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10 Signs Your Body IMMEDIATELY Needs More Water That People Constantly Miss

10 Signs Your Body IMMEDIATELY Needs More Water That People Constantly Miss
It is well known that the human body is composed mostly of water and in order to survive we need to take in a certain amount of it.

The muscles and kidneys are made up of 75% water, the blood of 83%, the lungs are 90% water and the brain of 76 %water. The needed consumption of water per day is 3 liters (12 cups) for men and 2.2 liters (9 cups) for women.
The following symptoms will occur if you are not drinking enough water:

The urine is dark yellow
The urine should usually have a light yellow-amber color. But, not drinking enough water will result in darker urine – the kidneys will excrete more waste products in the urine as dead blood cells, toxins, or proteins. But the darker urine can also occur after taking certain medications, B-Vitamins, beets, blackberries, asparagus or food coloring. You immediately need to increase the consumption of water if your urine color change and also observe if your urine color becomes lighter. Also, you need to know that a sign of hepatitis, gallstones or other more serious health issues can be if your urine stays dark for a longer period.

Your urine output is reduced
People urinate between 6-7 times every day. But not drinking enough water will reduce the fluids available to replace the excreted fluids from the body, and the kidneys will keep as much fluid as possible so they will prevent dehydration. The consumption of water must be increased if you urinate less than 6 times per day.

The constipation is caused by lack of water in the body. Your body will absorb water from whatever it can, including the colon. And if there is not enough water in the large intestine, harder stools will occur. So in order to prevent or treat constipation, you need to drink a lot of water.

Also, physical inactivity, hypothyroidism, intestinal inflammation and dysbiosis, food sensitivities and stress can cause constipation.

The skin is dry and there are more defined wrinkles
Irritated, inflamed, itching and sensitive skin can be caused by dehydration. Sometimes the skin can become red with cracks and bleeds. Not drinking water will also result in the appearance of wrinkles. You in order to revitalize your skin, you need to drink more water.

Hunger and weight gain
The body doesn’t know the difference between hunger and thirst, and this is its defect. The part of the brain responsible for the regulation of hunger and thirst known as hypothalamus gets confused sometimes and causes hunger when your organism needs water. So, drink water instead of eating a snack in order to avoid excess caloric intake and weight gain.

Whenever you feel hungry, try to drink a cup of water and then wait for 15minutes. And after that, if you still feel hungry, you should eat something.

Thirst and dry mouth
A sign of dehydration is the thirstiness for water and most people find it hard to believe in it. Another sign that the body needs hydration is a dry mouth which usually occurs with thirst.

In order to compensate the lack of fluids, your body will absorb water from all of your tissues and all this will occur if you don’t drink enough water. Your brain tissue loses some of its moisture and shrinks, pulling away from the skull, triggering the pain receptors and causing a headache. Also, the blood volume drops, reducing the amount of oxygen which is carried to the brain. As a respond to this, the blood vessels in the brain will dilate, intensifying the headache.

Mild dehydration can cause fatigue, tiredness, and lower energy, according to a study from 2011. When the body has not enough amount of water, the heart has to work harder in order to push oxygen and nutrients through the body. When you are feeling tired, replace the coffee with water, because the coffee is dehydrating! And also, you must know that coffee, tea, soda and sports drinks are not a replacement for water.

Joint pain
Water is known as a lubricant to the joints, allowing two bones to slide over each other when the joint moves. The joint will become nutrient deficient if you don’t drink enough water, leading to damage of the cartilage cells. If the organism doesn’t have enough consumption of water for an extended period of time, the cartilage will degenerate beyond repair.
Weak immune system
The concentration of toxins in the blood is increased by dehydration, weakening the immune system. In order to eliminate the toxic and help the immune system defending the infections, you need to drink enough water.


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