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She Soaked Her Feet In Mouthwash And When You Read Why, You Will Immediately Do The Same

She Soaked Her Feet In Mouthwash And When You Read Why, You Will Immediately Do The Same
Heal your feet and offer them the care they deserve in a simple and easy way with the help of products that you already have in your home.
1. You can get rid of fungal infection if you soak your feet in mouthwash every day for 30 minutes since mouthwash contains important ingredients such as alcohol which is good for curing fungal infections. Some of these are vinegar and lemon juice.

2. You can cure fungal infections on the hands in only 2 weeks if you soak your hands in mouthwash.

3. If you have problems with Athlete’s foot, you can use garlic. Simply put a little bit of garlic between the toes, and leave it like that for 24 hours.

4. Foot corns can be removed with the help of onion. Just cut a thicker slice of onion and soak it into vinegar and then put it on the lower part of the foot and put on a sock. Repeat the process until the corn becomes soft and easily removable.

5. Chili sauce can cure bunions. Put a little bit of sauce and Vaseline on the bunion, and then cover the area with gauze. Chili peppers are rich in capsaicin which calms the nerves that cause the pain and decrease the swelling.

6. Pain caused by bunions can be decreased with the help of salt since salt contains magnesium sulfate which lowers inflammation and pain.

7. Antiperspirant against blisters. Although this may be a little bit painful, especially if the blister has already popped, the antiperspirant will dry the area where the blister is, and speed up the healing process.
8. Stop consuming sugar if you want to cure gout. A recent research has shown that sugar intake is closely related to gout. Moreover, consume strawberries and cherries as a cure against inflammation.


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