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This Mother Lost Her Child, Because She Made A Mistake On Facebook. Keep Your Eyes Open

This Mother Lost Her Child, Because She Made A Mistake On Facebook. Keep Your Eyes Open
Everybody wants their child to be safe. All parents strive to protect their kids from every danger that might be lurking around. One of the places that are the most dangerous is the internet, or to be more precise, the social networks.

Social networks offer us the opportunity to keep in touch with people we want to be in touch with. However, these social networks are often times abused by different kinds of people for their own bad plans. One of these social networks is facebook. Many people, especially children do not know how to protect themselves when on such social networks and do not know what to watch out for and what to avoid.

This is an example of such case, when an unaware mother left her children on Facebook on their own. The story goes like this.

One day, her kid got a friend request from an unknown person. The little girl accepted the friend request not even imagining that something bad can happen. Even his profile picture was very nice and assuring.

The mother of the girl was pretty exited about what her daughter was achieving at the time and frequently posted things about her on Facebook. However, she had not thought this through and posted the name of her daughter’s school. The events that followed were unexpected and shocking.
This stranger that appeared harmless had downloaded the picture and then uploaded it to a website where he posted it alongside the following words:

“Youngblood, American girl. Not even 6 years old! Only 10,000 dollars!”

No one has ever supposed that by uploading a harmless picture from your kid and a picture of the school she studies in they can push things out of hand. This happened to this woman who one day went to pick her daughter from school and found out she was not there. No one had seen her around. Her daughter was taken away and gone forever.

Even thought the hard way, this teaches us a lesson that parents should always have control over what their children post or do on social networks, as this can happen to anyone. No parent would like some pedophiles and molesters to download pictures from their children and use those pictures for their own sickening purposes. Also, you should never accept friend requests from people you do not know and publicly publish too much personal information about you or your family.

This story should be always kept in mind; especially parents should not forget it, as they should do anything to keep their children safe. So, never let your guard down, never accept friend requests from strangers and unknown people and never post pictures or personal information about your children. We want to keep strangers away from us and our family, right? The same goes for social networks as well: we do not like strangers to invade our privacy online.


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