This Is The Healthiest Breakfast: Clean Your Body From Toxins And Lose 11 Pounds In A Month

This Is The Healthiest Breakfast: Clean Your Body From Toxins And Lose 11 Pounds In A Month
You’ve probably already heard that breakfast is the healthiest meal you should never avoid. But, not every breakfast offers the same health benefits. According to many nutritionists, the breakfast recipe we offer here is one of the healthiest, and also the tastiest, breakfast you can make. The high amounts of vitamins and minerals that this breakfast offers will enhance your hair and skin quality, boost your metabolism and improve your overall system function. This breakfast will cleanse your body of toxins, clean your bowels and improve all metabolic functions in your body. In addition, it’s extremely effective against lazy bowel issues and constipation. Plus, it promotes weight loss by stimulating fat and calorie burning.

To prepare this breakfast you will need the following ingredients:

– 2 tablespoons of oatmeal
– 10 oz / 300 ml of kefir (or low-fat yogurt)
– a few prunes
– little cocoa
– 1 teaspoon of milled flaxseed


Prepare this breakfast the previous night for the following day.

Pour 3.3 oz / 100ml of boiling water over the prunes, cover them and it needs to cool 5-10 minutes.

In another bowl, put oat flakes, milled flaxseed and cocoa, pour the yogurt and then mix it all well.

Chop the prunes or blend them when cooled, and after that add them in other bowl and mix them with the other ingredients. Now put this mixture in the fridge.

So the next morning when you wake up you will have a healthy and extremely delicious breakfast to eat. Don’t be worried if you fell something strange in the first days when you start eating this breakfast , you will get used to it.

And if you continue to eat this breakfast you will have positive results!