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Water In Your Knee? Here Is A Natural Simple Way To Get Rid Of It

Water on the knee is also known as knee effusion, is a kind of vague term that may be used to describe fluid that can build up around the kneecap. This fluid may be water retention but is more commonly fluid produced by the joints, called synovial fluid.
A knee injury can cause pain, but in some cases because of it, water start to appear in the knee.

It can be a painful condition that may limit ability to move the knee fully, to bear weight on the knee or even to walk unhindered, and it has a variety of causes. Stiffness, bruising and swelling can be also present, depending on the cause.

Water in the knee can be caused by knee injury, certain infections, gout, some type of arthritis and occasionally tumors or cysts.

Here is the recipe for a simple coating that will help you in the case of pain and water on the knee caused by an injury.


● 1 tablespoon of salt
● Fresh egg yolk

Take a fresh egg yolk and mix it with one tablespoon of salt. Apply the mixture on the injured knee. Place a cellophane or nylon film over it. With an elastic bandage secure the coating.
Change the coating on every two hours, but with a new one, made with a fresh egg yolk.

You need to apply five coverings in a day.