot of sweets, he/she creates conditions for accumulation of mucus in his/her body. On this mucus, the fungus and bacteria begin to spread. According to statistics data, third of the population suffers from parasites. Usually, people are unaware that they have parasites in their organisms. Parasites that inhabit our body take away our energy. In order to make up for the energy, the organism requires from you to eat something sweet, since glucose, which is present in sweets, gives a quick energetic refill to the organism.  Simultaneously, a fat layer is being created which also negatively affects the organism protection. Moreover, more parasites mean thicker fat layers.
However, if you get rid of parasites, your weight will be normalized and the need for sweets will disappear. And, when the parasites stop taking away your energy, the sleepiness, fatigue, headache, and tiredness will disappear and what’s more, the metabolism will be balanced. You will see for yourselves!

Cleansing from parasites, or parasites prevention (even if you think you do not have parasites), should be done two times yearly, i.e. once in six months.

This is one of the many folk methods for cleansing the organism:

A mixture from flax and cloves

These two ingredients are efficient for healing all types of parasites.

For the preparation you need to take 10 parts of linseed and 1 part of dry cloves (100 grams of linseed and 10 grams of cloves). Ground them in a coffee grinder and this will be your healing powder for cleansing!


Every day, take 2 teaspoons of the mixture, during three days. You can also add the powder in cooked foods, in single meals, or simply swallow it and after that drink a glass of warm water (it is for the best to do this in the morning). After the three days pass, make a pause from 3 days. Then, repeat the process. You should consume this mixture for a month.

About the effect:

Do not be confused by some organism reactions such as itching, a rash, herpes, change of stool or urine color, or something similar. If you notice such reactions (not everyone has to), it is a sign that your organism is in the process of cleansing. Additionally, this is a very efficient means for parasites removal since during the consumption, this mixture stays on the gastrointestinal tract’s walls, and this means that the parasites will be “forced” to leave your organism.
For improvement of the results, so that the parasites can leave once and for all, the use of linseed decoction on an empty stomach is highly recommended.  Additionally, according to, it is also preferable to consume sour-milk based products, walnuts, dill, pumpkin seeds, sunflower, parsley leaves and freshly squeezed juices from both fruits and vegetables for organism cleansing.


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