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These 5 Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens, and You’ve Probably Ignored Them!

These 5 Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens, and You’ve Probably Ignored Them!
Many of us love microwaving. It is a really great, simple and convenient cooking option for all people. The microwave oven has been popular in the US for more than 30 years, virtually transforming society and how we view food. And, here comes the question: are microwaves the healthiest cooking option for us ? And of course the answer is – no, as there are many other better options available that will ensure nutrients will remain in your food.
How Does Microwaving Work?
A microwave is a form of non-ionizing radiation. As a matter of contrast, ionizing radiation changes the electromagnetic nature of atoms, or ionizes them. This alters the way they interact with other atoms and molecules around them. X-rays, gamma radiation, and nuclear medicine (CT scans, barium swallows, and mammograms) are types of ionizing radiation. Your food is being zapped by high-frequency waves of heat, and some people argue that this radiation can be very harmful to your health.

In this article bellow we are going to show you the 5, most common diseases, caused by microwave ovens.

1.Insomnia – you need to know that this device impacts and causes damage to the brain.

2.Loss of nutrients – You should  know that when you use the microwave ovens, you kill all the flavors to the food.

3.Fatigue – the microwave ovens can be the cause for fatigue and obesity as well.

4.Cancer – the radiation from the microwave ovens accumulate in the human body and can be the cause for cancer.

5.It eliminates antioxidants – the microwave ovens destroy the antioxidant compounds in the foods, which usually results in increased risk of cholesterol and heart attacks.

This means that you need to be more careful and avoid using these harmful devices. You should always opt for much safer and better option.


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