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He Decided To Drink 1 Gallon Of Water For 30 Days: The Results Are Shocking!

He Decided To Drink 1 Gallon Of Water For 30 Days: The Results Are Shocking!
In this article you can read one interesting story about journalist who works for the ‘Thrilist’ portal. Namely, he decided to drink 1 gallon of water every day. It is interesting that after he finished the experiment he was really amazed by the results. During this strange experiment, he was writing down everything. Continue with reading to see the results from the entire procedure.

Day 1: Let the party begin
At first, he didn’t know how many glasses are in a gallon, so he decided to purchase plastic bottle of 1 gallon and carried it with him. At the same moment he concluded that it is not going to be easy since it is a lot of water. Still, he was so focused on attaining his objective that it was hard for him to concentrate on anything else.

Day 5: Need to urinate every 20 minutes
It is fact that human body needs water, as 60 % of it is water. Besides that, for humans it is not usual to consume 1 gallon of water per one day. You should be aware that in order to drink 1 gallon of water per 1 day, you need to drink it all the time. You must drink water eve if do not feel thirst at all. This amount of water reduces the appetite and you start to eat less, still you feel satiated all the time. Additionally, you also feel a persistent need for urinating. This journalist remembers that he needed to go the toilet on every 20 minutes.

Day 10: Feel better
This journalist recalls that he began to feel fresh, especially in the morning. He explains that before he started this experiment, he needed a cup of coffee to help him start the day. But now, he was feeling full of energy even without the coffee. He adds that he started to feel more beautiful and he thought that something has changed in his appearance. It is possible that this is placebo effect, but his skin and hair become much shinier.

He had difficulties to carry all the water with him and many people thought of him that he is a weirdo. Nevertheless, he was determined to succeed.
Day 15: Feeling full with energy
After almost two weeks he felt invigorated. He explains that he didn’t drink coffee, as he didn’t feel the need for it. That was a huge change for him because he used to drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day.

Moreover, he noticed that he had become slightly faster. Besides that, his sleep was significantly improved. He began to feel thirst if he hadn’t drunk water for certain period of time. He concludes that his body had adapted to this lifestyle.

Day 20: Other people started complimenting him
Although there were various changes from the start of this experiment, the constant need to frequently visit the toilet. He continued going to the toilet, but he explains that he noticed that his urine become crystal clear.

Day 30: Clean and free
This day was the last day of this interesting experiment. He says that he still felt the need to go to the toilet constantly, but now he felt thirsty all the time.

His conclusion is that 1 gallon of water per day is too much, but he certainly will not stop drinking water since he has felt the positive effects it can bring.

We can say that is of vital importance to discover the right amount of water that your body needs and start consuming it right away. You will notice the benefits very soon.


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