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The 5 Seconds Stress Test – Find Out How Stressed You Are In Just 5 Seconds

How often does this happen to you – You try to sit back and relax but your thoughts keep going back to all the things you have to do, all the obligations you have? This usually happens whenever you’re overwhelmed with work, and you just can’t shake the feeling that you won’t get anything done, which further makes you feeling stressed and under pressure.
Are you stressed out right now? How stressed are you? Are you “I need a vacation” stressed or “I need to go to the hospital” stressed? This is a way for you to find out in 5 seconds, thus avoiding a time consuming visit the doctor. Of course, this is all in good fun. I wouldn’t trust this to make any kind of accurate medical or psychological prognosis, but you know that.

The Japanese psychiatrist Akiyoshi Kitaoka created an optical illusion stress test which can tell you how much stress you’re under. All you have to do is look at the center of the picture below for 5 seconds. At the beginning the circles will start moving really fast and then they’ll start slowing down, which is why you need to wait for 5 seconds.

Look at the center of the picture for 5 seconds and read below to find out the results:
The 5 Seconds Stress Test – Find Out How Stressed You Are In Just 5 Seconds

Here are the results:

● If after 5 seconds the circles are still moving really fast you’re under a lot of stress and you need to relax a bit and slow down your pace.

● If they start moving slower, your stress levels are low, which is normal.

● If the circles have almost stopped moving completely your stress levels are really low and you’re a really calm person, which is a real gift in today’s fast-paced world. Continue with what you’re doing because you’re doing it right!