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If You Rub A Freshly Cut Tomato On Your Face For a Minute, Here’s The Incredible Effect

If You Rub A Freshly Cut Tomato On Your Face For a Minute, Here’s The Incredible Effect
No matter your age, if you are dealing with acne, you know how frustrating and embarrassing they can be. Also, they can even be painful. This disease, which is classified as such by the National Institute of Health, happens due to clogged follicles and glands.
However, acnes don’t pose a threat to your health, but the process of eliminating those needs devotion and it does not mean it has to be expensive or take a lot of time.

This article offers you a simple solution which you may already have in your garden or kitchen.

Tomato as a Cure for Acne

You can start using tomato as part of your skin care routine to clear up acne and reduce the appearance of acne scars. Tomato is rich in several vitamins like Vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6, which help in shrinking pores and offers your skin the needed nourishment.

Additionally, tomato’s acidity balances the pH levels in your skin and lowers the possibility of breakouts. Also, tomatoes contain salicylic acid, which you can find in many commercial treatments.

How to use tomato properly?

The best solution can be the simplest. Slice the tomato in half and rub it on the problematic areas of your face. Massage the juice into your skin and rinse. This method is great for minor breakouts and you don’t spend too much time doing it.

Face Mask with Tomato

Take a tomato and slice an X on the top of it. Next, place the tomato under warm water for about a minute and remove the skin. Do this by starting at the slices and pull downwards. Take out the seeds and mash up the rest of the tomato into a paste. Then, apply the paste on your face and leave it for around an hour before washing it off.

Moreover, you can add mashed cucumber or yogurt to the mask mixture to reduce painful acne.<

Face Wash with Tomato Juice

Mix one tablespoon of tomato juice with a few drops of lemon juice in a small dish. Then, apply the mixture to affected area on your skin and leave it for about 5 minutes. Next, wash off with warm water.


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