Tuesday, May 17, 2016


If you are in your 30s you need to think about the future and make some changes into your life so that you can ensure good health and wellbeing. These are the changes that have to be done:

Sleep – you have to slow down and take time for sleep and rest of the body to improve your overall health. Get at least 4 hours of interrupted sleep each day.

Declutter – start opening new space in your home without cluttering things around and you will make your mind clear mentally. Keep the things you really need and sell or give away those that you don’t need. This will affect your health positively.

Exercise – our bodies are made to be in motion, thus regular workout will improve your health, appearance, and will give you energy. You will feel much better.

Make memories – do not spend your time buying things which won’t provide happiness and make you feel fulfilled for long.

Help – help each other every time you can as in that way you will forget about your problems and will find happiness in this. This energy will surely return to you.

Avoid junk and processed foods – focus on whole and real foods to improve your health. In this way you will not feel the disastrous side effects of the chemicals from processed foods. There are many foods which will help you maintain your good health and vitality thus enjoy their benefits.

Take care of your oral health – many diseases and illnesses appear due to poor oral hygiene, thus solve all dental issues if you want to prevent them. Treat the problems on time and cavities while the problem is not major, avoiding any complications.

Love and understand yourself – you are the one that will remain by your side for the rest of your life, thus you deserve attention, care, and love. You have to make yourself happy and dedicate some time to yourself, your interests, buy something for yourself, and understand your personality. You will be able to appreciate your personality and value your importance.

Save money – start saving money even a couple of dollars that you don’t need at the moment. In 2 decades you will be rich. In this way you can easily save money on side and you will still not feel like saving.

Fight your fears – do something that scares you like signing up for a dance class, riding a rollercoaster, holding a snake because in this way you will help yourself grow if you have been living in the comfort zone. Try to beat the fear.
Travel – you can visit all faraway places you always wanted to, meet new cultures, make friends, learn new things, and see unknown places. In this way you can expand your views of life generally.

Set your goals – your goals and plans influence your future, thus set your goals and follow them to organize your future, giving sense to all your work. You will be able to learn new things and the way of success which will become easier over time. A necessary part of the success is failure and for that reason you don’t have to be discouraged as next time you will do much better and you will succeed.

Learn to be present – be fully present so that you don’t miss out your life. It is rich in unforgettable moments and happiness. Do not worry about the past mistakes. Live in the present moment as much as you can. You can try meditation, yoga, thinking in silence, being aware of the things that are happening to you.

Repair and improve family relations – you will regret not spending time with your relatives when you are older as those are the closest people to you and their support and life can enrich and also improve your life.

Plant your garden – if there is an opportunity you can grow your own fruits, vegetables, flowers, and trees. You will be calmer, more patient, and you will also benefit from the consumption of the food you have grown.

Keep and care for your friends – when you get older your friends will be those who will be around you, thus nurture your friendship and spend time with them, sacrifice for them, help them, and you will feel very happy.

Read – do not spend your time in vain; spend some more time reading because there are many things that can be learnt which will expand your mind. You will become smarter and your perspectives can become wider.

Quit smoking – it has detrimental effect on your health and can also lead to premature health. Many people die because of smoking on yearly basis although they can prevent it from happening.

Write a journal – you can note down all your experiences, important memories, and bad situations so that you don’t forget them. If you read them after some time you can remind yourself of the important things and learn a lot. You will also be able to make difference between then and the present moment, seeing what kind of person you have become throughout the years.

Spend time outdoors – if you are feeling exhausted or in bad mood then you can go in the nature to calm your emotions and worries and also to revitalize and refresh the body.

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