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Learn These 6 New, Awesome Uses Of Garlic

Learn These 6 New, Awesome Uses Of Garlic
It is a common fact that garlic can be used both in cooking and healing. It is a powerful gift of nature, so you better get its maximum. We give you 6 more uses of garlic, and you will be amazed of how it works.


Garlic is probably the best natural aid for aching tooth. Place a small garlic clove between your gums and inner cheek, right next to your tooth. The pain will disappear within a minute.

Window cracks

Finely mince a few garlic cloves, and rub them against the cracks on your window. This will prevent further cracking.

Pimple treatment

Instead of spending a small fortune on aggressive lotions and washing gels, use garlic to reduce your pimples and acne. Cut a garlic clove in half, and gently rub it against the pimples. Garlic juice will dry out acne and pimples instantly.

Fungal infections

Garlic provides strong antifungal potential, and you can use to make a healing foot soak. Add 10 garlic cloves to some hot water, or just mince the cloves and mix them with some olive oil into a thick paste. Rub it directly onto the affected area to relieve the infection.

Cure for colds and virus infections / Immunity boost

In Chinese medicine, garlic is a natural remedy for everything, which means it is believed to repair the body completely. Have you ever thought that sucking a garlic clove could be that powerful? In the morning, right after you wake up, take a small garlic clove and swirl it in your mouth to soak its juices.

This morning ritual allows the saliva to carry all the nutrients into the blood stream, and thus purify both blood vessels and lymph. Garlic improves oral health and stops the gums from bleeding. Once you are done sucking the clove, spit it out, and wash your teeth as usual. If you are worried about your breath, sip some milk, or chew a coffee bean or fresh parsley leaves.

Remove thorns and splinters

Mash a garlic clove and apply it onto the affected area. Secure with a bandage, and let it do its job for an hour. The splinter will get out with no trouble.
In which ways does sucking a garlic clove support your health?

● Relieves chronic bronchitis
● Helps anemiacs
● Cleanses blood vessels
● Boosts immunity
● Increases appetite
● Treats kidney and bladder diseases
● Prevents flu and respiratory issues
● Provides healthy skin complexion


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