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This is What Diet Rich in Coconut Oil Does to Your Heart and Waistline in No Time

This is What Diet Rich in Coconut Oil Does to Your Heart and Waistline in No Time
A late clinical study confirmed that diet rich in coconut oil (1 teaspoon of coconut oil per day) could speed up the process of weight loss and significantly improve your cardiovascular health.
1 tablespoon of coconut oil per day accelerates the weight loss process and improves your cardiovascular health, reports the clinical study.

This study is welcomed for the obese people, overweight and people with increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry don’t have the right answer for these health issue.

The nutritionists from the past believed that coconut oil is harmful for our health since it contains saturated fatty acids for which they believed were equal to synthetic saturated fatty acids like margarine. But many studies have proved that this isn’t true. Actually, the natural sources of saturated fatty acids are worshiped for their beneficial impacts on human health, particularly for the cognitive functions.

The study we are talking about assessed the impacts of a treatment based on extra virgin coconut oil, particularly on the relation between coconut oil intake and level of HDL cholesterol and various range of anthropometric evaluations.

A group of participants at the age between of 55 and 69 years in which 64% of them males was gathered by the experts. Each of the subjects had hypertension and only 5% of them didn’t have blood lipid profiles that pointed out the presence of dyslipidemia and they were receiving therapy for lowering cholesterol levels.

During the first phase that lasted for 3 months, 136 subjects were implementing the same diet. In the second phase, the 116 subjects who managed to complete the first phase were divided into two groups. The first group counted 22 people who continued with the same diet, while the rest 94 people started to eat slightly modified diet which contained 13 ml or 0.43 oz of extra virgin coconut oil per day. This amount is the same as 1 tablespoon.
According to the results, the experts concluded that the people who ate diet rich in coconut oil had lowering in all six parameters that were assessed.

● BMS or Body Mass Index- 0.2 per square meter
● Weight – 0.6 kilos or 1.300 pounds
● Neck Perimeter – about 4 cm or 1.5 inches
● Diastolic Blood Pressure – 3.5 points
● Waist Circumference – about 2.1 cm or 0.8 inch
● Systolic Blood Pressure – 3.3 points.

Moreover, the group that ingested coconut oil every day had increase in their good cholesterol levels.

The experts that were involved in this study stated that the non-pharmacological interventions are vital for the regulation and management of risk factors in secondary prevention in patients with coronary diseases. This study proved that a diet with extra virgin coconut oil allows you to reduce your waist and slowly raise your HDL levels.

The Meaning of “Diet Rich in Coconut Oil”
Some people may say that this is a usual study, but when we take a better look, we can learn many things from it. For example, today the pharmaceutical methods of improving HDL cholesterol levels aren’t researched scientifically. In fact, late study have discovered that a large number of medical interventions are useless and can be very dangerous for your health.
People with reduced HDL cholesterol concentrations are using statins for treating this health issue and this often doesn’t achieve the desired results. When we read about the numerous side effects caused by the pharmaceutical medications for lowering HDL cholesterol, it is normal to face towards the coconut oil which will not leave any negative side effects for our health.