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The Awful Reason Why I Stopped Buying Juice Boxes

juice box

Someone  have noticed a  green slime on his straw which he previously used to suck on a Juicy Juice box, therefore they cut up the juice box and they were shocked at the thing they saw.

They found a moldy green slime, which was attached to edges,   in a juice box which was unexpired.

But it turns out that the slime was in fact nothing new on the market.  The slime is produced if air is releasing in the box which makes the sugars ferment.

The slime in juices for children grows much more easily simply because these products do not contain preservatives.  Air is able to leak from a puncture so small that it does not cause leaking of the juice, but on the other hand it lets air in.

Fortunately this slime is not dangerous but it definitely grosses people out.

Anyway my personal suggestion to all of you is to cut down consuming of juice from juice boxes, since they are rich with bad sugar and calories.


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