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Do This Once A Week, And Say Goodbye To The Deep Wrinkles And Scars

Do This Once A Week, And Say Goodbye To The Deep Wrinkles And Scars
Apparently, most people are unaware of the beneficial properties and capacity of rice, except for the Japanese. Namely, it can do wonders for your skin, and it is one of the most effective natural remedies that promote skin health and rejuvenation.
Rice is high in linoleic acid and squalene, two potent antioxidants that trigger the release of collagen and thus decelerates the wrinkle appearance. Moreover, squalene prevents skin damage due to sun exposure.

It is also high in vitamin E and gamma oryzanol, which promote heart health and lower cholesterol levels.

This article will reveal the recipe of an extremely effective natural face mask that will enhance your complexion and reduce wrinkles.


● 3 tablespoons of rice
● 1 tablespoon of honey
● 1 tablespoon of milk

Method of preparation:

You should cook the rice, strain it and save some of the water. Then, add a tablespoon of warm milk in the rice you have cooked, and a tablespoon of honey.

Apply the mixture on a clean and dry skin and leave it to dry.

As soon as it is dry, wash it off using the water in which you have cooked the rice. This water has strong antioxidant abilities, eliminates wrinkles, alleviates inflammations, moisturizes the skin and stimulates blood circulation.
This mask will make your skin healthy, hydrated and radiant. In order to obtain optimal results, repeat this treatment once a week and you will be surprised by its effects- you will look beautiful, healthy and 10 years younger!


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