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Absence of Stool is an Indicator That Something is Not Right in the Organism

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Your body always shows you when something’s not right. For instance, stool absence, even for one day, is an alarming sign. Furthermore, if your urine, stool or sweat have a sharp odor, it means that the number of toxins in the organism has increased.If you have a fever, your body is defending itself from a virus or an infection.

If you start to sneeze and you have mucus, it means you ate more than the body needs. A white tongue means your bowel is full with toxins.

As shown in the photo, the fingers are meridians which indicate what happens in the body-chronically. Every finger draws invisible channels- meridians of specific organs and in that way we can track what happens with those organs.

You can massage and stimulate certain organs with certain massages and acupuncture. Also, with this finger massage, you allow your body to rest.