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What Type Of Exercise Is The Best For Your Body According To Your Body Shape!

What Type Of Exercise Is The Best For Your Body According To Your Body Shape!
Each of us has a different body type. With this it can be determined which diet and exercises are the best and most effective according to your body type.

Stand before a mirror and take a look of the shape of your body. What you need to eat depending of the form?
1.Apple body shape
Wide back, narrow hips, strong torso, skinny legs characterize the people with triangular shape of the body.

These people, usually gather weight in the mid-torso. Ideal exercises are boxing and other wrestling sports that will keep you healthy.

Breakfast should be your most important meal which will bring a lot of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins.

2.Rectangular body shape
The people with this type of shape have a balanced hips and shoulders and long limbs. The tall people have to do the following sports: aerobics, brisk walking or climbing.

Women with this body type usually have a good appetite so they should take care of proper nutrition, which should be filled with fruits and vegetables.

3.Pear body shape
People with a body in the form of a pear are having narrow shoulders and a short torso. Most women with such a body have a symmetrical neck, shoulders and excellent joints that need to be highlighted.

Dangerous part is the belly, the most difficult place to remove fat. If you don’t watch the intake of toxins in the body, there is a big chance of getting cellulite on the legs.

For these people processed food is banned and 6 cups of water are required. Mediterranean diet can help reduce weight and maintain the line. Fresh fruits and salads will prevent the creation of cellulite.

Aerobics and swimming are perfect sports for people with this body type.
4.Hourglass body shape
The women with this body type have the usual feminine curves. Shoulders and hips are proportional, but that does not mean that these girls are not prone to obesity and creating cellulite. These girls have to constantly move and they need a lot of energy.

Meals should be balanced and should not contain ant sweets. They should abound with light proteins and chicken.

Best sports are tennis, volleyball, golf, running, or jumping.


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