Tuesday, May 17, 2016

BURN your BRAS RIGHT NOW Ladies – This is what Scientists Found!

As we know, October 13th is the “National No Bra Day” which was created to raise breast cancer awareness and money for further study of this subject. While some women cannot imagine their live without a bra, others avoid it as much as possible. Recently, there was a shocking discovery which will definitely make you think twice before putting on a bra again.
BURN your BRAS RIGHT NOW Ladies – This is what Scientists Found!

Bras Under Fire
According to a recent study, wearing bras has negative effect on your health and provides no benefits at all. The study author Jean-Denis Rouillon conducted a 15-year research on the impact of bras in women between 18 and 35. The results have shown that wearing bra has no effect on supporting the breasts in younger women. Moreover, it has the opposing effect. Rouillon also found that women who didn`t wear bra during the study has a 7mm lift in their nipples, while those who wore bra experienced reduced blood flow and reduced breast tone over time.

To Burn Or Not To Burn Your Bras?
Another medical expert who was not part of the study reports that not wearing a bra stimulates the production of collagen and increases the elasticity of the skin. However, scientists say that this should be taken lightly because the study included a small number of participants (330 women).

Therefore, we should wait for further research before deciding on burning our bras.

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