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She Slides a Piece of Paper Under Her Fridge, and What It Does Is Seriously Cool

She Slides a Piece of Paper Under Her Fridge, and What It Does Is Seriously Cool
Do you want to stop using all those expensive and toxic cleaning agents? If you do, continue reading this article because it will discuss Borax, the best cleaning alternative.

Borax is anything but boring. Probably you have seen it in a cleaning aisle several times and just passed right by it. You wouldn’t do that if you know how amazing Borax is.
It is made of sodium, oxygen, water, and boron, so it is naturally occurring. It is a deodorizer, a laundry booster, a stain remover, it kills mold. It does so many other things.

Here are 10 ways to use Borax:

In the Bathroom for Cleaning Toilet Bowl
Just sprinkle a cup of Borax into your toilet bowl before you go to bed. Then let the Borax do all the work. You get a good night sleep, and when you wake up, scrub the bowl with a brush and then give it a flush.

Borax Bug Killer
Simply combine equal parts of Borax with powdered sugar. Sprinkle it in any areas where bugs frequent. The bugs will carry away that stuff and you won’t see them again.

DIY Cookware Scrub
Sprinkle Borax on. Soak it for a few minutes. Rub it with a cloth or a soft sponge and then wash it well. Borax really helps remove buildup. You will be pretty impressed with this tip.

Sink Stain Eraser
Mix a cup of Borax with a quarter cup of lemon juice and rub the stain with this paste. Wait a minute and then use a soft sponge to clean it off. Rinse well and shine. Now if you notice that things start to get hard it that mixture, add in some more liquid to keep the paste going.

Say Goodbye to Mold
Borax is great at killing mold too. Create a thick paste of Borax and water. Apply onto that moldy area and just let it sit overnight. In the morning you won’t even need to scrub. Just brush away the loose powder and rinse the rest off. It will turn out beautifully.

Room Refresher Spray
This one is cool. Use a half a cup of Borax, 12 ounces of warm water and 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix them in a clean spray bottle and use anywhere you need a better smell.

Pet Bed Cleaner
Mix a third cup of Borax into 8 ounces of water. Mix and spray onto pet beds to remove smells. You can also pray it onto eating areas or other surfaces that your pet frequents and gently scrub and wipe clean.

A Delicate Delicates Cleaner
Clean your delicates with this simple solution: two tablespoons of mild laundry detergent, a quarter cup of Borax and very warm water. Mix well to make it dissolve.  Soak your delicates for 30 minutes. Rinse and hang to dry.

This helps remove stains, it fights odors, and conditions the water to let the detergent do its job properly.

Plastic Brush and Comb Bath
Remove excess hair and then mix a quarter cup of Borax and a tablespoon of dish soap into warm water. You can use a big bucket. Soak it for about 20 minutes, rinse, and then lay flat to dry. All of the grease, dust and other unsavory stuff in your hairbrush will come right out and it will look amazing.

Dealing with Pet Odors/Pee
Pet accidents smell terrible, but here is how to deal with those odors: just dampen the spot if it is not already damp, sprinkle on a generous amount of Borax, and pat it into the stain gently, kind of like you are petting your pet. Then just leave it dry and vacuum it up.
We hope this article is enough to show you that Borax is anything but boring and it can do a lot for your home. Additionally, this are just some of the amazing things Borax can do for you.


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