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American Doctor Reveals The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic: It Kills Any Infection in The Body – Recipe

American Doctor Reveals The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic: It Kills Any Infection in The Body – Recipe
The famous American Dr. Richard Schulze came up with the most effective natural antibiotic which is so powerful that it is capable of treating almost every health condition.

This is a tonic and is considered as the most effective remedies in traditional medicine. Did you know that the best characteristics of herbs and plants are kept in the tinctures. Knowing that they are very strong, you should always be cautious with them.
This recipe is completely natural and organic because every single ingredient in it is organic. Read on and learn how to prepare this magical remedy:

● Unrefined apple vinegar
● fresh habanero peppers (or the hottest peppers you can find)
● red onion
● Garlic
● Horseradish
● ginger root

Remove the skin from the ingredients and chop the well. Put them in some big glass jar and pour them with apple cider vinegar until they are covered at least 3 fingers above. Close the jar well and shake it.

Keep the jar in dark area for 2-6 weeks. The remedy will be stronger if you keep it for longer period of time. Shake the remedy occasionally.

When you decide to open the jar, you should strain the liquid with gauze or stainless steel strainer. Press the ingredients from the jar in order to draw out the juices trapped in them.

Once you are done, you should store the liquid into smaller jars or tinted bottles in order to protect them from the light. This tincture should be kept in dark and cool areas. Use the remaining ingredients when preparing your next meal or soup. You can even freeze them.

This tincture can be used as a remedy for many health conditions, including strengthening your immune system or boosting digestion. You can also use it on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that you should take it by sipping and if you like to improve its taste you can combine it with honey. While using this remedy you must drink plenty of water. 1 cup of this remedy is enough, but in case you are fighting against particular health condition the dosage could be increased up to 5-6 doses through the day.

This incredibly strong tincture is toxic-free and gives you many health benefits, including:
● this remedy strengthens your immune system
● It is loaded with acetic acid which has strong antimicrobial characteristics and is very helpful in cases of insulin sensitivity and lowers the cholesterol levels in the blood.
● Controls the body acidity
● It includes malic acid, which has potent antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiviral characteristics and promotes energy production which boosts the mental and muscular functions in the body
● This tincture is also very beneficial for the digestive tract – the organic and unfiltered vinegar contains a symbiotic colony of fungi and good bacteria that have strong probiotic characteristics.